What Belongs to a Thief [Pt 2]


Holding one of the highest populations on planet Earth, Brooklyn is home to a very diverse group of people. Everything from Hispanics, to Blacks, to Italians, to Polish, to whatever resides here. The income brackets vary so much here that it makes Brooklyn the perfect city to turn a hustler into a millionaire without leaving the block.
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What Belongs to a Thief [Pt 2]

Post by Gennady Osipovich » June 14th, 2017, 9:09 pm

Money is important to almost everyone. Only those truly strong in character can turn it's persuasion away. Monya's been cursing his favorite piece of ass ever since she's gone missing. If I kept better records of where she was going, he keeps thinking to himself she wouldn't have gotten away. Her heroin addiction unusually made her reliable. She became a cat whom he would let out the door and have return with a gift for her master. It's been well over a few months now and thoughts had crossed him mind she maybe dead somewhere.


$200,000 - Cash from Dr. Arnold for Collection for four months
Purchase of White 2017 Cadillac Escalade [Tinted Windows] - for $90K

Prostitution Racket (Luda Runs it as a Madame) - Rules say 9K per prostitute and with a Manager who knows the business I figured rounding it out to 30K would be fair.
3x Escorts from Latvia (Lvl 2)
$30,000 a week

(NPC) Monya Tiblisi - Muscle formerly Luda's pimp and now her Driver and Muscle.

Murder and dismemberment of Monya's muscle.

Christopher Rosetta’s House set up as an office for their Prostitution Agency.

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