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paid in full

Post by Ronnie Faust » October 8th, 2017, 11:06 pm

It was around 7 just before closing time. A hundred degrees outside but inside the plush Rolls Royce showroom you couldn't tell. With the AC cranked to high and only one other customer, the only thing Ron was worrying about was his bills. His accountant and lawyer had a lot of late nights keeping the thing out of collections it was up to him to deal with the rest.

"The owner if you would!" Ron shouted keeping his brisk pace along the marble tile and luxury cars. The lone salesman and his victim stopped their conversation to watch the odd parade as it passed by.

Todd and Gerry walked anxiously behind him. The last words spoken to them by their boss being, "Everyone got their guns, right?" That was in the parking lot, after they nodded Ronald tore off inside. It wasn't a particularly big dealership and if someone doesn't defuse the situation by the time he got to the other side things could get ugly.

Before he could start ripping doors off and really making a scene a stout man with balding brown hair rushed out of a tiny blue room. "Ah Mr. Faust! So glad you could come by. If you wouldn't mind stepping into my office we can talk-" Ron had already began pushing past motioning for Gerry and Todd to follow behind.

"Sit, please." Ron said to the slightly stunned man, taking his seat behind the desk. "Boys." With a nod Gerry ushered in the man while Todd shut the door behind him. "Mr. Pikney I pressume?"

"Y-yes." Pikney took the seat he usually reserves for customers and under performing employees. "I asked you here today Mr. Faust because we need to do something about the lease payments. I've spoken to your lawyer and he's made it clear you have the money yet you haven't.." Dealership owners didn't usually have to collect one on one from gangsters Pikney knew he had to be tactful. "You haven't made any payments at all. We can easily rework the payments maybe put some down now so it will go by quicker."

Ronnie leaned back in the creaky executive chair rubbing his chin as if to give serious thought to the matter. "You're right." The owners eyes lit up. "We must do something about these pesky bills." Ron rocked forward scanning the oak desk in front of him. Spotting a picture frame he snatched it. "Wow, beautiful wife and kids Spencer. It's okay I call you Spencer right? My PI did a little digging on you I feel like I know you so well."

Pikney gulped. "Th-thank you Mr. Faust. Now I'm willing to offer you a fifty percent reduction on your monthly payments and I can remove amy debt you incured from missing payments. That's a once in a lifetime deal I think your really gonna be happy." He was not.

Another nod was Ron giving the order. It wasn't something that had to be planned just routine shakedown stuff. Gerry clapped his hands together bringing his mighty arms up before hammering down on top Pikney's collarbone. A loud snap echoed in the small room but before the accompanying shriek followed Todd already had the owner's mouth covered.

"105 on 32nd street apartment number twelve. That's where Stella little Georgie and his sister Anna are right this second, isn't it?" Ronnie waited for a head nod to continue. "What happens now is my friends and I get up and leave while you stay here and finish up some paperwork. I want my lease taken care of, I don't care how its done but I want it to show I've paid in full. Once thats over call my lawyer and let him know." Another nod. "Good. It goes without saying but I'm going to say it. Tell anyone about this and my friend Germ will be paying a visit to your family."

Ronnie rose up and his goons let go of Mr. Pikney. In a second they were gone leaving the man to his work and broken bone.


No more payments for Rolls Royce phantom.

Have been away for a long time so if you could give some tips to improve that would be awesome.

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Re: paid in full

Post by Shorty » October 9th, 2017, 1:44 am

Lol dude you got the character down pat, love the movie, love the piece. It was a little too short to delve fully into it but I thoroughly enjoyed it none the less! Give us more!

Apples and Welcome Back!


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