Welcome to America


When outsiders think of NYC, they think Manhattan. After the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan on September 11,2001, the American people defied Al Qaeda's wishes of breaking the American spirit and rallied behind the city of New York, namely Manhattan. In just a few years, in typical American spirit, a new 'Freedom Tower' was built that stood taller than ever and Manhattan still stands at the epicenter of a city that will never lose it's heart. Everything from billionaires on Park Avenue, to Italian mafioso on Mulberry, to the Irish gangs in Hell's Kitchen, to your local street hustler peddling smack in Harlem: Manhattan has it all.
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Welcome to America

Post by Giovanni Calogero Rustici » March 28th, 2016, 2:06 pm

January 2016
Giovanni walked quietly down the long hallway in his uncle's house. When he came to the double doors that led into the study he knocked confidently.
A voice once smooth as silk, but now mellowed with age and cigarillos came through the door, “ Enter.”
Giovanni entered the office, the Don Scarpa was seated behind his desk, and several of the familia as well as strangers sat in the room as well. “You sent for me sir?”
“Yes, you have reached an age where you need to make your way into the world. I am sending you to America to make your bones with my brother Bonifacio. Don Franzese has agreed to allow you to come.” He motioned to an older gentleman who sat quietly to his uncle’s right. “You go to help strengthen the ties between the Scarpa and Genovese families.” The veiled reference was there, Gio would be a hostage to be used against the Scarpa familia should something go wrong.
“Yes Uncle.”
“You will show him that we still practice the Art of Omerta and at some point and time in the future you will be allowed to return home if you so choose. Now go visit your father. He is in the family chapel and wishes to see you. You will leave tonight.”

With a simple nod, Giovanni backed out of the room and made his way to visit his father.

He entered the chapel, it was warm and smelled of incense. The patron saint of the Scarpa Familia and of Caltanissetta was Michael the Archangel. His father was kneeling before a statue, his tonsured head bowed, his rich baritone voice whispering in Latin as he lit a candle in honor of Giovanni’s mother. Kneeling beside his father, Gio added his voice to the prayers. After fifteen minutes, his father concluded and stood to his feet.

The once handsome young man had been transformed over the past 18 years to more closely resemble the name he had chosen as when took his vows. His eyebrows were bushy and the eyes beneath them flashed like lightning when he was preaching or when he was administering punishment. Now they were simply the eyes of an adoring father. “Charlie, you have grown into a fine young man, your mother would have been very happy to see you. But that is not why I came today. I came to give you your inheritance and to bless you before you leave for Manhattan.” He reached down and lifted up a small case some three feet long and one foot wide and approximately six inches deep. “These belonged to me in a past life. One that I was unable to continue upon as I too followed the wishes of my brother the Don. Take this and wait to open it upon your arrival in the US. Now go my son, your time has drawn upon you.”

March 28th, 2016
Giovanni Calogero Rustici, or Charlie as he became known among the 116th Street Crew, wiped at the sweat that was dripping from his forehead as he sat down the tub of dirty plates, silverware, and cups. “Vincent, here are some more dishes to wash. The blonde lady that keeps asking for you is back. She told me to tell you that she will have a warm place in her bed growing cold tonight if you want to keep it warm for her.”
Vincent popped Giovanni with the end of the wash rag he was holding, “Charlie, go to tell the girl that she won’t be cold for long.”

Smiling Giovanni walked back out into the dining room with another bus pan to collect the dirty dishes. The blonde was still sitting there, her eyes sparkled when she took in Gio’s face and nod.
The past few months had consisted primarily of back breaking work for Giovanni. His uncle had told him that he needed to earn the right to run with the crew and that involved him making certain that the tables stayed cleared at his Uncle’s restaurant, Lido, Italian Restaurant and Bar. Looking around he saw the next table and quickly cleared it. He picked up the tip and handed over to his cousin Rosilee. “Here cousin, you must have been extra nice to this table they left you a good tip.”
“I always give good service,” she grinned as she took the tip and slipped it into her apron pocket. “Now hurry along, I need this table for another group.”

