Holding one of the highest populations on planet Earth, Brooklyn is home to a very diverse group of people. Everything from Hispanics, to Blacks, to Italians, to Polish, to whatever resides here. The income brackets vary so much here that it makes Brooklyn the perfect city to turn a hustler into a millionaire without leaving the block.
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Post by Antonio Ruggiero » September 9th, 2017, 11:27 am

Sitting up in his bed, Antonio whinced in pain. Clutching his side he could feel the pain from his broken ribs, everytime he moved. Taking a large breath, he pushed himself from up off the bed and onto his feet. Changing into some clothes that Frank had been out and brought for him, nothing special just a jogging bottoms and top set, just to tide him over while he got better. He pulled open his bedroom door and made his way down and into the bar, there he was greeted with a smiling Frank.

''Antonio your looking better, why don't you help me setup. give your mind and body something to do so they don't seize up, take the chairs from off the table, then open the door.''

Antonio nodded and proceeded to do as he was told, lifting the chairs from the tables one by one. Each time as he stretched his arms out to grab the chair he his ribs were like they were on fire, fighting through the pain he came to the last one. He sat down on a stool by the bar for a moment just to catch his breath, looking round at the bar he was noticing his surroundings. The bar itself wasn't very big, as you walked through the main entrance you came into the only room of the bar, it was L shaped. There were stools at the bar itself and there were ten tables in the room altogether, there are two TV's hung up on the walls, for sports. There was a darts board at the end of the smallest part of the room and a pool table at the largest part of the room. The décor itself was fairly old but it was still easy to look at, it didn't offend the eyes.

After a moments rest Antonio stood up and made his way to the two large doors that made up the entrance. As Antonio unbolted them and then turned the key, the doors became loose, opening one of the doors he left the other closed. He walked back to the same stool he rested on and ordered himself a drink. A few hours had passed and patrons came and gone, Antonio had a couple of drinks and helped serve some drinks. He felt he owed Frank for letting stay at short notice and for free, But he knew he couldn't work in the bar for the rest of his life, deep down he needed to be earning, being a gangster was who he was, it was all he had known for a long time. As soon as he was fully healed he knew he had to make some contacts and get some more people on board. It hurt him to think of Paulie and Vito lying together on the floor, he had lost his two friends that night.

He was also thinking that he needed to find out if he was being hunted, he needed to find out what went down that night. Was his boss alive, were we at war, was it a reprisal for the brothel he took over. Hundreds of thoughts were flying around his head. He stood up from the bar and collected some empties that were left on the table, picking them up he placed them on top of the bar so Frank could get them clean. He was starting to get tired and the pain was getting worse, he decided to go and have a rest. Walking slowly back up the stairs he walked into his room and managed to lower himself on to his bed, he decided he would give Lenny a call when he woke up. He might have some contacts in town that could get some work for him. He then drifted off to sleep.

starting to recover
The bar as real estate, not for profit but somewhere to rp.

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Re: recovery

Post by Creepio » September 9th, 2017, 7:17 pm

Approved, I guess.

As an aside, you don't need to request permission for a piece of real estate you don't own and aren't profiting from.

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