Our family comes first


Queens is no less diverse than Brooklyn, though it's population may be smaller. The Italians, the Irish, and the Blacks make up most of the Queens burrough, but there are Greeks, Polish, Russians, and others. If you're looking to make your way without ruffling any really rich feathers, this is your place. Once home to crime boss Antonio DiMatteo and criminal legend Antwan Lulcas, Queens is the sleeper in a city that never sleeps.
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Our family comes first

Post by Anthony Pacienza » November 9th, 2017, 12:38 pm

Keeping the administration happy earned Anthony more respect, better reputation in the family, and most important, it earned him the control on the CasaBlancas Casino in Queens, owned by Carmine Rosetti, then later ownership was passed to Jim Torello. It was an honor more than it was a new money machine. After the John Cassano passed by the restaurant to see Anthony, they both had lunch and had a little chit chat on the thing.

"Well, I got good news for you Anthony"


Both were wearing their regular clothes, John Cassano always wore a white shirt with a button open with black italian tailored pants and a black shoes, there was always a gold watch on his wrist. Anthony was wearing his white Ralph Lauren shirt with grey pants and brown shoes, with a Silver wrist watch. Each one of them had a steak plate in front of them and a glass of red wine.

"After the money you've been making to the administration, compared to dice, Jim wanted you to handle the casino for him" said John as he ate with his head in the plate.

With the shock, Anthony dropped the fork and knife on the plate as he looked at John, who was still busy eating his steak.

"What? The Casablancas?!"

"Mhm...you're a lucky bastard y'know that?"

"And how much is it for me?"

"Quarter, and trust me quarter is a lot, that casino is making thousands daily."

"Damn, we need to celebrate this. I was thinking of buying a house, I still live with Ricky Rip"

"That son of a bitch's still alive? How didn't he get his button yet?"

"Well, you can ask Santino about that. He still in the can?"

"Yep, got four years till he gets out, but I heard friends of ours in Vegas know someone that can get him out for good behavior"

"Good behavior? Jesus Christ Sonny can get out for sucking the warden's dick, but good behavior? that's pretty hardcore"

"Well, once he's back, I think he will get a stake in the Vegas business"

"Vegas business?"

"Johnny will talk to you and Dice about it soon"
Anthony picked up his fork and knife again, eating his steak but still thinking deep about the Casino thing.
While the higher ups were busy making so much money, the lower downs were busy making some cash to pay the higher ups at the end of the week, no one likes his paycheck late. Nathan "Nate" Antonelli was with his youngster, Dominic Abate. After Anthony had a deal to share ownership of the garage with Joe Bazzoli, Nate and Dominic started to operate there instead of working in the apartment. Nate was in his tracksuit, Adidas as the usual, wearing his running shoes while's sitting on a chair, with a playboy magazine on the table in front of him. Dominic was wearing a red track suit, pretty cheap unknown brand, with black Nike shoes and a golden bracelet on his left hand. Dominic was leaning on the wall smoking a cigarette as he was addressing Nate.

"I saw this Dodge Charger as I drove by Freedom street earlier, such a beauty."

"Mhm...It's pretty empty in Freedom street, especially at this time" said Nate as he kept reading the playboy magazine.

"Well that would make us some dough Nate, c'mon lets' go get it" said Dominic with the excitement coming out of his eyes.

"Sure, just go get the truck and I'll be wid' ye'"

It wasn't too long before the two guys arrived across the street, both wearing a mechanic brown outfit with a mechanic's hat. Inside the tow truck, Dominic and Nate were looking at the Dodge Charger, before making any action.

"Listen' up kid, you gon' do what Joe taught you in the garage. I'mma park behind the dodge, and you do the job"

"Alright, just make sure you park right"
Dominic walked out of the car toward the Dodge behind the tow truck, taking a look on the front bump as he signed to Nate to stop the tow truck at the right position. Once Nate stopped, Dominic leaned down and attached the hook with the front bumper as Nate lowered it using the controls. No one really gave a fuck, it was just another car being towed for a fine or technical problems, which made Dominic more comfortable and less nervous working. Soon as he finished, he quickly got into the tow truck, and drove toward the garage.

"Fuck, Joe was really teaching ya' good stuff, I'm glad you're spending time with him more often" said Nate as he drove the tow truck.

With hidden satisfaction, Dominic smiled nodding as he placed a cigarette between his lips. They reached to the garage by about thirty minutes due to traffic, it was close to sun set when they put the car inside the garage and changed their clothes.

"Boys, you got me a beauty over here!" said Joe Bazzoli smiling at the Dodge with his fingers crossed. He looked at Nate while he was holding the money.

"Y'know, fingers did a good fucking job by sending you's over here" said as he counted the money in front of Nate before handing it over to him.

"Thanks Joe, we'll see ya' soon" said Nate as he counted the cash again before putting it in his pocket, he then turned nodding at Dominic before both of them left the garage.
Even though he was ruthless killer, a robber and a mobster, Mike "the Zitt" was a man who really loved and took care of his parents. He wasn't married or in a relationship because he believed that will affect his relationship with his parents, meaning he'll have to see them less and that was unacceptable in Mike's guidelines. He was at his father's house with few groceries and fresh fruit that he put in the kitchen before sitting with his parents in the living room.

"That fucking Plumber better fucking come, the sink is leaking again" said Vito Zitto as he pressed the TV remote with Marie Zitto next to him watching TV.

