Hey not gonna tell you what this story is about.


Have more than 20$ in your wallet and you're NOT a criminal? Don't go to the Bronx. Unlike Brooklyn or Queens, whom, despite their criminal elements, have great neighborhoods, the Bronx is just not that. Considered the worst burrough to raise a family, the Bronx is a criminal's dream. Doesn't matter whether you are Italian, Dominican, Black, or Chinese, the Bronx will have you. Once home to notorious criminals like Daniel Lynch and vigilantes like the Commander of Cobras, the Bronx will take in anyone. Just be careful....
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Hey not gonna tell you what this story is about.

Post by Alexander Sokolov » April 25th, 2017, 9:20 pm

Uncle Sokolov, probably one to fear. He stayed in Russia fighting some unknown war, and he came out a man about two years after. He used fists, guns, anything you can think of. His parents took good care of him. He was a only child and he had to look out for what's best.

When he was in Russia fighting the war he had short black hair and it was best. He had muscles, and he had a beard. He had a jacket and had a lot of guns.

Now he is living in New York. He has a fight to watch one of his soldiers or someone he has working for him. He had a black car that he had a driver for, his name was Albert he was a fat black guy but he was nice. When he got to the fight place the door was open and there was a body gaurd. "Hello, who are you?"

"Who the fuck am I, I'm your fucking boss you fucking punk I own this fucking place."

"Oh, I'm sorry sir, come in."

"Fucking idiot"

He walks into his business and the lights are on and the ring has two people. One works for me, and the other works for the Italian mob and he don't want to lose.

Viktor the one who works for me is in red shirts he was on the left side and some Tony guy was on the right. It was like a boxing match, no UFC or weapons. Just a under the table fight.

It started.

Viktor threw a jab then Tony threw a hook. None connected, then Viktor threw a hook coming closer and they kept it up for one round. They were both tied. Alexander had the fight for Viktor to win. He get a whole thousand dollars on it. So if he wins they get a thousand dollars.

Now the second round. Tony was getting his body hurting. He is more new then Viktor and Viktor was bigger and taller. Viktor sent him a couple good punches and hurt his nose. He was bleeding pretty bad and had a bunch of bruises. Now second round is over Viktor has to knock him out now.

The third bell rang and the fight started. Viktor ran over to Tony and started punching harder. Then after not blocking Viktor finally knocked him down and the red counted to ten.

Alexander smiled and was happy. The guy eventually got up and looked at Viktor and it seemed like he was mad. What could they do to the Russians anyway they don't have power.

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