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Holding one of the highest populations on planet Earth, Brooklyn is home to a very diverse group of people. Everything from Hispanics, to Blacks, to Italians, to Polish, to whatever resides here. The income brackets vary so much here that it makes Brooklyn the perfect city to turn a hustler into a millionaire without leaving the block.
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New reputation

Post by Frank Luzzato » August 7th, 2017, 11:26 am

It's raining all night in Brooklyn, the transport safety advertisement is all over the radio warning the drivers not to speed but who listens. Frank, wearing a tracksuit and sport shoes, is sipping his Jack Daniel's glass in Sam's bar opposite to his uncle's apartment, he's waiting for Danny, the waiter at Jimmy's. Danny walks in wearing a wet leather jacket and jeans with some cheap black shoes. He sits opposite to Frank with a light smile.
Frank: Hey, want a drink?
Danny: No am good.
Frank: If you say so, anyways, I got a very good offer for ya' Danny, you quit your job at Jimmy's, and work for me, you will get paid much more than you do right now, what do you say?
Danny: I dunno' Frank... I get paid nice bucks an hour there, how much will you pay me?
Frank: Much more than that kid', trust me, you'll thank me.
Danny: Okay okay what do you want me to do?
Frank: Jimmy owes me money, six grands from two weeks, I need you to go collect em' for me, I'll pay you one grand, deal?
Danny: I can't.... wait what?! one grand? like in one day?!
Frank: Yep, you get more in other jobs so i think you better quick that sucker job of yours and work for me.
Danny: Jesus Frank thank you thank you.
Frank: Jimmy's closes after couple hours, you better hurry.
Danny stands up with the smile of a baby that saw his mom on his face, and walked out the bar, he took his bicycle and rode to Jimmy's. He parked his bicycle in the back and walked inside the restaurant, and there is Jimmy talking in the phone near the kitchen wearing his black work suit. Jimmy looks at Danny, and he shows that pissed face of his signaling him to come down to his office. Danny goes down stairs and enters Jimmy's office and sat on the chair without Jimmy's permission. Jimmy stood next to his chair with his hands in his pockets.
Jimmy: Where the fuck have you been? Why the fuck do I pay you, to go hang out with your pathetic friends?
Danny: I quit, am not working for you anymore Jim.
Jimmy: Okay, sure I can replace you by any other shit bird.
Danny smiles sarcasticly.
Danny: I'm also here to collect the weekly tax.
Jimmy: Weekly tax, the fuck are you talking about?
Danny: I work for Frank, I guess y'know him, you should pay your tax for this week and the last one.
Jimmy: Fuck... I treated you right Dan..
Danny: Just stop wasting my fucking time and pay up before Frank does something about it.
Jimmy nods and grabs few bills from his safe counting them, then offering them to Danny. Danny counts the bills and shoves them in his pocket giving Jimmy a look of sympathy before leaving.
He never knew it would change his life, but working for Frank did change Danny's life, he didn't only have money, but he also gained Frank's and Jimmy's respect. Danny comes back to the bar excited to see Frank, that was sitting where he was left. Danny sits in front of Frank, you can see the excitement in his eyes while he's handing the cash to Frank the shoves them quickly in his pocket.
Frank Takes one grand from the earnings and hands it over to Danny - "Here ya' go kid'"- Danny looks at the money with extreme happiness and shakes Frank's hands before leaving. Frank wants to start his crew, a crew with skilled earners that can make dough in different ways, have different rackets around town and possibly expand, he’s thinking big. Just by coincidence, Salvatore Trapani was sitting in the same bar Frank was in. Frank and Sal go way back, they grew up together, Sal was Frank’s first crime partner, they used to rob houses in Christmas every year when they were teens. Sal moved to Miami when he became 23, he started his drug dealing business in there and didn’t work due to competition, which forced him to come back to Brooklyn. The reason Sal was Frank’s best friend, is because he never sold him out, even tho he got caught few times, he never snitched, he wasn’t a rat unlike a lot of the people Frank worked with. Sal notices Frank sitting alone drinking, so he stands up and joins him – “ Look who’s over here!”- Frank stands up in happiness and gives Sal the warmest hug he ever gave to someone, he missed the guy he started his big dream with, they sat together and started chatting.
Sal: So, you still robbing houses in Christmas, hahaha.
Frank: Hehehe, no pal’ those days finished, I stepped up my game.
Sal: So what do you do now in Brooklyn?
Frank: I run a small crew, I do this and that, car robberies, extortions, am starting my own crew man, you remember out dream?
Sal: If that so, I want in, I’m done with my work in Miami, I’m settling down here.
Frank: Good, I need someone to help me, we got few guys working for us at the moment, will introduce them to ya’ soon, for now get some rest, we got work tomorrow.
Frank and Sal exchange numbers and hug each other, and then Frank leaves the bar.
The rain stopped but it’s still cold in the city, Frank walks in the dark night inspecting his neighborhood, it’s all good before he sees some white folk selling heroin in a dark alley. For a normal person that would seem like an awful thing, but for Frank it seemed like a money opportunity. He walked to the dealer after he finished his deal and pushed him to the wall. The dealer tried to fight back but Frank punched him in the face few times enough to calm him, the drug dealer was Rob, some miserable fuck that sells drugs and spends his cash on alcohol.
Rob: Okay okay chill man the fuck you want?
Frank would be holding Rob from his shirt pressing him to the wall.
Frank: You fucking selling in my neighborhood fuck face, who supplies you?
Rob: I buy my stuff from Manhatten, I swear!
Frank: You got two fucking options, either you pay tax for selling in my territory, or I break your jaw and you won’t sell here anymore.
Rob: How much should I pay?!
Frank: I want two grands a week, If you’re late, trust me you won’t have hands to sell your shit with, Capish?!
Rob: Whatever man I’ll pay.
Frank lets Rob’s shirt go while Rob reaches his pocket to grab few bills, offering them to Frank. Frank grabs them aggressively and puts them in his pocket and goes – “ I’ll see you after a week” – and just walks away.
Such a good day for Frank, he reached the point where people pay him for just being in a place that he claims it’s his, he earns respect before he can do stuff not everyone can do, which is scare them.

