MafiaRP Rules 2.0

You must read the rules to participate in the game. By creating a character, you are agreeing to obey all rules listed herein.
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MafiaRP Rules 2.0

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2017 MAY 15



“I don't know if anyone's ever clarified this before. So let me try. I have owned this site for a cumulative of around 11 years now, and the whole point of it has been to have fun. Now, that may look simplistic and stupid really, but it is the point of any entertainment. On MafiaRP (formerly MafiaRPG until Schmeisser didn't renew our main domain name or transfer it to me - that haggis eating douchewobble - I did bid on the domain but lost out) you get to write stories that are interactive. Other people can actually weave their creative threads through yours, whether it is to enhance your overall story-lines or to make you get #rekt. In either case, the fun is in the writing, the basic form of human expression after all is our ability to use language. We use written language to convey thoughts and ideas, and on MafiaRP you get to convey them as best as you possibly can, and after a while you will improve. It actually helps you develop skills that can further your creative ambitions later in life. I have not seen a single person not improve in some way by seriously playing the "game". This is a game, a very loose one. It's like DnD or Pathfinders without the dice - instead you are the die. You get to be the roll, and depending on how well thought out or logical you are with your posts, you can quite literally do anything. Sure, building a rocket to the moon and flying around it Kerbal style then making a successful splashdown is pretty insane - but I bet there's someone there willing to put in the ridiculous amount of effort to write and with help orchestrate some amazing fantastic bullshit to have it done.

It just has to make sense. How does it even relate to a crime wrpg? Hell if I know, but I bet someone could find a way. I'd like to see the creative aspect of the site open up a bit within the confines of the game. Imagine, on the moon we have Jason Strong, all American hero, Hunk Beefpeck, all around Canadian scientist, and then Vito Vitriolli - gangster, gambler, and capo. He's hiding his money on the moon. God knows why. But hey, if the player writes the corresponding novel of posts - why not? It is a finer game when you have more people playing along; that's what it is all about. Forgetting your woes, your troubles, and your real life to go into a different "universe" where you can be anything, and do nearly anything you dare not. Where you can write to write a great story, or write to have fun with it. It takes all kinds to make this place what it should be, so I hope to see the insanity continue on for a bit longer. Write on.”

- Jakuul, Emperor Of Mafiakind.




You, as the Player, agree to the following conditions and have agreed to all that is stated in this document the moment you make an account.
You, the Player, are responsible for your own actions on this site and you will be held accountable for these actions, whatever these actions may be on your account(s). It is up to you to make sure your own account is safe as well.

By playing MafiaRP you acknowledge the following statements:

MafiaRP and its Staff and its Owner are not responsible for any emotional or mental damage you may suffer by playing this game. You chose to play it and as such you are accountable.

MafiaRP; its Staff and its Owner are not liable for any slander posted, be it by members of Staff or Players. You chose to play the game and if someone slanders you in game it is not the game's fault or the Owner's fault.

You agree to the above and to all following rules and statements and to follow what the Staff members ask of you:

I agree not to abuse the site, cheat, or otherwise harm MafiaRP in any way and hold myself responsible for my own actions.

I acknowledge that this game is meant for mature audiences, as it contains independent writings of its Players and may contain violence and or other objectionable material.

I am hereby bound by the rules and upon joining this game; I have willfully agreed to the following rules set forth by the document from which this statement is read; also all other official rule documents.

I acknowledge that this game is a free game and can be denied to me for any reason without due cause and or due process by the games Owner.

I am also hereby bound by all rulings by Administrators after I have exhausted all means for appeal or have been noted it is a final ruling.
You hereby acknowledge all of the above and below and that these rules can change at any time given or be superseded by a Head Administrator upon their discretion.

You also acknowledge that this game is made for people over the age of 18, and by playing you hold MafiaRP not accountable for whatever it is that could happen. If you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent’s consent to play, otherwise you acknowledge that we hold no responsibility over you. If you are over 18, we still hold no responsibility over you - anything posted on this site is purely from other Players, and MafiaRP is not responsible for what they say.

Additionally if you wrote it, you own it - that means if anyone else uses your written word on another site it is your responsibility to stop them - not MafiaRP's. However by proving it is your work being used on MafiaRP by someone that is not you, it will be removed.

Furthermore you agree to the Player's Agreement and hold nothing against the Staff or Players of MafiaRP, and hereby do not hold liable any person who uses the website




What follows are the general forum rules and guidelines, pertaining to IG (In-Game) and OOG (Out Of Game) posting and policy. Following these rules is necessary and required.


