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Post by James Darcy » October 23rd, 2017, 10:46 pm


The Crown was the favorite pub of the Darcy Brothers. It was close to home and their Aunt's shop it so it makes it pretty easy to slip away for a drink mid-day. The best feature of the pub was that besides the bar, all the booths were completely private. It was perfect for the Thievers to come after a job and split up their haul or before to set it all up. Today was no different, while the few usuals hung out and at the bar, the Darcy's conducted a meeting in their favorite booth.

"So the blacksmith is going to be here soon with everything we need. The target today, the Lorrys, are staying in some godforsaken hole in the wall a few blocks north of here." Arthur took a dramatically long drink from his pint, letting it spill out the sides of his mouth onto his already stained and wrinkled dress shirt. He looked at his brothers, brown eyes piercing each one of them. "Once we get that, we take a stroll over with the tools and fix 'em all up nice." Arthur wrinkled his nose, subsequently wrinkling his big mustache, and poured himself another glass from the pitcher of Guinness on the table. "Pricks have been runnin' our name through the mud. It's about time we took care of those lowlives." He slid his hand through his greasy black hair while all the brothers let a moment pass to take in the plan.

The youngest Darcy slipped off his large square sunglasses and looked up at his family. "You know Nate Lorry's been around tellin' everyone he's gonna stab Jim." Brian always had a sweet look in his eyes and James could tell his little brother was genuinely concerned. "Whole family is full of maniacs. Back in grade school, his sister tried to stab me for taking her juice box." He rubbed his arm as if he was nursing an invisible wound. "Probably ain't the only one who'll be glad when they're out of Chicago."

Rab Darcy leaned back in hair, patting his bald head and sighing. "Gonna be a messy fight, that's for sure. Doubt the Lorry's are just gonna up and run when they see us coming." He searched his jean pocket for his cigarettes. " 'And if you think us four are gonna be a huge problem for those psychos your dead wrong. Shame the cousins couldn't make it." Instead of beer, Rabbie drank coffee and the black bags underneath his eyes largely to do with it.

"Yeah well, that's the Marks from Southend are gonna send a band to meet us along the way. Auntie Rosa talked to them last night. It's the Dead Crows, five men with hatchets ready to take on the Lorrys." James didn't take off his eye off the door. he wasn't worried about the Lorry family, all he cared about was the Blacksmith getting there on time.

The feud with the Lorry family and Thievin' Tinkers had gone back a whole two generations to James' grandfather, even before the Darcy family had a war band. Both were Irish Travellers at the time, each just trying to settle out in Chicago. At first relations were good between the two. Since they came from similar backgrounds Arthur Senior would often meet with the head of the Lorry family, Liam, to play cards and drink. It was on a particularly hot streak of hands that Liam ended up owing Darcy's a thousand dollars. At the time he was drunk and began swearing at Arthur Senior up and down saying he was cheat and liar. Words escalated to blows and at the end of it Liam's wife, Mary, screamed out a curse on the Darcy family. Ever since then the two had been locked in a bloody feud. The Marks were a very large and well known Traveller family spanning across the country, their help would be a real boon.

The brothers waited another ten minutes till a large portly man with a welder apron came marching through the doors toward him. Buggy wide eyes and a chubby face covered in facial hair could only belong to one man, Joseph Taylor, the Blacksmith. He was a lifelong friend of the boys and asset to their team. He was a welder by trade with a real healthy fascination in weapons. Usually, he made the boys whatever he could with scrap around his shop, pipes with sharp edges, sometimes knives, that kind of thing. But James had put away a special request a few months ago and spent all the cash he saved up just for it. The Blacksmith waved his big meaty arm in greeting using his fist that clutched a big toolbox.

"How's it going boys?" Joseph laid his toolbox down on the table in front of the Darcy brothers. "Heard there's a bunch of Lorrys who need some tuning up."

James smiled, reaching over and shaking his old friend's hand. "Good to see you, Joey. Brought everything I ordered?"

"Course I did. Was up late last night puttin' on the finishin' touches. Real beauty pieces, I'm almost sad to see 'em go." The Blacksmith patted his belly and looked to the door. "Well, I best be off now. I've been tryna teach the son a few things. You should come by sometime and see him work, he's a natural."

