Deeper into the business


Holding one of the highest populations on planet Earth, Brooklyn is home to a very diverse group of people. Everything from Hispanics, to Blacks, to Italians, to Polish, to whatever resides here. The income brackets vary so much here that it makes Brooklyn the perfect city to turn a hustler into a millionaire without leaving the block.
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Deeper into the business

Post by Frank Luzzato » July 10th, 2017, 10:01 am

Smell of Whiskey all around the apartment, you could also see the smoke of cigarettes coming out of the kitchen. The apartment was painted in a dark blue color, spreading sadness and depression around the house, with an old Philips TV and old torn out couch, there sitting Frank drinking while his uncle smoking in the kitchen. It was 4 pm, Frank's shift ended and he's taking a rest at his uncle's house, he wants the change, he wants the success, but he doesn't have the requirements, he doesn't have the ability. Bored as hell, Frank wears he leather jacket and shoes, grabs his silver wrist watch, combs his hair and walks out of the apartment. The neighborhood was crowded, a lot of traffic and car horns and noise of people nagging around, Frank just walked to Jimmy's restaurant, couple blocks away from his house, 4 pm seems too late for lunch but he just doesn't care. Jimmy's looked very Italian American, fuck heads weren't allowed in even tho the neighborhood was full of them, Blues played as long as the restaurant was open and you'd hear people talking and sound of the forks and knives touching plates all the time. Frank went in and sat down waving at the waiter to come over. The young waiter, more like his mid 20s was Daniel, or as they call him Danny, was working in Jimmy's for a long time, Frank used to know him since he was a regular in Jimmy's. Frank orders his usual plate, a steak plate with some fagioli, and a glass of wine. Almost finished his lunch, Jimmy shows up, checking the kitchen, Frank quickly cleaned his hands and mouth with tissue and stood up walking towards the counter, where Danny was working.
Frank: "Danny, I'd like to talk to Jimmy"
Danny: " Sure, I'll let him know"
Frank waits near the counter checking his watch, while Danny goes to the kitchen. It took few minutes before Danny and Jimmy came out of the kitchen, whispering to each others while approaching Frank. Jimmy was a mid 30s fella that owned the restaurant after his father died, he was wearing white shirt with a black vest and black pants with shining shoes, he was wearing a gold chain. He stood up in front of Frank with a welcoming smile.
Jimmy: " Hey, how may I help you?"
Frank: "Is there somewhere private where we can talk?"
Jimmy: "Sure lets go to my office"
The two fellas walked towards stares taking down, the whole down floor was made out of wood, not real wood tho. The officer was very organised and he had a huge safe in there, Frank had bad thoughts when he saw the safe but ignored it later. They both sat facing each other, Jimmy didn't offer Frank any drinks, he was straight forward to the subject.
Jimmy: "So, what's this about?"
Frank: " My name's is Frank, I live in this neighborhood. I run few businesses around town, and am here to offer you an attractive business deal.
Jimmy nods and says: " I'm listening"
Frank: " I know a lot of people around Brooklyn, people that know people that know people, the thing is I love your restaurant, I got an information that few thugs will vandalize your business. I know the thugs and I can prevent this from happening with my connections."
Jimmy: " Right, and I guess you won't do it for free, heh? I can call the cops if they do."
Frank: " What's the point of the cops when these thugs already caused the damage? I can prevent this from happening for a small tax, my services are guaranteed"
Jimmy: " No thank you, now excuse me I got work to take care of"
Frank and Jimmy left the officer and went up stairs, Frank walked towards the exit nodding at Danny with a smile, Danny nods back.
Frank reaches his pocket for his phone and calls Lester, Lester picks up.
Lester: " Hey man, what's up?"
Frank: " I want you to meet me in front of Jimmy's, 2 hours after midnight, bring a mask with you and make sure you ain't followed"
Lester: " Sure sure looks like some action hehe' "
Frank hangs up and goes to his uncle's house and goes to the bed room, grabbing a baseball bat from under the bed. He goes on the couch and takes a nap with the bat besides him.
2 am, Frank gets a text from Lester, he gets up and walks to Jimmy's , but wears a bandana and a cap and glasses before he reaches there, Lester would be waiting in his car. Frank passes by and knocks on the window, signaling Lester to come out. Lester would be wearing Jeans and a Yankees shirt with a Hockey mask. Frank , holding the baseball bat, swings at the window glass breaking it. - " Get inside and break few chairs, few not all" - Lester gets all excited and jumps in from the window, throwing chairs around a breaking them. Sirens would be heard, Lester would run out of the restaurant, and jumps on the driver's seat, Frank runs to the passenger seat - "Go go go !" - Lester presses gas and drives away fast before the cops arrive in scene. Frank chuckles, while Lester is shaking, Frank goes - " It's alright kid, your first time" - Lester remains silent while they drive towards the garage in Red Hook. Frank decides to spend the night with Lester in the garage. Next morning, promises Lester that he's gonna pay him and taks a cab to Jimmy's. Jimmy is standing there shocked, while people are all around watching, Danny and the rest of the staff are cleaning up the glass and throwing the broken chairs, they didn't close that day, that incident didn't stop them from doing business. Jimmy looks at Frank, points at him to follow him, while he walks to his officer. Frank follows him and enters the office, sitting down without Jimmy's permission.
Frank: " I told you, cops can't do anything, this incident just fucked up your reputation, i can get this solved"
Jimmy says nervously: " Okay.. oka...jeez, how much do I pay?"
Frank: " Well seeing how your business got fucked up, I'll take three grands a week, but after you get fixed up, it will be five, capishe?
Jimmy: " Okay man, I should've done this from the beginning"
Frank: " You can pay up for the first week now"
Jimmy: " Now? I mean sure of course.
Jimmy stands up and goes to his safe, grabs few bills and walks back to Frank offering him the cash. Frank just smiles and takes the cash putting it in his jacket's inner pocket, while standing up. "It's a pleasure doing business with you, hope your place gets fixed soon" - goes Frank while walking out, Jimmy nods with a nervous face. Frank walks up stairs and looks at Danny, he goes to him while he's cleaning up the mess
Frank: " Danny, I know this job ain't for you, you can work for me If you want, I'll treat you better than Jim, I pay well, If interested, gi'mme a call you got my number"
Danny nods with a light smile.
Frank walks out of the place, Lester would be near the crowd watching, Frank sighs - " This dumb fuck" - He walks to him dragging him aggressively from his arm
Frank: " The fuck are you doing here?"
Lester: "I'm here for my cut man"
Frank reaches his inner pocket and one grand, giving it to Lester - " Now go home, don't come around here "- goes Frank, Lester just nodes and walks off.

3000$ (2000$ since 1000$ was paid to Lester)

Danny (Future employee)
Jimmy(Protection business client)

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Re: Deeper into the business

Post by Magnus » July 14th, 2017, 11:57 pm

So first of all, I know you now understand you can't post another "job" while you're waiting on judgment. You can post general RP all you want but once you put something in the "Report Center" you are frozen. That being said I try to keep grading under 72 hours, it gets better when there is more people playing. Anyway, since literally no one at all posted in between the board was pretty much frozen so I'll grade it why not... just now you know.

Also, this was much better than the last one just that you should use punctuation and preferably some line breaks. A bit rushed once you got into the meat of the story but overall, again all of the pieces are there just expound a bit more. Nice little piece though... keep it up!

3000$ (2000$ since 1000$ was paid to Lester) Granted

Danny (Future employee) Sure
Jimmy(Protection business client) Done


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