On this site there are unacceptable behavior rules, meaning if you do these things you will be punished for it since you are in violation. They are as follows:
  • Flaming: When you insult someone or attack with ad hominem reasoning, or no reasons at all within an IG thread with OOG posts. Person A states argument X. Person B personally attacks Person A.
  • Trolling: The act or actions to get someone to start flaming, basically putting out flame bait and attempting to start fights between Players in an unsanctioned forum or way. This includes posting in IG topics which do not involve you in a strictly OOG fashion .
  • Baiting: The actual act of baiting, from putting out small snide comments to major offenses and direct insults to call someone out, or even making something up to get one person to attack another with OOG in the IG areas.
  • Cheating: Anything deemed as cheating (multiple accounts over the limit*, exploiting the game, abusing a staff account, anything deemed as just outright wrong) is punishable. Head Administrators always have the final say however, so if you are accused of cheating, and appeal, you might have a slim chance if it was in error. *No account limit as of now.
  • Bigotry: Racism, Sexism, and prejudice of any shape, way, or form in an OOG context is prohibited.
  • Sexual Content: Any and all sexual content is not allowed.
  • Abusing The Game: Basically cheating or abusing a flaw in the game in any way or capacity.
  • Disrespecting Players: Insulting members and/or making stuff up about them and causing problem for the Staff.
  • Disrespecting Staff: Being disrespectful or insulting Staff members in any forum.
  • Disrespecting New Players: This is an explicitly forbidden act, and will result in immediate termination. Just don't do it.


It is important that the language rules be maintained so that the Staff can properly evaluate and Judge material, and to keep the site at least PG-13 in content. If we cannot understand it, or it violates basic decency and therefore the site's ability to earn any form of income generated from advertisements, it is forbidden.
Use English, unless it is IG, and speech. Prepare to provide any and all translations via PM if so requested.
Do not use netspeak or leet speak; since here it is n00b speak.
Avoid excessive use of cussing OOG.
Avoid overtly sexual messages or insulting remarks to other members in OOG.
Avoid discussion advocating the use of mind-altering substances in OOG.


Warnings are a visible punishment for breaking the rules, disrespect of Staff members, cheating, or otherwise bad behavior. They are issued one at a time, unless it is a major offense, and are assigned a time period. You get two warnings; the third one is usually a ban.
You will get a warning and the reason will be listed or available when you ask.
You may appeal a warning in the Appeals Forum.
If your appeal is denied you will stop complaining, or receive another warning. Persistence is Futile.
Getting a warning removed means you have had it for over the period assigned (90 days on average).


You will be banned for major offenses and an accumulation of minor offenses. A ban is where you are basically blocked out of the site on your character, most bans are timed bans, but permanent ones are also possible.
Bans are issued for an accumulation of warnings, or behaviors that warrant immediate banning.
Being un-banned means you will wait until the time limit expires, you are at the mercy of the Administrators. Begging will result in a permanent ban, however you may file an appeal to the ban decision.
First bans for minor offenses will vary in length, usually 7 days
Timed bans have an average length of 30 days.
Permanent bans are usually never lifted.
Character Bans are an extreme warning. You may continue to play your other characters if you avoid disruptions.


To contact a Staff member you need to first ask yourself if it is that important and if it is please use the PM system. Do not PM staff members about trivial issues regarding their duty, do not PM Staff members and demand that they Grade. This is both draining and uncalled for as there are a number of forum sections to address minor concerns and the PM system is the best way to get the Staff attention. You may PM a Staff member in the case of an emergency. Abusing Staff contact information will result in a ban.




This section is dedicated to explaining the rules and guidelines that encompass IG (In-Game) activity. Here you can also find thorough explanations of the various game play mechanics that make up the MafiaRP gaming system.


