Frankie's Mission

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Frankie's Mission

Post by FriscosMom » April 19th, 2017, 12:01 am

Hi All,

This is Frisco's mom. I happen to be searching on the internet and I came across this site again. I was so happy and touched to see that only two years ago you were all still reminiscing about my son.
This year will be ten years that he has left us. Yes, ten years. I know that seems pretty impossible, but time has a way of racing past us.

As many of you know we have done a great deal in Frankie's name. His memorial organization was actually something he wanted to set up as soon as he got well. Now we do all the important work he envisioned in his name and memory. I could still see him sitting in that hospital bed with a look of determination on his face when he spoke about setting up his foundation. Specifically, it was important to him to see the children smile. He told me this whole scenario of children being sick and missing out on the best days of their lives was just pure BS. He had a lot of anger about it. You can look up Frankie's foundation at We are a driving force and advocates for childhood cancer. The federal government only allots 4% of the annual budget for cancer research toward pediatrics. We are trying to change that scenario. You can see a lot of our work with other organizations by going to hashtag #morethan4
We also give a great deal of assistance to individual families who have a child with cancer and we do this all across the nation. We help them with their expenses and financial burden while they endure this terrible journey of their child's illness.

That said, I would love to hear from you all again. My email is

I will tell you that some of the best times for Frankie was being on this site. He truly enjoyed it. I thank you for sharing your moments with him and for being his friend.
I wish you all happiness, health and beautiful days. Please remember to say a little prayer and think of my son. I promise he will hear you and he might even give you a sign!
God bless you all,

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Re: Frankie's Mission

Post by Jackuul » April 20th, 2017, 7:49 pm

I went ahead and made this a sticky so everyone will be able to find it. I did not realize it had been an entire decade already. All of us oldies remember Frisco well.

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