A Little Bit Of Money

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Blythe Banning
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A Little Bit Of Money

Post by Blythe Banning » July 31st, 2017, 3:11 am

The streets this time of year are a bustle of activity. Even at night there are many people milling about, looking for a score on drugs, looking for a score on a piece of ass, or even looking for someone or something to rob. All of which means that the streets are a great place to disappear.

Blythe stood in front of an abandoned shop front and took a drag of the menthol cigarette that she bummed off of some guy walking down the street. She watched a young girl standing on the corner offering herself just to get the next fix of heroin. She watched a man pull up and pick up a tranny. Poor guy probably thought he was getting a female . Poor sucker.

Blythe was never into that whole prostitution scene. She never had to be as she would just as soon die than to give her body to some random stranger. She may be a street kid but she had dreams. She had goals and she would stop at nothing to achieve them. It just took a lot of work and time.

Her parents died when she was thirteen years old. She was in foster care with her sister for a year before she ran away. It wasn’t that her foster family mistreated her in any way. Nor did they mistreat her sister Raylee. Blythe didn’t want to feel like a burden on them. They already had plenty of kids in the house and with her and Raylee it was way too many. Besides, she was more concerned with Raylee having what she needed. Blythe could take care of herself. So she left one night. Shortly before her fourteenth birthday.

Four years later, still living on the streets, Blythe was no closer to obtaining her dream of being an artist. Sure she painted illegally but she couldn’t very well advertise her work to prospective clients if it was on the side of a building or train. She needed sketches, which meant she needed a sketch book. Those things cost money. She had some that she gave to her sister to hold for her. She only kept what she thought she would need to eat and drink on and the rest went into savings.

She worked two jobs, took showers at a local gym she paid for a membership at and ate at diners most of the time. She slept where she could. Usually in a park or when the weather was decent she would sleep down by the water. Something about the lapping of the water against the shore was soothing to her.

Side jobs are what made a difference. Blythe wasn’t religious by any means so she didn’t believe in heaven or hell. She did however believe in Karma. Karma was a bitch but she had a way around that. She called it Cheating Karma. She old herself each time she jacked something, burn something down, kicked someone's ass, that it was for the betterment of her situation and her sisters. To be able to have her own home with her sister was important and she would do whatever it took to get to that goal.

When the man pulled back around. The one who picked up the tranny minutes earlier she noticed that he was pretty pissed. The tranny just got out of the car, flipped the man off and walked away. She shook her head and turned to walk off. Glancing down at her watch she realized that her meeting with Lucky was in twenty minutes. Plenty of time for her to get three blocks away. She took her time walking down side streets. She prefered to stay in the shadows most of the time. Not wanting to draw attention to herself. It was easier to blend into the streets if you looked like the streets.

Arriving at the run down house she walked to the door and knocked three times. Watching a moth dance with the dim yellow light on the wall by the door she shook her head. One day she would leave this shit ass life behind she thought. Seconds later a shady looking man answered the door and moved aside for her to enter.His clothes dirty and stained with who knew what. Shorts that were ripped at the knees and a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth. Sitting on the dirty sagging couch was Lucky counting out stacks of money. A gun lay next to him on the coffee table. A drink on the other side. Most likely whiskey , the cheap shit. Man made more money than Blythe could imagine and he was still so damn cheap.

“ Came to get that package for delivery Luck.” Blythe told him. She stood inside the front door. Not wanting to be too far inside in case shit hit the fan and she had to bounce. Fast.

Lucky didn’t look up, didn’t say anything, just nodded to the man who answered the door. The man walked into another room and came back with a black and grey backpack. He tossed it down in front of Blythe and walked back out the room.

“ The address is on the paper in the front pocket. Your cut is in there too.” Lucky still hadn’t looked up from counting the money. He usually never did though.

Blythe picked up the backpack and slung it over her shoulder. Turning she put her hand on the doorknob and paused. Looking back over her shoulder. “ You should really teach that ass to have some better manners. Rude ass mother fucker.” She didn’t wait for a reply. She just turned the knob and walked out into the night.

The address was an apartment on the other side of town. She was to deliver the backpack to a kid there. Some college kid looking to party she supposed. Her payment in her pocket she followed the instructions on the note inside the backpack. Green Monte Carlo. Passenger side door open. Toss backpack in backseat. Lock the door and that’s it. Simple enough for the night.

Once the package had been delivered Blythe walked to the diner to get herself dinner. It had been a long day and tomorrow she had a big job to do for Lucky. One that had been arranged for a few weeks now. This next job might just give her the money she would need to get into a place of her own.


NPC - Lucky the drug dealer
NPC - Raylee the sister
$500 from doing the delivery.

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Re: A Little Bit Of Money

Post by DRACULE » July 31st, 2017, 4:37 am

Thanks for the read and welcome to the world of Mafiarp!

I enjoyed this piece. Nice with something other than the usual male gangster scene. I'm looking forward to see what happens with Blythe.

You get the NPC's as Contacts. If you want the sister as an NPC to do your bidding, please tell us more about her. The money is yours.

Make sure to hit that REPORT button next time.

Nice work!


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