When outsiders think of NYC, they think Manhattan. After the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan on September 11,2001, the American people defied Al Qaeda's wishes of breaking the American spirit and rallied behind the city of New York, namely Manhattan. In just a few years, in typical American spirit, a new 'Freedom Tower' was built that stood taller than ever and Manhattan still stands at the epicenter of a city that will never lose it's heart. Everything from billionaires on Park Avenue, to Italian mafioso on Mulberry, to the Irish gangs in Hell's Kitchen, to your local street hustler peddling smack in Harlem: Manhattan has it all.
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Post by Moreese Washington » November 4th, 2017, 8:24 am

Moe sat in his all hours diner on the corner of 125th and Lennox, Sophie's. The smell and sound of the breakfast menu filled the tiny eatery with its greasy sizzling. The head chef rudely commanded his crew as if the customers couldn't hear him through the swinging door to the kitchen, only a few feet away from the bar where many sat having their morning coffee.

Moe was in his usual spot, a two-seat table right by the front window. A table over sat his most trusted associates, Philly 'Fats' Griffen and Maury Cuffs. The three of them would do this every day. Fats and Cuffs would watch their boss with loaded guns while pretending to talk about stuff like sports or read the paper. Moe would be busy meeting different figures from around the neighborhood. Buyers, suppliers, new recruits. Anyone that needed to speak to him knew that they could come down to Sophie's around seven am and he'd be receptive to talks.

Usually, people ask to speak to him but today Moe had called in a young man named Eddy. Word on the street was he was a good getaway driver and could handle a pistol if it came down to it. Moe needed a new driver, his last one tried turning state witness and ended up tossed into a river in Jersey. Before Ed could get the job though, he needed to be sized up.

The kid arrived at 6:45 sharp, dressed in clean pants and a dress shirt and sporting a fresh new fade. It was almost like he was applying for a legitimate job except his resume was the chatter of criminals. As soon as he walked in Moe called him over to sit across from him. They waited to order some food before getting down to business.

"So, I'm sure you know why I called you down here." Moe picked up the pepper from the table and generously sprinkled it atop his scrambled eggs. "I got an opening in my family and I heard you're a capable guy."

Ed grew a big smile displaying his pearly whites. "Thank you Bog- I mean Mr. Washington. Thank you, it means a lot comin' from you."

"Yeah well don't thank me just yet now." Moe shot back a smile while shoveling a fork full of eggs into his mouth. "See the only problem is, I heard these things from Italians." He gave the kid a suspicious look. "I ain't got no problem with them but if you come and work for me, you can't associate with those people. No wops, no spics, no jews, no greeks. The only time you deal with them, and I mean on a business level, is when I set it up."

"For sure Mr. Washington, that ain't a problem. Anything for the family." The eagerness in his voice almost made Moe laugh.

"Well, you ain't apart of us just yet, boy. What kinda car do you drive? You're a getaway driver, bet it's something fast right?"

"Actually," Ed hung his head in embarrassment. "My situation is a little messed up right now. Had to borrow my momma's van to get down here."

"That's alright. I got something parked out back I'm sure you can handle. If everything goes smoothly, in a month or two, you'll be riding in whatever kind of car you want." Moe panned his hand across the road outside. "Hell, you'll have enough money to buy a new one each week. That sound good to you?"

Eddy could already imagine everything he was being told. It was the life he'd always wanted and now it seemed like it was being offered up on a silver platter. He knew what the Black Mafia was into but that didn't matter to him at all. "Yes, sir. That's what kids in Harlem dream of."

"My man." Moe stood up, queuing Ed to do the same. The two shook hands and he looked right into the young man's eyes. "Hope you're ready to prove yourself then." Raising a free hand, he motioned to his two associates at the other table and the three exited without a word, Eddy following short behind.

Moe led the group around to the Alleyway at the side where a black four-door Cadillac De Ville waited for them. He and Fats hopped into the back while Ed drove with Cuffs at his side. The inside had to be gutted and reupholstered due to blood and brain matter, leaving the 1959 vehicle smelling like brand new leather for when they jumped in.

Moe passed up the keys then began dictating his orders. "You know the streets of Harlem right? Take us down to the corner of 125th and 225th, there's a little flower shop there. I need you and Fats to pick me up some roses, I'm headed to a funeral later."

"Yeah, sure Mr. Washington." Moe's other associates giggled a bit at the kid's formalities but chose to say nothing out loud after looks from their boss warned them off. Ed spotted that from the rearview mirror and it made him feel already part of the crew. Like he was one of the untouchables he'd been seeing ride around Harlem his whole life. With a bit of pep he started the car up and the four men pulled into morning traffic.

Although the location was just down the street it would feel like an eternity in the bumper to bumper hold up going on in the street. Eventually though, they reached a quaint green outside of the flower shop Robella's. Ed searched for a spot by the front but Moe directed him to a back entrance through an alley. The De Ville pulled up right outside the exit and the kid killed the motor.