5000$ (Jimmy’s 2 weeks tax minus Danny’s pay)
2000$( Rob’s weekly tax)

NPC’s requests:
Rob ( Drug dealer and tax payer)
Sal (Best friend and possible consigliere)

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Re: New reputation

Post by Shorty » August 11th, 2017, 3:44 pm

Ok bud...

$3000 from Jimmy
$1000 from Rob

NPCs Partially Granted

First off I'm glad to see you playing this game and hopefully having fun with it. Second, keep at it and your writing will develop and get better with time. I don't know if your brand new, or young or if English isn't your first language but I want to commend you on getting in the game and starting your character's adventure.

You get the NPCs but ONLY as contacts. As a matter of fact after reading your last two pieces all of your NPCs are strictly only contacts. There is a difference. A contact is someone your character comes in contact with throughout your RP. You do not have any control over what they do. So for instance another player could easily incorporate one of your contacts in their piece and get information on you and use them against you. In order to upgrade them to NPCs, you must incorporate them in your RP, give us some background info, show plausibilty as to why that person would follow your character, etc. I want to see more details about your little gang in your next piece.

Also keep plausibilty in mind when you write, your still figuring the game out and that's fine, but make sure you put some thought into your piece. It's all good that Frank is going around robbing and extorting, but tell me what alcoholic heroin dealer is going to be out selling dope with 2 grand on them and absolutely no protection whatsoever. Most dealers in America, I would argue, would at least have a gun on them. Shit at least a knife. You know, just so some Italian mobster type doesn't come around and rough them up... you see what I'm getting at?

I'll be watching for your next piece. I need to see more detail and more plausibilty. Start separating your piece as well, don't just post a big blob of text. That's confusing. Use paragraphs and proper punctuation. Don't rush, take your time and figure out where Frank and his rag tag crew are headed in your story.

Good job, keep it up.


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