"Don't worry Pa', I'mma call one guy i know to take care of it. So, Jessica been visiting you more often?" said Mike as he leaned back in the couch facing his dad.

"Well she wants to, but that fucking husband of hers doesn't like it, he goes to that fucking bar across his apartment."

"What? Since when?"

"I don't know, since she came with a black eye maybe?"

"She brings her kids sometimes since she can't handle him with the kids around" said the mother, interfering in the conversation.

"Why no one fucking told me about this?!" yelled Mike as he stood up in anger.

"She didn't want to disturb you kid, don't fucking do something stupid"

"Fuckin...I gotta go, got some work to do up town. I might pass by for dinner, Jessica's coming too."

"Alright, don't be late" said Marie as her son left the apartment, with a raging face.
It was too much on him, he had to take care of the husband thingy, plus he had a meeting with some Russians that will supply him with some guns in Queens. But the rules are the rules, Ancelotti family was more important that his actual family, plus time is money, the husband can wait. Frank in the car waiting on the driver's seat in front of the building, when Mike got out he walked directly toward the car and got into the passenger's seat. He lit up his cigarette then spoke as he looked at his watch.

"You strapped?"

"Yeah, got a .38 on me."

"Good, drive to 56th Terrace. Make sure we reach there in time."

"Alright, let's hope there's no traffic"

Frank started the car as he drove to the destination through short cuts, since he was in Queens longer than anyone in the family, including Fingers and Ricky Rip. Mike had no guns on him, but he was pretty chill, unlike Frank who was strapped but nervous since it's his first gun deal. They reached in a trailer trash kinda place that was pretty empty, the Russians were there with a Mercedes Benz half tinted. Three guys, scarred up with tattoos all over their bodies, and tracksuits on, were leaning on the car as the two guys arrived.

"So so, Mike The Zitt right?" said the Russians with a slight Russian accent as if they lived in America for years.

"Yes, I guess you're Boris. You got the goods?"

"Sure sure" said Boris, as he turned out yelling at one of his men "Mikhail! Get the stuff". The guy turned toward the trunk without reply and popped it up, as he took out a dufflebag which sounded like metals clutching inside like Christmas Bells. He threw the bag over to Boris who looked at the men smiling while holding the bag.

"Show me the money boys"

Mike went to the trunk while Frank stood in front of the men, since he had the gun. Mike grabbed the money bag out of the trunk that was given to him by Anthony, and closed the trunk as he walked toward the men again. He opened the bag, giving Boris a slight view of the cash, then closed it.

"Okay, so throw the stuff over here" said Boris.

Mike walked toward him, as the other Russians were ready to reach their Glocks, but he offered Boris the bag expecting the other. So they didn't a quick transaction of the bag, and each checked what's inside as they headed to their vehicles, so did their men while keeping guard. While Frank was driving away from the place, Mike was checking the heavy dufflebag, making sure it's all there and it was.

"Finally, now we can do business with something that will actually finish the job" said Mike admiring the guns inside, Frank just smiled without saying anything.

Later than night, and after stashing the stuff in the apartment's safe hidden behind a wall, Mike headed to his sister's apartment, with a gun under his waist. He knocked on he door hearing the kids playing and laughing inside, there was no sound of violent activity or anything. Jessica had an almost healed black eye and a fake forced smile on her face.

"He...hey Mike, come in"

"What happened to your eye Jesse?"

"Um...Nothing I hit my head with door"

"And if this fucking door inside or drinking in the bar?"
She removed her fake smile as she looked inside the room, then at Mike.

If Mike showed any hostility, she would defend her husband, so Mike smiled as he put his hand on his sister's cheek.

"My car is down, take the keys and wait you and the kids there. I'll just talk to your husband"

"Okay, don't hurt him okay?"

"Nah, we're just gonna have a friendly conversation" said Mike as he smiled.

The husband, Jack Hopkins, was inside yelling her name.

"Jessica, who's by the door?!"

"Um, it's my brother." she replied, and there goes a dark silence in the room.

She took her kids that kissed Mike by the door and walked outside to the car. Mike got into the apartment and locked the door with the key, Jack was sitting on the couch with cigarettes all over the table in the living room and a bottle of Whiskey filled halfway.

"Hey Mike, what's up?"

"What's up?" said Mike as he closed the window in the living room before turning to Jack.

"My sister has a black eye and you tell me 'what's up'?"

"Yeah she hit her head with the door, it was dark"

"That's what you made her say" said Mike before he swung his fist into Jack's jaw. Jack fell on the ground, with the pain filling his head.

"You fucking piece of shit, you fucking hit a woman with her kids in the house?! Stand up you pussy, fight someone your size"

Instead, Jack stayed on the ground holding his head, Mike just kicked him in the stomach constantly till Jack threw up blood.
Before leaving, Mike looked at Jack saying.

"If she doesn't look happy, I'll fucking make your kids orphans and my sister a widow, I don't fucking care. If she wants to go to her parent's house, you fucking take her there"

Jack just nodded while he was laying on the ground, blood on the floor he was laying on.
Mike and Jessica with her kids, had dinner at their parents' house that night.
30k paid to Michael"The Zitt" Zitto for the gun deal
20x Glock 17
Jessica Hopkins as Contact
Vito Zitto as Contact
Marie Zitto as Contact
Jack Hopkins as Contact
Nate and Dominic paid for their car robbery

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Re: Our family comes first

Post by Creepio » November 11th, 2017, 6:12 pm

Your requests are approved.

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