"Alright, so like I said Ed, real simple, just follow Fats in there and pick up some roses. Come back and you can drop me off so I can get ready." Washington stared down his new recruit. "This is it, boy. You walk in there a nobody and come out one of us, a blood member of the Black Mafia."

"All I gotta do is get some roses?"

"All you gotta do is shut up and follow me." Fats was quick to cut Ed off. "Let's go." He popped open his door and waited for the trainee to do the same.

The seasoned mobster and the young recruit made their way to the door. Fats took lead and knocked four times in a rhythmic pattern. Quickly after the door, still connected to a chain lock, opened up a sliver. A greasy white guy stood on the other side with a blank expression on his face. He smelled like shit and crust filled the area around his eyes. "What the fuck do you want Fats? Matty Plaia said you wouldn't be back till next week for a drop."

"Well shit, we moved it all real quick to some out of town dude. I ain't here to grab a whole shipment, just enough to keep the fiends away, brother." While Philly talked Ed became more and more nervous. He knew that he wasn't just there to pick flowers but he was unarmed walking into some kind of deal.

"Get the hell outta here man. There's nothing I can do, you know that." The greaseball sounded bored with the whole thing, like most of his day was spent telling people they couldn't get their drugs and he'd been through this a hundred times already.

"We go back, Billy. Come on man take some pity on me. I got Moe in the car and he's chewing my ass off to get the shit."

"Fuck, that's the Bogeyman in there?" In an instant, Billy's voice changed. He stood up on his tippy toes to get a better look at the car's passengers but its tinted windows didn't allow it. "Alright but you know I told you to never bring that maniac over here. He gives me the spooks." He closed the door, taking a second to undo the chain lock before opening it up all the way. "Come in, come in." He turned his back and allowed the black mobsters to walk in.

Moe and Cuffs watched it all from the car and when they saw the door shut behind Ed, they moved. Fast and quiet the pair left the De Ville, both pulling out pistols once tucked in their belts on their way out. They stepped light foot till they were just outside the door their two associates had entered. Cuffs raised his right leg and sent it crashing forward, the unlocked door went flying into the room. The duo rushed inside and began unloading on the Italian. The small flower shop was lit up, 12 bullets all hit their mark on poor Billy's chest. Fortunately for the mobsters, none of the customers inside could see what was going on in the back but their screams confirmed the boys should probably high-tail it. In total, it took only it took around 10 seconds to end the Italians life, double it for the time to run back into the car.

When they had gotten a few blocks away Ed started to break down. "What the fuck was that! You said we were gettin' roses man!"

Fats and Cuffs looked at their boss, wondering if they'd be clipping two people today. Moe tried his best to put everyone at ease. "Calm down, you did good, Freshie. That fuckin' bloodsucker back there, that fuckin' leech, he's been ripping off the black community for years. Last week the stupid son of a bitch thought he could replace a third of a kilo with baby laxative and we wouldn't catch on."

"That's what happens when someone crosses the Black mob, Ed. We got a reputation to protect." Maury Cuffs looked at the young man up and down. If seeing some worthless dealer get capped shook him, maybe he wasn't ready for the job after all.

The mood in the car was grim. The three grown men had just exposed a kid younger than 21 to a violent murder. They weren't complete psychos, they knew that it would change Ed forever. Moe leaned forward from the back, patting him on the shoulder. "That includes you now kid, welcome aboard."

The four stayed together for the rest of the night, drinking heavily at a local pub through the morning the next day where they all caught breakfast at Sophie's.



Black Mafia to be a well known, established name in Harlem.
Italian cocaine dealer with ties to Sicilian mafia killed.

Phil Griffen - Right hand to Moe equipped with a .357
Maury Cuffs - Bodyguard of Moe equipped with a .357 magnum
Ed 'Fresh Blood' - Newest hire to the Black Mafia, working as Moe's driver
I would like to have Phil and Maury as level 3 muscle with Ed as a level 1 but I'm kewl with taking level 2s on Phil and Maury to be upgraded.

Black 1959 Cadillac De Ville - 4-door, freshly upholstered and tinted windows.
.357 Magnum

Sophia's Diner - A small diner at 125th and Lennox ave. Staffed and owned by Moe but I will expand on it before coding and requesting a profit from it.

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Re: start

Post by Magnus » November 4th, 2017, 10:35 am

Really good read, felt like "Frank Lucas" to me.... like I was reading a scene from the movie "American Gangster". I really don't have anything I can say that could have improved this piece any... I'm sure you'll develop the NPCs here a bit more in the future and I look forward to reading it. I also look forward to seeing how Ed comes along in future pieces. All your requests are reasonable...

All Requests Approved... w/ Level 2s on Phil and Maury as you said to be upgraded later.


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