Arthur reached into his shirt pocket and plucked out a fifty dollar bill. "We sure will Jo. Give our best to the little scrapper and the wife." He slid the cash across the table and nodded for the Blacksmith to take it.

The four Darcys said their goodbyes and waited for their old friend to leave before finishing off their drinks. "Well, Thievin Tinkers, it's time to move out." declared James, almost like as if he was an army sergeant speaking to his platoon. Standing up with his brothers, he grabbed the toolbox off the table and they made their way out of the Beggar.


A few minutes later they were in Arthur's Toyota Camry headed up toward the Lorrys. Brian sat up in the passenger seat while Jimmy and Rab looked through the gifts from the Blacksmith in the back.

"What's this? Heavy as all hell." Rabbie pulled out a parcel from the toolbox that took up most of the up space inside. "Your special order I'm guessin' Jim bob?"

James snatched the package and hastily started ripping through the brown paper. "Oh boys, look at this." His older brother almost crashed the car when James lifted up two big, shiny, nine-inch barrel .44 Magnums. "Joey said he grabbed them from some real IRA guys by the docks. Remember in school when the kids teased us and we'd tell them Auntie was gonna put a gypsy hex on 'em? Look what I had the Blacksmith inscribe on the barrels." Jimmy tilted his guns, showing the word 'Hex' in big letters etched in cursive along the side.

"Oh wow, James. Those are really nice." Rabbie's jaw had dropped the minute he laid eyes on the two guns. "No one's gonna be messin' around when you pull one of those out."

"Waste of money!" Yelled the eldest Darcy, scolding from the driver's seat. "Very flashy but when the hell are you gonna use that? We rob parked cars,"

"Break into houses with no one in them," added Brian, still a very tired look on his face.

"And when we do fight, we don't use guns. You know that Jim." Although all the brothers supposedly ran the Thievin' Tinkers Arthur often liked to tell everyone what to do. "I don't want to see those damn things once we get there, they start more shit then they finish." He adjusted the rearview mirror so the Darcys in the back could see his eyes. "Now what real tools do we got?"

James was busy fitting on the double shoulder holster that came with his guns so that left Rabbie finish looking through the toolbox. "Looks like we got a pipe, three knives and," He raised a pair a brass knuckles with sharp studs on each ring. "an absolutely deadly pair of dusters."

Brain turned around in the seat and reached into the toolbox for himself. "I'll take the pipe." He said, lifting it out and returning to his position.

"Dusters are mine." Without taking his eyes off the wheel Arthur held one of his handouts behind his seat and took the brass knuckles from his brother. "Thank you."

"That leaves us with the knives." Rab pulled two makeshift knives, about 6 inches long each, out of the toolbox then laid it down at his feet. He stuffed one in between in his belt and inspected the other. "Joey always does fine work on these. Wouldn't be able to tell he made this if it wasn't for the duct-tape handles."

James grabbed the knife Rabbie's hand and stuffed it in his blazer breast pocket. "Turn down here Arthur. Crows should be waitin' for us in one of these alleys."

In a few minutes, they were pulling in a dark dusty alley where the Dead Crow's truck was waiting for them. One man sat on the hood when they arrived, he was dressed in muddy brown slacks and a stained pin-stripe shirt. He jumped off the truck and made the way over the Darcy's driver's window.

"Madam Taritine sends her regards to your aunt." The man spoke in Irish cant, an old cryptic language used by the Travellers. "I'm Sean Marks, leader of the Dead Crows. We're a small band but we're all damn ferocious."

"You have the Thievin' Tinkers thanks." All the Darcys could speak cant but James was most fluent. "Have you managed to check out the motel?"

"Watched about five of the inbreds get in a car and leave. Pretty sure it's just the old man, the women, and his two sons." Sean pointed beyond his truck. "Me and my boys will watch out in case they come back. The madam gave me something for you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a copper bullet. "You're to put this in Liam's head."

Arthur stared up at Sean. "You gotta be fuckin' joking. We asked you for help with a fight not to take a contract for a killing."

"Non-negotiable." Sean flicked the bullet onto Arthurs lap. "Madam wants to unite the Travelling families under a clan just like they have in Texas and the Lorrys won't see peace in Liam's lifetime." He tapped the top of the Camry and took a step back toward his truck. "Besides she wrote his name on it last night."