24 hours is the time limit for all things. If there is a time attached to an action, it is 24 hours or intervals thereof.
  • Reasoning: The first thing Staff look at when Judging a Piece is Reasoning. When you write a Piece make sure that you have a clear, concise reason for doing whatever it is you are doing. Does your character have a reason to be at the particular place your RPing? Does he have a motive to commit the crime? Does your character have the know how? Based on your Piece what are the reasonable requests that you should ask for? Think about the plausibility of your actions and always be ready to explain your reasoning for any given action you commit. For example: If your writing up a Hit on another Player, make sure that the reason is there, don't just up and attack a random Player. If you do a Tag with a Player and then later decide to whack them, that's totally fine. You have established an IG connection with the guy, and it is completely reasonable that you would have a change of heart and try kill him in your next Piece.
  • Realism: The game operates on psuedo-realism, that is to say, we are about as realistic as a game like Grand Theft Auto V, or crime movies. The basic laws of physics apply, you cannot pretend you are in the Matrix, but you can get away with quite a lot more than you would in real-life. Silencers work like they do in movies, bank heists are still entirely probable, etc. Obviously, some things will be more difficult than others, and unless you do a 'really' good Piece you wont get anything like a tank or an attack helicopter. Likewise, cars do not simply explode like bombs from being shot. Remember, GTA style jobs are fine, but don't cross that wacky line and make something you'd see in Saints Row.
  • Quality Of Writing: MafiaRP is a writing site, and a writing game. This is the perfect place for you to better your writing if its lacking. When you submit a Piece, a Staff member will Judge it based on Reasoning, Realism and the Quality Of Your Writing. Staff will be reasonably more lenient towards new members and those who are not as advanced at the craft or who's first language isn't English. They will often help you out and teach you how to properly do a Piece next time. I'm talking about writing sensible, clear and detailed Pieces. The more detail you put into your work and the better your writing is, the more you can generally get away with and gain. Requesting a main battle tank and a battalion of NPCs? Perfectly possible, IF your writing is up to par. Requesting a million dollars in a Piece that has three paragraphs and lacks proper punctuation and detail? Not going to happen bud.
  • Requests: You must role-play for things you earn in the game. At the end of your Piece, list all the things you are requesting. If your piece was written well enough, the Grading Staff member should approve them with no problem. At this point, you may update your Biography Post and link the items, drugs, money, or whatever that you acquired. You want it? Go out and get it. Hire a real estate agent, make connections in the underworld, break into a trap house and steal the drugs and money. We're not here to hold your hand, we are here to give you something unique, and fun – not act as baby sitters. This gives you the opportunity to build you own empire and forge your own legacy.
  • PVP: In instances of Player vs. Player interaction things get interesting. At its heart, this game is a PVP game and as stated above you receive [24] hours from the time a Hit is performed on you to defend against it. Any action against a Player grants the acted against person a defense. At this point it is up to the Staff whether or not the event continues. If the defense and attack are considered equal in terms of quality, the Staff may allow the attacker to Counter the defender. If the attack is wholly inadequate compared to the defense, no Counter is guaranteed. Likewise, this cycle will continue on until the Judging Staff member decides the line of Counters ceases.
    • Personal Risk: When you are performing a Hit or trying to kidnap another PC, to liven up the action and raise the stakes of conflict, personal risk is required. In either of these situations your character must be in personal risk. This does not mean that he or she has to be preforming the deed themselves, but rather in a position that puts them at risk, even if it's waiting in a car outside to see the results or driving by in a car to see the results. This rule was created to prevent the asshattery that happened in previous games where people would send armies of NPC's to do all of their bidding while hiding in mountain fortresses like a god damn James Bond villain.
    • Godmodding: You cannot god-mod other Players or their NPCs to a great extent. In Judgment the Staff will decide the outcome of any Event needing Judgment. However, this does not stop you from using their own inventory against them should you find a way.
    • Stealth-Edits: Stealth editing includes changing your inventory or any other parts of your biography in an attempt to bolster your defense/ offense after you have been called out on it. Doing so in cases of PC on PC action is especially tasteless and will result in a forfeit for the Stealth Editor.
    • Quoting Pieces: You can quote a Piece that is posted against you in order to prevent any edits, and to use it for a future Counter, however you may only quote it once. When attacking another Player you may also quote their last Piece, or a relevant snippet of it to better write your Hit off of their last action, location. This can be done once before posting your Hit, and every time you Counter a defense.
    • Quoting Biographies: It is highly recommended you do this if someone takes action against you, or if your attacking someone, right away. This prevents them from stealth-editing. If it isn't in the Biography, it doesn't exist IG.
  • Elite: If a Piece meets a near-perfection status, it might be up for being marked elite. This is a great honor, attained only by a few.

