The Majestic Arms Ltd. Raid


Have more than 20$ in your wallet and you're NOT a criminal? Don't go to the Bronx. Unlike Brooklyn or Queens, whom, despite their criminal elements, have great neighborhoods, the Bronx is just not that. Considered the worst burrough to raise a family, the Bronx is a criminal's dream. Doesn't matter whether you are Italian, Dominican, Black, or Chinese, the Bronx will have you. Once home to notorious criminals like Daniel Lynch and vigilantes like the Commander of Cobras, the Bronx will take in anyone. Just be careful....
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The Majestic Arms Ltd. Raid

Post by Holter Rousseau » June 3rd, 2017, 9:01 pm

Site of Majestic Arms Ltd.
"Because everyone starts from somewhere."
"Can I help you, sir?"

Holt's eyes went from looking up at the camera that was pointing down at him to the obese man sitting behind the counter. He was middle aged, with his brown hair slowly giving way to the white of time. Holt smiled softly, shaking his head. "No, actually. I was just looking around," He admitted. "I've never really gotten into guns before and always passed this place on the way to work. I just wanted to pop in and see if I'm ready to take the plunge of... you know, actually taking pride in my rights."

The man's eyes widened and he slapped his hand down on the table. "Well, you came to the right place. What's your name, son?"

"Peck. Gregory Peck."

"Mr. Peck, Majestic Arms Ltd. is one of the largest gun stores on Staten Island. You'll never find a place with more professional staff than here. Here, why don't we take a look at a few potential guns. What are you looking for, if I may ask?"

"Honestly, I have... I have no idea." Holt replied, feigning embarrassment. "You'd think I'd know, considering that I grew up hunting in Alban-.."

"Albany!" The man cried. "You grew up hunting in Albany?! Well, why didn't you say so, son? Anyone from Albany is a friend of mine. If it's guns you're looking for, maybe I could interest you in one of these sidearms?" He gestured to the glass counter. Holt leaned against the countertop, looking through the protected glass at the shiny handguns that stood proudly on their stands. "As you can see here, every race and ethnicity is proudly presented. We have Berreta, Colt, Roogor, Hecklar and Coke..."

Holt winced at the poor pronunciation.

"Glock and Smith and Wesson... you know, anything you could ever want if you want a handgun!"

"What about those?" Holt asked innocently, gesturing to the rifles behind the man.

"Oh these? Good eye! You're looking at our M1As, our AR-15s, here we have a Mossberg 12 Gauge for some big game-..."

His voice faded away as Holt focused on looking around the gunstore. The layout was that of a giant rectangle (with a shooting range in the back) and there were cameras pointed at every angle throughout the store. The windows and doors were probably reinforced and judging from the sign at the front, there was also an alarm system. A fairly loud alarm system if his year's burglaring in Albany ever told him anything. This wasn't going to be anything quiet. If Holt wanted to get his fair share from this, this job was going to be a night job... and it was going to be loud... and if it needed to be pulled off, he'd need more than himself.

Maybe it'd be good to call in a few of his "hunting buddies" from up in Albany.

"-... this one's our Berretta CX4. Brand new, just came in a few weeks ag-.."

"You know, maybe this isn't the time to get a gun." Holt interjected politely. "I just came in to think on it, but I think I'll be holding off for now."

"Oh...! Well... thanks for coming in anyways!" The man said awkwardly, setting down the polymer rifle that he was holding in his oversized arms.

"Thank you for having me," Holt said. "I promise you'll see me again soon!"

(( Requests: ))
Majestic Arms Ltd. Cased Out
Three (3) NPCs to be used on the job
Frederick "Bozo" Peters, hunting buddy, as an NPC: Holt's former burglary partner. Useful with smashing things with a hammer.
Keenan "Giggles" Goff, hunting buddy, as an NPC: Holt's former burglary partner. Useful with smashing things with a hammer.
Joseph "Bubbles" Cicero, hunting buddy, as an NPC: Holt's former burglary partner. Useful with a gun.
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Re: The Majestic Arms Ltd. Raid

Post by Shorty » June 4th, 2017, 8:35 pm

Alrighty! Welcome to the site & thank you for playing! Let's get down to business.
  • 1. Majestic Arms Ltd. Cased Out: Approved
    Your new so I will approve this, but next time add more detail and think your plans through. A Law Enforcement officer could easily take advantage of the loopholes you left in this RP and use them against you during the actual heist.
    • [PRO TIP]: More details next time. Consider the joint cased out, sure. But is it? I mean you walked in, talked to a guy for a few minutes, spotted some cameras & deducted that the security system is loud. Is that really casing a joint out? How about getting ahold of the building's blueprint. Locating the power source for the security system? What kind of system is it? How does it turn off? How does it go off? How about identifying possible entry and exit locations. Marking areas of secondary threats. Etc.. More details next time prease.
  • 2. The NPCs: Denied
    Sorry but as much as I want to I can't grant this. Not even as contacts. In order to gain NPCs in this game, you must introduce us to them in your RP. You have to interact with them and provide the plausibility of them actually being your NPCs. For example, you could of had them case the joint out with you. You could of called them and discussed your plan, or even have your main character reminisce about them. I can't just simply grant implied things.
  • 3.Critique:
    Excellent little intro bud! I just wish it was longer but your new so it's ok. Your writing isn't new though I can tell. I really do wish it was longer and that you would have incorporated the NPCs you asked for in the story. Other than that your on the right track. I'm excited to see this unfold.
  • 4. Bonus:
    You get a cool clown mask, a casual black suit and a pair of blue gloves.


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