Making a Purchase


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Jeon Sang Tae
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Making a Purchase

Post by Jeon Sang Tae » October 27th, 2017, 3:33 pm

It was time to get the operation running right, and that meant Sang Tae needed to make some purchases. Everything would be up and up and on the level, handled through the newly renamed Red Star Holdings Company. Everyone knew that only a fraction of the cargo containers that arrived on American shores were actually searched.
The first step to his nefarious scheme was to acquire a ship, or two. To that end, Tae had told his lawyer exactly what he needed. See, Tae's lawyer had access to all of Tae's funds and could handle such business as that. If you thought Tae was going to handle it himself, you would be sorely mistaken. Instead Tae was sat in his penthouse with a controller in his hand, his suit jacket tossed to one side, his tie thrown over his shoulder and a few buttons undone. Beside him, Gyeon was also clutching a controller with his tie wrapped around his head. The two men were in the midst of a heated competition, empty cans and bottles of beer littering the table.
"Pshaw, you cheating little bitch."
"You're just spamming the same move!"
"Maybe if you weren't such a bitch and blocked all the time, Gyeon...."
"Honestly! It's not my fault if you don't know how!"
Tae threw his hands up in defeat as the PlayStation controller fell from his hands. Fucking Gyeon and his stupid fucking blocking. Ever since he knew Gyeon he was a little blocking bitch. "Fuck it, put NBA2k18 in."
Gyeon got up to switch the games while Tae poured himself a glass of scotch. The Korean man laughed as he threw back the alcohol and savored the faint burn in his throat as it went down. He belched, slamming the empty glass down. There was a beep followed almost immediately by a loud BZZZZT. The purchase had gone through.
"Grab the sticks, you're going down, bitchboy."
Despite being hardened criminals, in that one moment, they both just looked like regular, hardworking Americans who were blowing off steam. It wasn't all murder, drugs, and bitches.

-The Purchase of [1] Container ship for the sum of $14,000,000 the ship to be registered to Red Star Holdings.
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Tuxedo Mask
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Re: Making a Purchase

Post by Tuxedo Mask » October 27th, 2017, 4:58 pm

Shoulda shot Gyeon for blocking like a bitch. Sale is approved
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