  • Introductory: Introductory Rps basically validate your character in the IG world. Without one you technically don't exist in the MafiaRP universe. It does not have to be something elaborate or insanely long. Your first Piece could be you going to a bar and grabbing a drink before heading home. Simple. Just post something to solidify your presence.
  • Tags: Tags are one of the best ways to have fun in this game. Tags are one big Piece, co-written by two or more Players. Ask around and see who is down to RP with you. They can be insanely fun. One person starts by posting their Piece in one of the IG forums, then tags the next person, who continues the sotryline from their characters point of view. What emerges is an unique and amazing blend of writing styles. At the end, all participants submit their requests, and the final, big Piece is graded.
  • Hits: Used when someone needs their wig split. A Hit is a hostile action against a player(s), a player's NPC(s), or a regular NPC(s). Hits are basically Tags, but the participating Players are writing against each other. When a Hit is posted, the defender has [24] hours to Counter with a defense. Staff then Judge the whole thing and either end the duel, or grand another round of Counters. Hits can be one of the most exciting parts of this game. They can also turn into a shit show. Make sure you pay attention to the details and don't throw a fit if you lose.
  • Collections: Once you establish a business and the Staff bless you with a weekly income, you are going to have to post a collection to actually collect that income. Collections are usually posted in the corresponding business' thread. These usually turn out to be the driest type of RPs, but don't let that discourage you and remember, the better the RP, the better the rewards!
  • Combinations: There are a lot of different RPs that you can write up and post, the above mentioned are just the most popular and widely used ones. Don't let the list fool you though, you can mix and match, and combine different RPs to your hearts content. For example. Its perfectly fine to do a Tag with some friends where you perform a Hit on another Player, and still pick up your drug money from your trap house beforehand.
  • Arrests: The bread and butter of being Law Enforcement (LEO) is arresting people. In order to arrest someone you must either (a) Launch an investigation of a crime scene or (b) manage to catch a suspect in the act. Investigations will have a [48] hour window before elements of the crime scene and the evidence will begin to deteriorate. Everyday after [48] Hours the less and less likely it will be for you to get credible evidence, and the more likely Staff Counters will be. On-the-scene arrests are more upfront and forward, Staff will be ordered to leave the topic of a job unlocked for at least [24] hours, at which time an LEO may place an arrest flag. After a flag has been planted the LEO has [24] hours to post their actual arrest. LEO's may intercept the crime where they see fit. This can result in a Staff Counter, like anything else can, but the suspect will then be given [24] hours to defend the arrest. A Staff member will either make a decision, or allow the LEO to respond once more.
    • Note: LEO's, be creative with your arrest flag. Claiming to be in the area at that specific time may only work once, or twice. Utilize things like the 911 service, "shot spotter", artistic license, etc. Also note, if an LEO posts an arrest flag he/she is expected to follow through. Abandoning your flag, or withdrawing will result in IG disciplinary action.
  • Trials: Trials are awesome. Really, they can be absolutely wonderful. Players who have been arrested have two options: A) plead guilty to the charges and accept a lesser punishment, or B) plead not guilty and prepare to beat the charges. If a prisoner chooses option A they may immediately begin serving their sentence. If a prisoner chooses option B, Godzilla has established a quick (and tested) way to streamline the process.
    • First, the LEO will have 24 hours to post a single RP stating their side of the trial, introducing/examining witnesses, evidence, etc in an attempt to prove the prisoner guilty. The prisoner will then have 24 hours to discredit the witnesses, evidence, or the LEO in general in their single RP. A Staff member will then read the arrest (unless they've already done so), both sides of the trial, and make a ruling.
    • If a prisoner chooses option B and wins the case, the LEO may suffer IG disciplinary action, and not only will the prisoner be freed, but will also earn an award. If a prisoner chooses option B and looses the case, he will suffer a stiffer punishment while the LEO reaps the rewards. In the event that the LEO or prisoner fails to do their part within the 24 hour window, the case will be dismissed and seen in favor of the latter.
  • Imprisonment: Depending on your crime you will be sentenced to prison for (x) amount of days. We realize this is unrealistic, but we also realize it wouldn't be fun if we actually sentenced peoples characters to years in prison. While in-prison you can continue to RP out-of-prison with any assets of yours that were not seized. Being imprisoned is not such a bad thing, you have to understand. An entire criminal world exists behind prison, especially at the Shawshank Federal Penitentiary. There are gangs to make connections with and even rackets to form inside prison. Life does not have to end at getting arrested. You could even befriend prison gangs or corrupt guards, allowing you to assassinate rivals who get arrested. Don't just go inactive during your incarceration. Take advantage!
    • Appeals :You will be allowed to make (3) Appeals, these Appeals can be used to attempt to get out of jail earlier based on good behavior or you may Appeal the result of your trial as soon as it is concluded. What the Appeal will do, depending on type of Appeal, is grant you another chance in court.
    • Trial Appeal: You may Appeal the results of your Trial, to do so you must first make a topic stating the grounds upon which you feel you deserve an Appeal. If it is deemed your Appeal is unreasonable, it will be denied and you will lose an Appeal. If you are granted an Appeal, you will start the court process all over again. If your Appeal is granted and the prosecution does not wish for a re-trial, then it will be assumed all charges against you have been dropped, unless the crimes are of a serious nature in which case a member of the Staff will assume the role of the prosecution.
    • Early Release Appeal: In this Appeal it will be just you and the judge, you will state your case as to why you feel you deserve to be released early, citing character witnesses and examples of good behavior behind bar in order to be let off the hook. Sometimes it will happen, but it is not a promised thing. Your Appeal may still be denied.
    • Sentencing: Should you commit a crime, you will be facing charges. Of course, the courts can combine charges (example: (1) count of arson, (3) counts of murder, (1) count of robbery) and create a lengthy sentence. Also, length of sentence varies depending on the variables. You'll get hit harder for possessing heroin instead of marijuana, or by shoplifting as opposed to armed robbery.
      • Murder: 7-14 days
      • Assault: 2-4 days
      • Theft/Robbery: 1-7 days
      • Possession of Illegal Firearm: 1-4 days
      • Possession of Narcotics: 1-7 days
      • Distribution of Narcotics: 1-7 days
      • Prostitution: 1-2 days
      • Gambling: 1-2 days
      • Kidnapping: 3-7 days
      • Extortion: 1-4 days
      • Arson: 1-4 days

