The Continental [Koreatown]


When outsiders think of NYC, they think Manhattan. After the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan on September 11,2001, the American people defied Al Qaeda's wishes of breaking the American spirit and rallied behind the city of New York, namely Manhattan. In just a few years, in typical American spirit, a new 'Freedom Tower' was built that stood taller than ever and Manhattan still stands at the epicenter of a city that will never lose it's heart. Everything from billionaires on Park Avenue, to Italian mafioso on Mulberry, to the Irish gangs in Hell's Kitchen, to your local street hustler peddling smack in Harlem: Manhattan has it all.
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The Continental [Koreatown]

Post by Quinn Simard » November 2nd, 2017, 7:47 pm


A lavish building in Mid-Town, Manhattan, The Continental is one of the most prestigious pieces of real estate in all of NYC and it's clientele live up to its grandeur. Real estate moguls, celebrities, and high-level government officials are just a few of the many, many personalities that call this building home, and with the massive concentration of wealth has come a highly sophisticated level of security.

CCTV cameras overwatch the entire premises and the exterior windows are incredibly thick tempered glass, to ensure their long lasting guarantee. On the higher floors are the penthouse suites; self-contained and protected by heavy steel core doors and thick bulletproof windows, they boast the best in state-of-the-art security.

It is in one of these suites that you may find Gwen Simard, her daughter Izzi, or Gwen's sister Quinn, living it up in the high-life luxury of another's penthouse suite. With access to the building overseen by an army of private security, their intercom is akin to the last resort.

Stored: (Accessible via a hidden wall safe)
4 x M4 Carbines with 10.5' barrels
2 x Mossberg 500s
6 x Glock 22s

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