Washington House Estate


Chi-raq, the moniker given to the part of Chicago that borders the working class suburbs and the home of Al Capone, Cicero: The South Side. Covering 60% of the city, the South Side is without a doubt Chicago's largest community. Home to Chinatown, the Museum of Science and Industry, and both US Cellular and Soldier Field, the south side does have it's perks. Tread lightly. The south side has an ugly history of gang and gun violence that claims more and more lives every day.
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Washington House Estate

Post by Elijah Stanfield » September 23rd, 2017, 7:00 am

Washington House Estate

A low-income housing projects located on the South Side of Chicago, consisting of four large highrise apartment buildings. The estate is no stranger to criminal activity and has been a hot-spot for drug dealing for decades. The drug operation in each tower is overseen by a lieutenant who runs his own crew out of the building. After the murder of previous Washington House kingpin, Deacon Wilson, the estate is thought to be under new control, however, law enforcement has yet to gather significant intel on who this new group of criminals may be.


Tower Crew #1:
Preston Royce
Andre Jones

Tower Crew #2:
Namond Bratton

Tower Crew #3:
Savino Lee

Tower Crew #4:
Justin Brice

Items Stored Here:

- 1000 vials, each vial containing 0.25g, of crack cocaine per tower, kept in apartments used as stash houses, the location of which is changed daily.

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