  • Judgements & Grading
    • The Judgement System is the only way to get your Piece Judged and requests Graded.
    • When you have completed a Piece, you will make a post in the Judgment Center with a working link to your actual Piece.
    • Once a Piece has been submitted to the Judgement Center, it is considered “in play”.
    • Do not edit, or delete your Piece after submitting it for Judgement, this is called Stealth-editing.
    • Do not bump Judgement Center posts.
    • Staff grades from oldest to newest.
    • Staff have [24] hours to Grade Pieces posted in the Judgement Center, failing to do so counts against them.
    • Grades are absolute once rendered.
    • Staff may not overturn or reverse a rendered Grade.
    • Players may contest a Grade by posting an Appeal.
    • Every player receives 2 Appeals before their case is dismissed.
    • New players shall not be judged as harshly as older players.
    • Grading is the main job of every single member of Staff. Upon Grading, your post will be evaluated, your situation looked at, your IG actions dealt with, and you will get feedback in the form of critique and a Grade. If deemed necessary, the Grading Staff member will issue a Counter.
  • Counters

    The better the post, the less likely a Counter. All Staff Counters will have an "out" option, in which you are allowed to write a smaller Piece abandoning the job for a smaller reward. All successful responses to the Counter will unlock more potential rewards, such as things you had not even requested. In the end you determine what happens.
    • Player Counter: In the event that a Hit or an Arrest is performed on you you will get a chance to Counter. You will have [24] hours to write a Counter and post it, otherwise you are basically forfeiting a defense. Likewise if you are the one posting a Hit or Arrest, your target will be given the chance to respond with a Counter.
      Staff Counter: In the event of a Staff Counter, Staff will point out what flaws occurred in your piece and it will be up to you to defend against their exploitation. These Counters are rare, and are usually only enacted because your character has been careless. If you just murdered a bunch of people and have been cruising around the country in the same Bentley, you will be noticed. These types of Counters are mainly to keep players on their toes and encourage them to tie up loose ends.
    • Requested Counter: The bread and butter of the MafiaRP Judgment System, this Counter can be requested at the end of any of your Pieces. This means that instead of just reading and commenting on your Piece, the Staff will provide with what I call a living narrative for you. For instance, you can make a single Piece up to a point where you speak to an NPC and submit that with a request for a Counter, at that time the staff will take over the NPC and interact with you. This is just one facet of the possibilities. Usually requesting a Counter is done by Players who desire a challenge, or by Players who simply want to do something but haven't quite got an entire idea formulated.
  • Events

    Events are an instrumental tool that the Staff will use at times to let the player know that what they do IG, actually matters and changes the MafiaRP universe in some way. An Event is not a Counter; but Events can eventually lead to a Counter. For example, your a Blood thug and decide to shoot up a bunch of Crips in a Piece. Staff gives you a Grade and an Event. According to the Event, the Crips have stepped up security in response to your Piece. Should you attack again in a future Piece, you'll have a harder time since they “stepped up security” and if your lazy about it, you might even get a Counter.
    But remember, much like a Counter, participation in an Event will usually lead to reward!
    • Special Events: These will be less frequent, and will only be enacted if enough of the Player base signs up for them. These Events will range from anything to open warfare in the streets between syndicates to a hurricane hitting the East Coast. If not enough Players sign up for the Event, it simply will not happen. We will not force the Players to do anything they do not want to participate in. These Events will work via the Staff posting one large topic, where members will sign up. If no one signs up, the Event will be cancelled. If enough participants sign up, the Event will carry on. The Staff will make Event posts in intervals about changing conditions (if needed), otherwise, the Staff will simply use responses/Counters to the Players.





