Outcome of drug sale

If you wish to file an appeal on a judgment please do so here. This is not for complaints, but actual appeals. Please include a link to the judgment and explanation as to why it should be reviewed.
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Outcome of drug sale

Post by Gaetan Zampa » November 6th, 2017, 12:37 pm

First off, I want to say thanks to Tuxedo for taking the time to read and grade my piece so quickly. I understand the the drug rules with price of a kilo and my only issue with the judgement is with cutting the price in half for each kilo because the drugs were cut. It’s not like I had a discussion with everyone I fronted drugs to, to let them know I was cutting the product. In their mind they wouldn’t know (since no one sells 100% pure) cocaine to anyone. Everyone would be oding left and right. Also I don’t feel like I should be expecting less especially since I am fronting it to them.


Rp in question.

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Re: Outcome of drug sale

Post by Creepio » November 6th, 2017, 6:27 pm

Learn to Read
Wholesale: Pretty self explanatory.Your selling the whole of a type of drug without bagging it, cutting it, or separating it in any way. All set prices in this thread are wholesale. However, this does not mean that you must buy/sell in bulk. What it means is that if you buy/sell a kilogram, or pound of any drug then you must go by the prices given in this thread. For example, if you rob a trap house in New York and find a pound of weed, then decide to sell the whole bag to an NPC buyer, the price will be $3,000. Likewise, if you hook up with an NPC dealer and buy one pound of weed in New York, it will cost you $3,000. Think about it. There is a huge amount of money to be made selling wholesale or trafficking if you have a huge supply.

Purity: These prices represent 100% pure quality product. Got your hands on some stepped on, cut up 50% pure Cocaine? Half the price you see here and so on

It doesn't matter what discussion you had with the NPCs. You are doing wholesale, you follow the wholesale rules. It literally says "YOU MUST" go by the prices given in this thread if you are doing wholesale.

If you want to step on drugs and make greater profit, sell retail.
Retail: Retail basically means selling your drugs piece by piece. Half, quarter, ounces, eighths, grams, etc... For this you make up your price! That's right, you may set your retail prices yourself, but beware, this must be done with taste and common sense. For example, you will not sell a gram of Cocaine for $1000. Likewise you will not sell a half a kilo of Heroin for $50. Unless your stupid. Lets take Cocaine in New York for example. You buy a kilo for $25,000 in a piece. In another piece you bag it up, establish a stash spot, hire NPC dealers, etc. You move the load piece by piece throughout a couple of 'smaller' RPs. You move ten gram here, twenty there, a hundred somewhere else and you charge lets say $100/gram. Once your finished, you will be sitting on $100,000. Think about it. There is a huge amount of money to be made selling retail if your supply is low.
Given you acquired that cocaine over a year ago, for free, from Mexicans, on the stipulation that you would sell it within a month you're honestly luck your sale wasn't countered by the staff. Tuxedo Mask is clearly a more forgiving god than I.

There is no inherent benefit to cutting drugs you are selling wholesale because you're not supposed to do it. The reference to prices for cut cocaine wholesale are solely there in case you do a job and get some stepped on cocaine as a reward.

Your appeal is categorically denied.

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