AMMU-Nation - The Bronx - GUN SHOP


Have more than 20$ in your wallet and you're NOT a criminal? Don't go to the Bronx. Unlike Brooklyn or Queens, whom, despite their criminal elements, have great neighborhoods, the Bronx is just not that. Considered the worst burrough to raise a family, the Bronx is a criminal's dream. Doesn't matter whether you are Italian, Dominican, Black, or Chinese, the Bronx will have you. Once home to notorious criminals like Daniel Lynch and vigilantes like the Commander of Cobras, the Bronx will take in anyone. Just be careful....
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AMMU-Nation - The Bronx - GUN SHOP

Post by Tuxedo Mask » October 26th, 2017, 7:37 pm


Owned By: Staff
Protected By: The Trump Campaign


Even in a pansy ass liberal city, the God fearing American still needs to protect himself and where else, but AMMU-NATION can the decent American supply him or herself with prime weaponry with the purpose of 'self defense'? Given space in the city as a response to New York's drastic rise in gun violence crimes(not surprised, given their ridiculously HUUUUUuuuuge mistake of limiting guns to the American people), AMMU-NATION seeks to protect the helpless civilian against the scum of the city and celebrate our country's greatest freedom: the freedom to kill shit and blow shit up. God Bless President Donald J Trump, Vice President Alexander Vogel, Our Troops, and The Troops (In That Order).

[ T H E S H O P ]


Protected by MILITARY grade bullet proof glass, AMMUNATION's customers, man woman and child, are secure behind our walls. Sure, the liberal scum protest sometimes, but they need protection just as much as the decent American so they're customers too! As long as you ain't no illegal, you're sure as hell welcome in our store! Good thing President Trump built that wall though, so we don't worry about it!

[ T H E R A C K ]


A healthy supply of LEGAL weapons intent on securing your home from the terrorists, illegals, muslims(unless you're a good one), Toyota Yarises, ostriches or squirrels, this can help bolster your defenses in any sense of the word! Take a look!


SMITH & WESSON .38 Snub Nose - $700
GLOCK 22 9MM - $1000

BENELLI 828U 12 GAUGE - $1500

RUGER AR-556 5.56MM - $2500
BARRETT 82A1 .50 - $9000

[ F I L I N G ]


Imagine if Trump had lost to that jezebel HILLARY CLINTON? Imagine if Trump's policies, when he leaves office, DIE by the hands of the DIRTY DEMOCRATS? A concerned citizen may need to take matters into his/her own hands to preserve liberty across this great nation. This is why, only to special members, we offer a special 'filing' service that removes the serial number on your recently purchased AMMUNATION verified weapon in order to keep the tyrants from tracking your every move. Of course, we perform a mental background check (not really), to make sure you're not crazy or anything, but after that, we're as good as my mama's pie (both literally and figuratively ;) )

[ T H E ST A F F ]


Have a question about what weapon will help keep the illegals/undesirables from entering your home and slitting your children's necks in their sleep? Our FRIENDLY and HELPFUL staff is here to help you! Every store is outfitted with a top notch management team, a team of qualified American sales ladies, and a private military security force provided to you by GRAVES SECURITIES, a friend of President Trump, Vice President Vogel, and the Church. Enjoy yourself! This here's America!

NPCs Working Here:

~[x10] NPC Professionals armed with M-16s..
~[x1] Andria O'sullivan - Manager
~[x4] Assistant Managers to Help..
~[x1] Leslie Cole - Sales Manager/Beefcake.
~[x5] Sexy Sales Girls With a Love for Guns.

[ N O T I C A B L E M E M B E R S ]

Image Image

*Pictured: Andria and Leslie

PM me if you feel I have failed you.

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