These are the character rules that govern the proper creation of your IG character. You will need to follow each one in order to start playing.
  • Biography Post: The Biography post is the post which will contain the core of who your character is. With this post you will list anything about your character that you wish, as well as your inventory. Every requested item which was granted must be logged in your bio post. Simply add the material possessions to your main post, and then make a separate post inside of your biography linking to the Piece where your items were granted. Kind of like keeping a running tab. Alternatively, you may include a link in your bio-proper to where the items were required, but you still must make a post for every deduction and addition.

    You only have what is 'roleplayed as' on your character, you cannot list items as ALWAYS ON ME or otherwise state that NPCs are always with you. This is just absurd, and if you walked around with a posse fully strapped at all times, you would be arrested. Especially in New York, where random stop and search is a thing. If someone is with you, then you must have mentioned them in a previous Piece; if you are leaving carrying a gun, mention leaving carrying a gun. We do not accept people with an entire arsenal listed as "always on me" so they can whip out an AK-47 from thin air. If you want to be strapped, remember to RP being strapped.

    Do not post in anybodies biography post without their permission.
  • Avatars: Don't be a dunce. Get a proper avatar. It makes the board look better and helps Staff identify g who is doing what. You can make your own Avatars, or if you are lost in the sauce, you can always request help in the Graphics Corner. You must have a reasonable avatar, basically don't put a meme, a cartoon or a potato as your avatar.
  • Signatures: Signatures are the place where you must link your Biography post. This helps Staff and other Players get to your Biography quickly. You can use an image as a link, or actually link some text. It's totally up to you. Without a proper link to your Biography in your Signature, you are not considered an IG character. Make sure you do this!

  • PCs: Well, this is you and your friends. Actually human players who play this game. Very self explanatory.
  • NPCs :Every other character in the game who is not a real life person. There are three types of Non Player Characters.
    • Regular NPCs: These are the men and women who populate the world of MafiaRP. The baker down the street, the mafia boss across town, your neighbor's kid who keeps shitting on your front lawn. They are not exclusively controlled by anyone per-se. These are the people you can attempt to rob, kill, or even recruit without much blow back from the Player base or Staff. In the event of a Counter on your RP, Staff takes control of these folk.
    • Player Owned NPCs: These people are controlled by the Player who owns them. You may RP as this NPC. You basically build a relationship with a regular NPC or a Contact who is then awarded to you, to do your bidding. Think of bodyguards, drug mules, even lawyers and doctors, whom you can exclusively and separately RP with, apart from your main character. Keep in mind that you may not God-mod another Players NPCs without permission.
    • Staff Controlled NPCs: City NPCs and all other NPCs including law enforcement are under the final jurisdiction of the Staff. This means that all the police, ambulance, fire rescue, and other services are under control of the Staff. Yes, the Staff gets to role-play as NPCs as they see fit outside of Judgments. They can develop them, but are also subject to higher authority and other Judging Admins. There is an exception to the rule with any NPC which has been granted to a Player, such as LE NPCs that were granted to LE Players. However, in terms of higher level NPCs (Police Captains, Mayors, Etc) the Staff still have the right of final say.
  • Contacts: A contact is an NPC whom you don't have complete control over. You may not RP as this NPC. You may build up a more detailed relationship and gain control over him throughout your Rps. Contacts can be used against you by other players, so be careful.

  • The Cash Mod: You gain cash by writing up Pieces an RPing for it. Cash in your hand is literally... in your hand, open a bank account if you want to keep from easy robbery RPs. You'll gain interest on cash in the bank but there are side effects to this... if a LEO subpoena's your bank records, they'll get them and that will certainly be used against you. You can transfer cash to another Player simply by clicking on the "Transfer" button either on their profile or within a topic on their post. You still need to do an RP post transferring money though. You cannot simply give money from one character of yours to another without having some sort of valid reason.
  • Weapons & Ammo: You may request any kind of weapon imaginable. What you actually get will entirely depend on the plausibility and quality of your RP. Ammo, is pretty much a non issue in the game. You technically have “unlimited” ammo, but remember the Realism rules. If you have a pistol, and RP killing 100 people, you will get your wig split by Staff. Be reasonable and when in doubt, RP bringing extra ammo or get a bigger gun. Weapons smuggling is a huge market and an easy way to make a lot of cash. Local AMMU-NATIONs are also scattered throughout the IG forums if you want to legally purchase a gat piece.
  • Vehicles: You may request any kind of vehicle imaginable. What you actually get will entirely depend on the plausibility and quality of your RP. Again, it's up to you what you get. Vehicles can be upgraded, chopped, sold, stolen, etc. The car business is big business.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Clothes, furniture, perishables, even tickets to the next Mad Decent concert may also be requested. The sky is the limit here, get creative, and get writing!

