Rocky Mountain High

Consisting of the USA, Canada and Mexico, this continent exists wholly within the Northern Hemisphere and almost wholly within the Western Hemisphere. It can also be considered a northern subcontinent of the Americas. It is bordered to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the west and south by the Pacific Ocean, and to the southeast by South America and the Caribbean Sea.
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Rocky Mountain High

Post by Shaquan Jones » August 29th, 2017, 12:26 pm

Rocky Mountain High
Heist by Shaquan and Company

Aurora, Colorado

”If you come up don't forget about your dawgs, that's law
I'm a street nigga so its fuck the law
If you broke nigga that should be against the law”

Shaquan and Daquan Jones were two men cut from the same cloth. Hanging out in Denver was more laid back than the ATL but there were still grimey niggaz even in a mellow place like Denver. They were out there visiting their favorite cousin Fred who ran with the Rolling Sixties Crip’s out here. Sha took a drink from the bottle of Colt 45 and looked to Fred. ”Man, we need to get some sort of paper rolling. This being broke shit aint really my style.” Fred laughed as he finished making the blunt containing Sour Diesel. Fred smiles. ”My homeboy Charlie Hustle may have some work for us. Let me reach out to him.” Fred said handing Sha the blunt. Sha lit it up and inhaled twice before passing it to his brother Daquan.

”Eh, Charlie, what’s up bro? I was wondering if you still had that job for us?” Charlie Young also known as Charlie Hustle was a real hood fella. Making money hand over fist had been his specialty and he especially had become known as a good grower of bud. He supplied several of the major dispensaries in Colorado. Fred hung up the phone. ”Charlie is about to come through and put us on game.”

Later That Day

Twenty minutes later the Dodge Challenger belonging to Charlie Hustle pulled up and soon a woman was helping Charlie out of the car. Placing him into a wheelchair she helped wheel him up into the back yard of Fred. Sha looked at the short white boy in the wheel chair and looked to Fred giving him the “What is this” look. Charlie rolls over to Shaquan and Daquan. ”It’s nice to meet you guys. I’m Charlie.” Sha nods and daps Charlie three times. ”I’m Breeze and this nigga here is PMF.” Charlie raised an eyebrow. ”PMF?” Daquan chimed in on time. ”That’s just my brother talking shit, PMF stands for Pretty Mothafucka. He just mad because I got my moms looks.”

Sha laughs and looks to Charlie. ”So I heard you’re the man out here when it comes to that dank. What do you need us for?” Charlie takes out a vape pen and places it to his mouth before pressing the button that burned some of the wax into THC bliss. He looks to the three men. ”My competition Jimmy just squeezed me out of one of my biggest dispensary deals. He is a grower like myself and usually has a rotation of forty plants. I was thinking if yall went in there stick em up style and robbed him, then he cant fill the order and I get my contract back.”

Shaquan leans back in his chair and smiles. ”So tell me about this nigga Jimmy.” Charlie offers the vape pen to Sha but by this time the Blunt had made its rounds back to him. ”Jimmy is a pussy. Not a real man bone in his body. However he has one bodyguard Luke who used to roll with the Nazi Low Riders. So you will have to worry about Luke. Jimmy grows out of his house on East Colfax. Not that muh security, a basic alarm system and Luke with his gun. I think for three people like yall it would be a cake walk.”

Sha nods and inhales the weed from the blunt. ”So if we do this what’s our end?” Charlie looks to the three men. ”Ten grand a piece, and you can keep all the plants and cash that you rob from him.” Sha nods. ”Sound’s good to me. But we need some hardware we just got out here so we need some weapons.” Charlie chuckles. ”I got an old AK that still works. I can give you that and some vests but that’s about it.” Sha nods. ”That’ll work.” Soon the four men and bad bitch were drinking and smoking weed into the wee hours of the night. Sha was given the address and three vests along with the Angel King (AK). It was on.

The Next Day

Sha and Daquan sat in the Toyota Camry down the block from the house where the weed was kept. Having his camera phone out he took pictures of Jimmy and Luke coming and going from the house. Shaquan pulls slowly around the alley looking at the storage shed which contained the grow operation and the house. Pulling around to the front he takes pictures of the house initially and then the neighbors houses. The next day it was about to go down, it was time to Rob these weedmen blind.

