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  • Brooklyn

    Holding one of the highest populations on planet Earth, Brooklyn is home to a very diverse group of people. Everything from Hispanics, to Blacks, to Italians, to Polish, to whatever resides here. The income brackets vary so much here that it makes Brooklyn the perfect city to turn a hustler into a millionaire without leaving the block.
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  • Queens

    Queens is no less diverse than Brooklyn, though it's population may be smaller. The Italians, the Irish, and the Blacks make up most of the Queens burrough, but there are Greeks, Polish, Russians, and others. If you're looking to make your way without ruffling any really rich feathers, this is your place. Once home to crime boss Antonio DiMatteo and criminal legend Antwan Lulcas, Queens is the sleeper in a city that never sleeps.
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  • Manhattan

    When outsiders think of NYC, they think Manhattan. After the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan on September 11,2001, the American people defied Al Qaeda's wishes of breaking the American spirit and rallied behind the city of New York, namely Manhattan. In just a few years, in typical American spirit, a new 'Freedom Tower' was built that stood taller than ever and Manhattan still stands at the epicenter of a city that will never lose it's heart. Everything from billionaires on Park Avenue, to Italian mafioso on Mulberry, to the Irish gangs in Hell's Kitchen, to your local street hustler peddling smack in Harlem: Manhattan has it all.
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  • Staten Island

    Considered the closest thing to suburbia in New York City, Staten Island is no less of a proper town to make your name known, whether it be a name with a criminal reputation or a sound legal one. Once home to gangsters like John Gotti and businessmen like Alexander Vogel, Staten Island has the reputation of rewarding the sociopaths of the world, whether those sociopaths feel at home in the streets or in the board room.
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  • The Bronx

    Have more than 20$ in your wallet and you're NOT a criminal? Don't go to the Bronx. Unlike Brooklyn or Queens, whom, despite their criminal elements, have great neighborhoods, the Bronx is just not that. Considered the worst burrough to raise a family, the Bronx is a criminal's dream. Doesn't matter whether you are Italian, Dominican, Black, or Chinese, the Bronx will have you. Once home to notorious criminals like Daniel Lynch and vigilantes like the Commander of Cobras, the Bronx will take in anyone. Just be careful....
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