Long term friendship


Holding one of the highest populations on planet Earth, Brooklyn is home to a very diverse group of people. Everything from Hispanics, to Blacks, to Italians, to Polish, to whatever resides here. The income brackets vary so much here that it makes Brooklyn the perfect city to turn a hustler into a millionaire without leaving the block.
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Long term friendship

Post by Frank Luzzato » August 14th, 2017, 12:06 pm

Sam’s bar was full that day, it was a day off for most of Brooklyn’s working class, but it wasn’t hard for Frank to find his place since his seat was always empty. Like the usual, Frank was wearing his blue Tracksuit and white Nike running shoes, and a wrist watch, his Whiskey glass was in front of him and as most of the times, cigarette packet next to the glass with a lighter on top of it, with a cigarette in his hand. The liquor smell was so strong that you can get drunk from it, you could also see almost each person holding a packet of the cheapest cigarettes in Brooklyn, mostly construction guys. Frank felt a little lonely, he needed someone to talk to, so he reached his phone and called Sal –“ Uh look, am at Sam’s, y’know if ya’ free pass by”- then he hung up. He sipped his drink and looked around, he was laughing at all these guys who spend all week working like slaves to have one day like this to have fun in. Not so long, Sal entered the bar and walked towards the seat and sat in front of Frank.
Sal: “So, how’s it going?”
Frank smiles and goes: “ Slow, it’s going really slow, what about you?”
Sal: “Well I just settled down, rented an apartment by the 104th, small one but I guess that’s enough.”
Frank: “ Good to hear, maybe you can show me later, but now we need some cash.”
Sal: “What for? A car?”
Frank smokes his cigarette and breathes out and says: “ There is this bar few blocks away, it’s by Main street, beautiful place, it has a stage for bands, a small manager office, and a small empty room in the back, all worth eighty grands”
Sal just looks at Frank and chuckles:” Okay okay, I guess you don’ have the eighty grands, how the fuck you supposed to get all the cash?”
Frank doesn’t seem to be bothered, in his mindset, everything was possible. He never worried about such problems, If he wants that bar, deep inside he knew he’s getting that bar. Sal was so close to Frank that he knew that If Frank set a goal in front of him, he will do anything to achieve it or die trying.
Frank sips his drink and looks at Sal saying: ”We gon’ do what we always do, our operations will finance it, I already got two guys working for me”
Both fellas remain silent for a bit,- “ I’m hungry, didn’t eat since last night”- goes Sal. ”Get up, we’re going to Jimmy’s” said Frank before finishing his drink and standing up. They both walk out towards Jimmy’s, non of them talks, Frank is thinking about the bar and Sal’s thinking about what he’s gonna eat for dinner. They finally reach Jimmy’s, after few minutes of walking, they enter the restaurant and the door man who seems like a new guy goes “Hey gentlemen, you got a reservation?”
Frank looks at the guy up and down analyzing him, then answers “No”. The guy smiles and goes-“ Well am sorry, you can’t sit if you don’t have a reservation, have a good evening”.
Frank was a very chill person, he’d turn such situation into a joke, so what he did is look at Sal and start laughing like a 10 years old who saw an old man fall on his back. Sal went along and started laughing while the door man was watching them confused. Frank and Sal then walked toward the closest empty table while the guy is yelling “ Hey, I said you can’t sit without reservation”. Frank and Sal look at each other and laugh while sitting. Jimmy was standing near the kitchen as always, inspecting the restaurant, till he hears the yelling. Frank waves at Jimmy and goes –“ Jimmy! Can ya’ tell this fella to fuck off? We wanna eat ova’ ‘ere!”-. Jimmy looks at the door man and nods, motioning him to go back to his post. You’ll always hear Jazz being played at Jimmy’s, most of the people around were clean classy people, you wouldn’t see a crack head or some ghetto folk eating there. The staff aren’t bad but they’re quick, you’d get your orders in just few minutes. The waiter stood by Frank and Sal asking them to order –“Two pieces of steak, and a wine bottle, Jimmy’s finest alright?”- goes Frank. The waiter smiles at both guys before leaving. Frank looked at Sal saying –“You gotta try their steak, best I’ve ever tasted.”. Frank was always a dominant guy, he always wanted to be in charge, wanted things to go his why because for him, his way is the right one. Sal tho wasn’t much of a controlling guy, he liked to be in charge but also was good in following unquestionable orders. Over the years Sal trusted Frank’s decisions, he had faith in him, he always knew that Frank knew what he’s doing. Few minutes of waiting, the waiter brought the order and put it on the table, it smelled like Frank’s mother’s food, it reminded him of his home, his childhood, his old neighborhood. While Frank’s swimming in his memories, Sal already started eating his Steak –“Now this is real steak”- Frank grabs a fork and knife, eating his steak and taking a sip from his wine glass. “Let’s have a talk with Jimmy after we’re done” goes Frank. Sal looks at Jimmy and says –“ How do you know him?”-, Frank takes a sip from his wine glass then says –“ We tax him, he pays In time and right amounts, he tried to act tough at the beginning but one of my guys taught him a lesson he won’t forget, y’know classic business style”-. Sal and Frank were very different, Sal was quickly satisfied, while Frank always wanted more, he wanted the best and the most of anything. Frank grabbed a tissue to clean his mouth and hands before standing up, motioning Sal to follow him, and walked towards Jimmy. As always, Jimmy was wearing his black suit but this time he wasn’t holding his phone. They had a little chit chat, Jimmy had his fake smile on his face all the time that was noticed by both Sal and Frank. At the end they all shook hands and left. Sal walked Frank to his uncle’s house –“Y’know you’re always welcome to come stay with me, I got an extra couch”- goes Sal. Frank smiles tapping on Sal’s shoulder, more like a gesture of superiority and control –“ I’m good, I’ll just stay here till I get my own place, go get some rest, we might have some work to do tomorrow”-.The Duo shook hands before leaving each to his place.

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