  • Drugs are a huge part of MafiaRP. Arguably the quickest and easiest way to make money, many Players end up dabling in the drugs trade. Prices are set in the Drugs Market, which can be found here. The Market isn't static. If one area is flooded with a certain drug, that drug's price will drop and skyrocket somewhere else. If supply is cut from a certain area, prices will go up. It's a fluid system. Special game Events and Player activity influence the market. During long periods of inactivity, the market will naturally re-balance itself. New drugs may be introduced periodically so keep an eye out. If the drug of your choice is not listed in the Drugs Market, feel free to still RP with it and set your own prices. But be realistic when pricing, if the drug mod catches wind of you trying to rig the system, he will implant a servitor into your rectum and watch it suck you dry like an old, lifeless grape.
    • Drug Types: Currently six major types of Drugs are valued on the Drugs Market. Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Meth, Molly and Weed. Poppy plants may only be grown in South America, South East Asia and The Middle East. Coca leaves may only be grown in South America. For every kilo of Cocaine you cook, you will get 2 kilos of Crack.
    • Drug Production: There are four types of narcotics production facilities that you can acquire in game. These are considered Businesses, and should be created according to the Real Estate Coding rules found below.
      • Farms are usually big open areas with fertile soil. Poppy and Coca can only be grown on Farms. Weed may also be grown on a Farm if you so desire. Farms can be combined with Factories.
      • Factories are basically clandestine kitchens where harvested Poppy juice and Coca leaves are turned into kilos of Heroin or Cocaine, respectively. You do not need a Factory to cook Cocaine into Crack, that can literally be done in any regular, domestic kitchen in the world. Factories can be combined with Farms.
      • Labs can be created in any piece of Real Estate, usually indoors. This is where Meth and Molly come from.
      • Where space is limited, a Grow Op may be established in any piece of Real Estate. Again, usually indoors. You may only grow Weed in a Grow Op.


    In order to create any Real Estate or Business you must first RP for it. Once its creation has been granted, you must post in the Real Estate forum, with a link to the Piece where you acquired it and a link to the actual location of the thread you coded up the establishment in. When coding an establishment make sure you give ample amount of detail and try to vividly paint the picture for other Players so they can imagine the venue. Also include any weekly/monthly profits the place is generating for you, if applicable. When you create Real Estate, please include [Real Estate] in the topic title.
    • Real Estate: Houses, storage, or just general RP spots. These places do not generate any income for the Player, they are simply used to separate Rps from others in the world. They can be a street corner where you and your boys meet up, a club or pub for a gang hangout or places that are controlled by the Staff or regular NPCs. Of course you as the Player can at any time convert your Real Estate into a functioning Business or take over preexisting places. Want to turn your apartment into a marijuana grow op? Go for it. Turn a warehouse into a prostitution den? Sure! Take over a bar owned by an NPC? Sure!
    • Businesses: These venues make profit for the Player. Whether its money, arms or drugs, the rules of coding apply. Make sure you regularly collect your income; Staff will not just give it to you. You must RP for it just like everything else. Businesses can be upgraded over and over again to increase the weekly/monthly rewards.
      • A Bang For Your Buck: For each time a Player uses your Business (and don't try to scam, or the EPA will shut it down) you will make double from your next collection post. If another Player uses your Business, triple it! COLLECTION x # OF PLAYERS = PROFIT! It's so easy an Underpants Gnome could figure it out.
      • Inactivity / Death of Owner: Any Business not role-played in within 30 days will be considered inactive. This will result in the Business being open game for Players. Should the owner be killed or incapacitated and there is no living will, the Business will pass on to Staff control until such time as a new owner buys it from the Staff.
      • Coding: Business BBCode must be kept up to date - if it is not, anything added unless it is within the last five RPs is invalid. To make sure all code is approved, post in the Real Estate forum. When in doubt, have a Staff member look at it.

    • PC Organizations: The bread and butter of this game is right here... families, crews, gangs, whatever you want to call them. It's a group of people here to band together and make some money (and some other interesting drama along the way). This is such an integral part of the game. If you want to start an organization your going to need to have a pretty good start, some rep in the game, a few guys backing you, and already have an informal crew of sorts. Once you are official you'll have the ability to manage your organization in secret, in your own Family Forum.
    • NPC Organizations: The game world is populated by NPC Organizations of all sorts. Some are created by Staff, some are brought into existence by the Players. Whatever the case may be, these Organizations are fair game for whoever. You can go to war with them, join them, rise up in their ranks, whatever.