The boys watched in silence as Sean got back into his truck, a horrible anxiety filling the air. "So we gotta kill the old man?" Rabbie gulped, he wasn't ready for something like that.

James leaned forward and picked up the bullet off Arthurs lap. "You three just handle his sons. I'll deal with Liam." He reached for one of his brand new guns, popping the chamber in and replacing the first bullet.

Brian seemed a lot more alert now with everything was going on. "We could just say no, Jimmy. Thievin' Tinkers don't do shootings."

"This was a long time coming now. We've been fighting the Lorrys for decades and it has to come to end." James pushed his revolver back into its holster. "Our grandfather woulda wanted to be the one who did it but since he ain't here I'll do it." He looked up and saw the Dead Crow's trucks taking off. "Time to go."


It was a short ride over to the motel where the Lorry family was staying and boys had yet to get their minds wrapped around the task ahead. The Crow's truck pulled up seconds earlier and Sean, along with four of his men, hopped out with hatchets in their hands. The Camry passed by them and pulled straight up in front the room of Liam, head of the family. The Darcy boys exited their vehicle in a quiet unison, each of the brothers except James readying their melee weapons.

Arthur, with spiked knuckles around his fists, starting rushing toward the door and jumped kicked, sending his foot straight through motel's door. He took a second to look around. It was an extremely small room, from Arthur's vantage point he could see basically everything. There was a closed door to his side and in front of a small black and white TV where an old man hooked up to an oxygen tank watched from the bed. "Thievin Tinkers here!" He pointed smugly to the geezer. "Well if it ain't Mr. Lorry hi-"

The door he was beside crashed over him and a bullheaded man wearing nothing but jean shorts on the side shouted as he pounded down on it. "You Darcys are gonna die for coming here!"

Brian rushed over with his pipe to save his brother, bashing the man over his back before dropping his weapon to try and wrestle him off Arthur. "Little help boys!" he screamed from the top of the Lorry's back.

Rabbie looked over to James with panic on his face and gripped his knife tight with a sweaty palm. "Comin'!" He shouted, running over and jabbing the monster on top of his brother. Blood squirted out all over the four of them, drenching all their clothes while James just watched on a few feet away.

It all happened in a second and before they knew it the bullheaded Lorry had gone limp and fallen to the side. Brian helped up his brother from underneath the door and Jimmy made his move past them to the main room. There he came face to face with Liam Lorry, the man who's life he'd been ordered to take. There was stories as a kid about him that kid grandpa used to tell. How the look in his eyes was of a corrupt cheater and how his mouth was cursed by the devil to only tell lies. Now all James saw was a frail old man who could hardly even breath on his own let alone do any harm.

As James reached for his revolvers Liam reached for his breathing mask. "Little Jimmy Darcy, come to do me in huh?" James nodded and aimed his gun. "Yeah, its too bad your grandpa couldn't make it here." A devilish smile spread on the old mans face. "At least his kin should be here any minute now. His daughter, your aunt Rosa. Think the boys might have grabbed your sister too."

The Darcy brothers all gave each other confused looks. "What're you talkin' about?" Just as the words left Jim's mouth he heard a car pull up, followed by the scream and shouting of his aunt. "You bastard!" He screamed as he pulled the trigger letting the .44 bullet explode through the back of Liam Lorry's head. The kick-back on the massive revolver sent Jim's arm straight into the air and forced him to take a step back. A horrible feeling filled his stomach and the seconds of him pulling the trigger kept playing out in his head. He looked to his brothers, almost ready to cry, and remembered what was going on. "Outside, hurry!"

The four brothers rushed out of the tiny motel room to the parking lot where complete chaos had broken out. The Dead Crow's and Lorry's faced off in two lines, deep in negotiation. The Darcy boys joined the Crow side to see the ladies were being held by two of the two dumber looking Lorry men just behind the crowd. Aunt Rosa was still in her fortune telling outfit, big blocky jewelry matched with a billowy dress. Elizabeth, the boy's sister, seemed like she just got back from a night out wearing a short sparkly silver dress and black heels.

"Just give us the girls. Your old man is dead and your all next if you don't smarten up." Sean pointed with his shiny one-piece hatchet as he spoke. "The madam sent us here to make sure you get the fuckin' message. If you want to stay on her good side kidnappin' women ain't the way to be doin' it."