Later That Night
As the lights in the house went off the three men stepped out of the Camry. Fred got into the drivers seat ready to be a wheelman and peel off. Sha and Daquan donned leather gloves and ski masks as they approached the house. Moving to the front door, Shaquan looks around and notices the alarm box. He laughed. ”Stupid motherfucker got comcast security, this is going to be easy.” Following the wires to the base of the door he snips the power cord and smiles. ”We only got a short time.” Daquan moved forward and took out his lock picking tools. Slipping it inside of the lock mechanism, after a second or two of jiggling a click is heard as the door opens. Moving inside of the house they notice Luke sleeping on a downstairs couch. Moving slowly over to him, Daquan points the Beretta at him and slowly wakes him up. ”Make a move pussy and your dead.” Daquan states as Sha moves up the stairs and into the bedroom of Jimmy.

Jimmy was a short dirty motherfucker and the porn he was jerking off to was even dirtier. Jimmy looked up at the man wielding the AK-47 and froze in his tracks mid stroke. ”Your going to get a call from Comcast in a few seconds. Your going to answer the phone, tell them you accidentally tripped the alarm, and that all is clear. If you don’t do it I will shoot your dick off and feed it to my turkey vulture, he like’s white meat.”

Soon after Shaquan said that the phone rang. Jimmy reached over and picked it up. ”Hello?” The woman from India working for Comcast spoke on the other line talking about the alarm being tripped. ”All is fine, I accidentally set off the alarm.” Soon Jimmy was hanging up and Sha looked to him. ”Aight, we came for the plants and the cash. You give us both of those things and you get to keep your life.” Jimmy’s erection had slumped and he looked to the man scaring him to death. ”You know I got friends right. Friends who know how to hurt.”
Shaquan chambered a round into the AK. ”You know I have a Turkey Vulture who like’s white meat. I’m more scared of him than I am your friends. Now let’s stop with the yip yapping and get this bread.” Jimmy got up and put on his basketball shorts and a shirt. Shaquan turns off the TV and the two head downstairs. The Nazi Low Rider looked up at Sha. ”You know your dead right.” Shaquan smiles in his ski mask. ”Either get to pulling something or quit yapping. Either way your wasting your time and mine.” Shaquan said walking with Jimmy to the back door.
Walking over to the storage shed Jimmy enters a code and the door opens. Moving inside Shaquan looks around and see’s no plants. ”No plants?” Jimmy walks over to a cabinet and opens it taking out five big baggies of weed. ”That’s five pounds of my finest. That’s all I have, the plants are already in route to the dispensary.” Shaquan looked angry for a few moments and looked to the grower. ”Where’s the money pussy.” Jimmy moved to a floor safe and dialed in a combination then takes out five rolls of hundreds. ”Don’t keep much of that on me either.” Shaquan looks to him. ”Take that trashbag and put the money and the dope in it.”

Jimmy does as ordered and soon he’s running out of the shed with the bag. ”Roll out!” Sha says into his boost mobile phone that was connected via walkie talkie to his brother. Two shots are heard in the house as Daquan walks out. ”Sent that fucker to hell to meet up with Hitler.” Jumping into the Camry the men took off the robbery gear a block away from the heist and start driving at normal speeds. Soon the three men were on I-70 heading out of the city, next stop was Kansas City to move the green.

[5x] Pounds of Weed
[$$$] However much cash you want to give from the robbery.
[3x] Bullet Proof Vests
[1x] AK-47
[2x] Enforcer NPC [Fred and Daquan]
Possible Beef with the Nazi Low Riders in the Future because of the one executed NLR Luke.

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Re: Rocky Mountain High

Post by Godzilla » August 29th, 2017, 2:24 pm

[5x] Pounds of Weed Granted!
[$$$] However much cash you want to give from the robbery. $5,000 from inside the safe. If you want your $10,000 from Charlie you'll need to RP getting it from him. You may want to do that before hitting KC.
[3x] Bullet Proof Vests Granted! It'll be Level II, Halo soft armor by Armor Express. Trust me, the homies will appreciate the comfort.
[1x] AK-47 I'll give you a Tec-9 instead
[2x] Enforcer NPC [Fred and Daquan] You mentioned that Fred is a Crip, but didn't say anything regarding Daquan. That being said, Fred is an enforcer but Daquan is going to be a thug. Feel free to upgrade him in the future.
Possible Beef with the Nazi Low Riders in the Future because of the one executed NLR Luke. The NLR are not happy, that's for sure. They don't know who was responsible for Luke's death, but they'll come after you if they find out.

This was a nice introductory piece. There were a few grammar errors, but I'm not an English teacher so it's all good.
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