Giovanni reflected on the restaurant and his first three months as a US Citizen. The Lido, did extremely well, making about $15,000 a week. They served authentic Italian and Sicilian Cuisine and served wines imported from Sicily. It was however, the back room that made Lido it’s most money it was there that the 116th Crew met to do their business. Everyone who was involved with the 116th Crew worked at the restaurant in some capacity or another. The Scarpa family also lived on the top floor of the three story brownstone building. The second floor was set aside for reservations and large group celebrations. Giovanni had been given a small apartment in the adjacent building as a favor to his uncle by landlord. It seems, the 116th Crew provided protection as a part of their “good” deeds within the community. When he had first entered the apartment he went to the small table and opened the case from his father. Within it was a pocket watch, $5000 dollars, a .44 caliber pistol, and photographs of his mother as well as a small statue of the Archangel Michael. He had set this things to the side to wait for the time that he would need them. He had not needed the gun so far since all he seemed to do was pick up everyone else’s trash. Maybe that is what he would be for the family a clean up man. He didn’t know but, his time was coming soon.

He walked over to the next table and cleaned it off, returning the dishes to his cousin’s warm embrace. When he walked back out all 25 tables were in various states of being used. The front door opened letting in a little of the cold damp air. Glancing that way Giovanni saw his uncle enter the building with the crew. They made their way through the restaurant, his uncle stopping and greeting the patrons as he weaved between the tables. When he neared Giovanni, he motioned him over. “Get your cousin and come to the back.” Not even taking time to respond Giovanni turned back through the doors, “Vincent, your father is calling for us. He said come on the double.”
The two young men, walked down the small hallway that led to the back office. This was only their second time being summoned the first being the night they both started work at the Lido.A nervous smile, crept across Giovanni’s face as he glanced up at his cousin. He noticed Vincent had a blank face, all business. Giovanni quickly sobered up as they neared the door. It was open and the remainder of the crew sat around the conference table: Bonifacio Scarpa, Caporegime of the Genovese Family sat at the head. Fabiano Varano, his uncles right hand man, Giacomo Zunino, Steve Draco, and Michael Cortese soldatos of the family. Giordano Gallo, one of the other busboys and an associate of the family was already there. “Come in and close the door and take a seat,” Bonifacio seemed to growl at them. They quickly complied.

“Now, before we get started let me say this first off. You boys have done your jobs well and I expect that you will do this job equally well, capiche?”
Nods from all around the table, but his eyes seemed to be staring at Giovanni and Vincent.
“Okay, some street hustler has tried to make a name for himself on our turf. Giordano, here was accosted outside his home this evening as he made his way to work. Three individuals helped themselves to some of his hide.”
Giovanni glanced over at Giordano, and actually saw the evidence of the beating that his first glanced had overlooked. His eyes were both bloodshot and were already beginning to show the shiners that would be there in full force tomorrow. His nose was bandaged in such away that suggested it had been broken.
“These bastards then told him to deliver a message to me.”

Giordano spoke up, his swollen nose affecting the way he spoke, “They said that the 116th Crew is finished. The Five Points Boys were coming to take back what belonged to them. They said that they would be paying a visit sometime in the near future to the rest of the group.”

“I didn’t get this far within the family to let some punk historical society come and take what is mine away from me. Giordano was able to get the license plate number of the car they were driving. It has been found at a small grocery store and butcher shop off of Broadway. We are gonna take the issue to them before they have a chance to do more serious damage.” Bonifacio stopped for a second looking around the table as he waited for the silence to grow pregnant with anticipation.

“Charlie, Giordano, and Vincent you will ride with Fabiano to follow the grocery store. We need to collect some sides of beef. Giacomo, Steve, and Michael, you will follow them to provide backup if it is needed. This is your chance, fail and you will be a long time waiting for the next one.” He pointed one of his fat fingers at each of the young men.

8:55 PM on March 28th, 2016
Walter’s Grocer and Butcher Shop, was closing in five minutes as the four men entered the store individually. Giovanni walked up to the butcher’s window and rang the bell. A slightly older man came to the window, putting his hands on the seal as he leaned out. Giovanni, took in the bruising of the knuckles that is evident of striking something hard and repeatedly. “I need to see about ordering some large cuts of beef for the restaurant I work for. I was wondering if we could speak about it. You know face to face instead of this window being between us.”

