Three Men and A Money Clip

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Three Men and A Money Clip

Post by Blythe Banning » August 1st, 2017, 12:06 pm

Blythe awoke to the sound of men talking loudly. At first she seemed dazed and thought that maybe she was dreaming. Normally she would wake up alert and focused. She must have slept extra hard last night for some reason. The men she heard were actually arguing. She couldn’t understand what they were saying though . They spoke in a foreign language that she did not understand. She did understand the body language . It was angry and she was sure that it was just a matter of time before fists were swinging.

Sitting up on the bench Blythe took the scene in. Three men standing face to face. One man on the side closest to a tree, dressed in tan slacks with expensive looking leather shoes and a white dress shirt unbuttoned two buttons down. His tie loosened at the neck. . The other two obviously together against the single man were standing on the bike path dressed in jeans and button up black shirts. Blythe looked up and down the path. There was not another person in sight. Usually about this time in the morning, when the sun was just coming over the horizon It was Blythes alarm clock. The joggers feet hitting the cement path with a tap tap , tap tap. Today her alarm clock was men fighting. Man she had to get into a place soon. This was getting ridiculous.

Blythe waited there for what seemed like forever. The two men that were together eventually ended up beating the shit out of the single man. He lay on the ground under that big oak tree moaning and holding his head. The other two men took off to who knew where. Standing up, Blythe gathered her bag and blanket. Folding it neatly and putting it in the backpack she used as a pillow. She walked over to the guy and stood a few feet away from him.

“ Hey. You alright? “ She asked the man that lay on the ground. “ Do you need me to call someone to help you? “

The man slowly shook his head as if to say no. He didn't get up though. He just continue to lay there. Blood coming from his nose and ear. Blythe knew that blood coming from the ear was never a good sign. Maybe she should go call the authorities. She debated her situation and came to the conclusion that because she didn't want to be named as a witness she would just let the man be. His bad fortune did not have to be hers. She sat back on the bench, pulled out a banana that she had in her backpack and carefully peeled the skin back. Exposing the fruit inside. She sat quietly, watching the man and ate her banana.

Five minutes later the man lay still. The moaning was gone, the rocking while he held his head done. From where she sat she couldn’t tell if he had just passed out or passed on. Thinking to herself as she threw the banana peel in the bushes behind the bench what a shit way to die if this guy was really dead. They could have at least snapped his neck before taking off. That is what she would have done anyways.

Looking around again she still did not see anyone. No joggers trying to maintain their health by running up and down a path going to nowhere. No moms walking their little children in hopes that they lose a few extra pounds they probably gained while gorging their fat faces and blaming it on the pregnancy. No kids walking to school . No one anywhere to be seen. Blythe thought that to be odd but shrugged it off and stood up from the bench. She slung the backpack over her shoulder and slowly walked towards the man who lay on the ground lifeless. She walked a few feet away from him and stopped. Watching his chest for a minute to see if he was breathing. She couldn't see movement so she stepped a little closer. Kneeling down she watched his chest again. Still not seeing movement. The trickle of blood coming from his ear had stopped. As did the blood coming from his nose. The smell however almost made her gag. Did this guy really shit himself?

Reaching out she put two fingers to his exposed neck. She felt for a pulse but did not feel one. She pushed against his shoulder “ Hey man. Wake up.” Waiting for a response she looked over her shoulder to check for people. Nothing. “ Dude, are you dead my man? “ She asked the lifeless body laying on the ground. Still no answer. Still no movement. He had to be dead. How unfortunate. She needed to get out of there before someone did come along and start asking questions. Before she left she would just check the guy for a wallet, maybe he had money. If he did why didn’t the other two guys take it? Why hadn’t they killed her too. They had to have seen her sleeping on the bench. Criminals were usually up on their game. They usually didn't get careless like that and leave a witness.

Blythe rolled the man to one side. Patting his pant pockets to check for a wallet. When she felt something in the front left pocket she reached in and pulled it out. It wasn’t a wallet but a money clip. That clip held a small wad of cash and something like a card or paper was tucked between the cash that was folded in half. She pocketed the cash and stood up. She could have taken the man's watch but she didn't want to have actual property on her that belonged to someone else. Who knew these days if it was traceable. She wasn’t about to find out. She walked off into the trees and out the other side of the park.

Blythe walked with purpose. She needed a coffee and a booth to sit in for awhile so she could count the money that guy , the one who died in the park alone, had in his possession. She found a diner across from the park and entered. The morning breakfast crowd was there, waitresses running back and forth between tables and the kitchen. Carrying trays loaded with breakfast plates or carrying carafes of coffee. Blythe sat at an empty booth in the back of the diner. She flipped the coffee mug over that was on the table and pushed it to the edge of the table. Shortly after a waitress who appeared in her mid forties or early fifties walked to the table, carafe in hand. “ Good morning. Care for coffee? “ She asked impatiently.

Blythe nodded to the older woman. She often wondered what it would be like to be them. Miserable, in a shit job, going nowhere in life or maybe they were. She analyzed people all the time. This person maybe was working to pay for her fabric addiction. She looked like she would be someone who made those ugly mismatch blankets with lots of different fabric colors and designs. Maybe her husband croaked and she had to work here to pay her bills. She was overweight so she surely didn’t need to eat anymore. Had to be to pay the bills Blythe decided. The waitress with the name Marge according to her name tag plastered on the front of her dingy shirt filled the coffee mug and walked away. She was off to tend to another table. Good riddance Blythe thought to herself. Pulling out the cash from her pocket she pulled the money out of the clip. Unfolded it and started counting. She had just come up on $228. Like nothing. Not too bad for just being in the wrong place at the right time. She left out a twenty and folded the rest of the money back in half and tucked it back in her pocket. She would throw the clip away as soon as she got back outside. She sat there a few more minutes sipping her black coffee. She was meeting with her sister later that day at the pizzeria down the block from her sisters foster home. She was happy to be seeing her. It had been a couple weeks since they last met up.

Requesting :

The $228 from the dead guys pocket minus the 20 she left for her coffee and a tip.
The card that has yet to be explained. It will most likely have a name and phone number on it of another person she will come in contact with.

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Re: Three Men and A Money Clip

Post by DRACULE » August 1st, 2017, 4:33 pm

Thank you.

Your requests are granted. The piece of paper and $208 are yours.


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