"Fuck her and fuck the Marks family!" The Lorry who was in charge of their side of the negotiation was a man by the name of Nathan, Liam's only surviving son. A squinty-eyed meathead that worked construction downtown. Nate was known to be a real passionate fellow, especially when it came to family. "If that," Tears started forming in his eyes. "If that sound was a Darcy putting a bullet in my father, well." He snapped his fingers and Aunt Rosa was brought forward. Nate grabbed her by the shoulder, pulling a blade out his pocket and putting it to her neck.

Jimmy took a step and raised his gun to Nate. "Careful, plan out what your next move is. I have no problem killing two of you tonight." He felt sick to his stomach but he would do what had to be done.

Nathan stared at Jimmy's face trying to read him. A few seconds passed and he eased up his grip on Rosa, chuckling. "More bloodshed won't get us anywhere, right?" James nodded, the gun shaking in his head. "Well, you shoulda thought about that before you killed my fucking dad!" Nate pulled the blade back and then jammed into Rosa's neck, a shocked look the last thing she gave her family.

The Dead Crows and Darcy's didn't wait for another second to pass, they all lunged forward with their various weapons. The Lorry's didn't take it sitting down and a bloodbath ensued. Men were hatcheted down to chunks, skulls were smashed open and ears were ripped off but at the end of it all, the Crows and Darcy's were the decisive winners.

Covered head to toe in his enemies blood Arthur screamed out, "Where's Lizzy!? Cops will be on their way any minute!"

"Over here!" Lizzy seemed to manage to break free from the fight and scurried underneath the family car. She spoke as she came out to join her brothers. "We can't head home. Any straggling Lorrys will come back to our house and hit us hard." Liz looked like a sweet innocent girl but growing up in a Traveller family she knew more than it seemed.

"Right sis." James patted her on the back in a hurried condolence then turned to Sean. "Do the Marks have room for us?"

"Of course, o' course. Madam would be more than happy to see you." Sean huffed as he talked, tired from all the fighting. "We got a decent amount of caravans over there now, all real plush. Think we got one of them open. And with all the Marks there it'll be safer than a vault for yous. Just follow us there, yeah?"

With that, the Darcy family loaded up into their Camry and took off for the south side of Chicago and the Marks compound. They all had a lot to digest with the death of their Aunt but James was battling with what he had to do to Liam.


Instead of an apartment I'd like a Caravan in the south side (maybe not that exact img but around that size). I would also like to code in the actual campsite it's at too since I'll be doing RPs there.

2 Taurus Raging Bull .44 mags with 'Hex' inscribed on the side.
2 Homemade knives.
1 Iron pipe.
1 pair of spiked knuckles.

NPC Arthur Darcy, Oldest half-brother. {Level 2 muscle to be upgraded}
NPC Brain Darcy, the youngest half-brother. {Level 2 muscle to be upgraded}
NPC Rabbie Darcy, the second oldest half-brother. {Level 2 muscle to be upgraded}
NPC Elizabeth Darcy, half-sister. {Level 1 muscle to be upgraded}
CONTACT Sean Marks, leader of the Dead Crows and blood-member of the Marks family.
CONTACT Joseph Taylor, welder and friend of the Darcys

5000 as apart of the starter package
Toyota Camry as part of starter package

thanks for reading this thing. It was alot longer than my usual posts so I tried to break it up a bit.
The Darcys
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Post by Creepio » October 26th, 2017, 3:40 pm

2 Taurus Raging Bull .44 mags with 'Hex' inscribed on the side. [Sure]
2 Homemade knives. [Sure]
1 Iron pipe. [Sure]
1 pair of spiked knuckles. [Sure]

NPC Arthur Darcy, Oldest half-brother. {Level 2 muscle to be upgraded} [Sure]
NPC Brain Darcy, the youngest half-brother. {Level 2 muscle to be upgraded} [Sure, you have Brian 'The Brain' Darcy]
NPC Rabbie Darcy, the second oldest half-brother. {Level 2 muscle to be upgraded} [Sure]
NPC Elizabeth Darcy, half-sister. {Level 1 muscle to be upgraded} [Sure]
CONTACT Sean Marks, leader of the Dead Crows and blood-member of the Marks family. [Sure]
CONTACT Joseph Taylor, welder and friend of the Darcys [Sure]

5000 as apart of the starter package [Sure]
Toyota Camry as part of starter package [Sure]

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