He shrugged his shoulders and motioned towards a door that led to the back. “Meet me over there in a few. I need to wash up.” Nodding, Gio headed towards the door indicated. The other members of the 116th that were with him followed his over. Coming from down the aisles that they had been waiting in. Fabiano leaned over to Vincent, “I want you to get the security tapes. Nothing get’s left behind.”
“Yes sir!”

When the sound of the door lock could be heard turning in the door, Giovanni threw his weight against it quickly bowling over the other man, he chased after him quickly putting him in a chicken wing, the back of the man’s hand slapping against the back of his head.

The rest of the group slipped in behind him with Fabiano closing the door and locking it. Fabiano grabbed a chair and motioned for Giovanni to sit the man down in it.

“What the hell is going on here,” the angry man shouted.
Giordano walked around and slapped him in the face, “Hello ya bastard, do you remember me?”
Recognition quickly dawned on the man’s face as he saw Giordano. “I was only following orders. The boss said for us to beat up some italian fellow and gave us an address and a picture.”
“Well, we are just following orders as well. You can tell your boss that if he wants to try his hand with the 116th Crew he is mistaken. But you may have to write that down because you probably won’t be talking for awhile,” Giovanni calmly explained. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of quarters for each hand and slid on some calfskin workman gloves. “Giordano and Vincent come stand this clown up.” Taking a dirty rag from off the counter he stuffed it into the man’s mouth. When they complied he proceeded to rain blows on the man’s body. His first hit, split the skin beneath the man’s left eye. He felt exhilarated as he began to get into a rhythm, pounding on the man’s ribs repeatedly. He swung a left cross connecting with the man’s jaw hearing a satisfying sound of the jaw breaking. By this point the man was unconscious.

A knock was heard at the door, and a woman’s voice came through the wood, “John, I am leaving for the night. Your brother called to tell you he would be a little late in the morning. Something about hurting his hand today.” Silence for a few seconds, “Well okay, I hope everything is alright. The money bag is in the window. I will lock up as I go out.”

They dropped the man on the floor. Vincent walked over to the small desk, a vcr sat on the top and he ripped it out of the wall and took it. Giovanni walked through the swinging door that led to the butcher station and took the money bag. On the counter was some porterhouse steaks, he took enough of them to feed the 116th Street Crew and threw them in a bag. Pausing he opened the money bag and withdrew all of the cash. There was $2000 in small bills, he dumped it in the bag with the packaged steaks and dropped the money bag on the floor. Walking back out he motioned for them to exit through the back door. They filed out and went different directions trying not to draw attention to themselves. They made it back to the 1999 Dodge Avenger that belonged to Giovanni.

Back at the restaurant, Giovanni related the story and handed his uncle the $2000 in cash and the bag of steaks.

Lido Italian Restaurant for further use as the 116th Street Crew’s headquarters and a source of $15k income for the crew (Will roleplay more for the money after I get the approval for the building)
Brownstone 2 Bedroom Apartment
$2000 Cash for the Crew
7 Porterhouse Steaks for the Crew
All video footage of the events removed with the VCR
No Witnesses
Running Feud with the Five Points Boys.
.44 Caliber Pistol
Pocket Watch
$5000 Cash inheritance from Father
Access to further use of Bonifacio Scarpa, Fabiano Varano, Giacomo Zunino, Steve Draco, and Michael Cortese, Giordano Gallo, and Vincent Scarpa.
Calfskin Gloves
$20 in rolled Quarters.
1999 Dodge Avenger with 219k Miles
Criticisms or Likes

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Re: Welcome to America

Post by Tuxedo Mask » March 31st, 2016, 4:40 am

>Sent from Italy to become a mobster
>Become a bus boy instead
>'Chance' to join the mafia comes up
>The 'chance' is to go collect some steaks.

Jk, I really liked it man. To me it seemed like a very old school, authentic mob story.

I approve your requests but would like to make a note.

1. You don't own Lido, Bonifacio Scarpa does (if I missed something feel free to take it into appeals) BUT THAT SHOULDN'T MEAN YOU DON'T GET PAID. As an employee of the restaurant you'll get 3,500 a week. (ICLY the Lions share if it's split between 7 people, Vinny Scarpa is a tad jealous about this.)
PM me if you feel I have failed you.

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