    You can play as various different branches of Federal law enforcement as well as the Local LEOs. Become a member of the Law Enforcement community and do your parts to clean up the streets. Create a profile, apply for the agency you'd like (FBI, CPD, LAPD, NYPD, Interpol, etc) and you're good to go.
    • More than likely you'll begin at the bottom, as either an Officer or Special Agent. If you have had prior experience as an LEO character there is a chance that you may begin with a higher rank. LEOs will be issued a monthly salary for requisitioning new items based upon their rank and performance. The more Players you Arrest, the more likely you are to be promoted and the more likely you are to receive bonuses. Winning Trials will also grant you extra rewards. LEO's, like criminals, are of course encouraged to RP for more NPCs and gear.
      • Secret RPs: LEO's will be allowed to attempt (1) "secret RP" per month. A secret what!?! A LEO may choose an Organization, or a single Player he'd like to target. For instance, if the LEO wants to put surveillance on a mob Capo he/she will write an RP explaining the process and requesting their award, like always. However, instead of submitting the Piece to the Judgement forum, they'll PM it to a Mod, or Ozy where it will be Graded...harshly. Secret RPs are no joke, and the rewards could be stupendous, but you're going to need to earn it. Expect secret RPs to be held to a much higher standard, as well as a difficult Counter or two. If your secret RP is not up to par and the operation will be deemed as a failure and you'll have to wait until next month to try again. If a Staff member leaks the secret RP to the victim, or anyone for that matter, they will be banned.
      • A LEO and his NPCs: During a confrontation with criminals, you're probably going to be outgunned and outnumbered. It's going to be you and your NPC partner vs the bad guy and however many NPCs he brought to play with. Where as the criminal has the advantage in the beginning, LEO had the advantage in the end. LEO's are allowed to call for and receive NPC backup when making an arrest. Of course, your request for backup must be reasonable and it must fit the crime. SWAT isn't going to help you nab that thug selling dime bags on the corner. On the other hand, if you're responding to a full scale shootout you may call in multiple patrol vehicles and/or SWAT. One of the advantages of playing as an LEO is the fact that there is a virtually endless pool of NPCs and resources for you to utilize. Be smart and take advantage. Beware, abusing this advantage could be quite hazardous to your career and health.

    • Ranks & Base Pay
      • Police Force
        Officer $4,500
        Detective/Sergeant $5,500
        Lieutenant $7,000
        Captain $8,000
        Deputy Chief $9,000
        Chief $10,000
      • Special Law Enforcement
        Special Agent $6,000
        Senior Special Agent $7,500
        Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC) $8,000
        Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) $9,000
        Deputy Director $10,000
        Director $20,000
    • Starting Inventory for LEOs
      • Police Force
        Blackhawk Duty Belt
        Glock 22 or Beretta S92F w/holster.
        Level IIA Kevlar Vest, your choice of over or under carrier.
        Motorola Radio w/holster.
        P2X Fury Flashlight w/holster.
        Peerless Hinged Handcuffs w/holster.
        X26 Taser w/holster.
        3oz MK4 OC Spray w/holster.
        ASP 26" Tactical Baton w/holster.
        Remington 870 or .223 Colt Tactical Carbine
        2014 Crown Victoria or 2014 Dodge Charger. Marked or unmarked, your choice.
        NPC Partner w/gear.
      • Special Law Enforcement
        Glock 22 or Glock 23 w/holster.
        Level IIA Kevlar Vest, your choice of over or under carrier.
        Motorola Radio.
        P2X Fury Flashlight w/holster.
        Peerless Hinged Handcuffs w/holster.
        Remington 870 or MP5 or M4 Carbine
        2014 Crown Victoria or 2014 Chevy Suburban, both unmarked.
        NPC Partner w/gear.

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Glossary & Credits

Post by Shorty » May 15th, 2017, 8:32 pm



  • MafiaRP: This here game.
  • Owner: The people who own the site and pay for it & run it. Jackuul & Malcador (Ozy).
  • Staff: The people who manage the game. Includes Staff, Mods, Consuls and Admins.
  • Player: You and your friends playig this game.
  • New Players: People who are new to the game. Help them out!
  • Donors: People who help fund the site. Give them praise!
  • RP: Role Play. A Piece not a post. Considered IG.
  • Piece: The actual RP itself when posted in the IG forums and then sent for Judgement. Considered IG.
  • Post: Anything that is OOG, or not an RP.
  • IG (In-Game): Things that happen in game. ie. Roleplaying.
  • OOG (Out-Of-Game): Things that happen out of game. ie. Discussions about spiders.
  • Judgements: When Staff evaluates a Piece based on Reasoning, Realism & Quality Of Writing.
  • Grades: The act of granting or denying a Player's requests at the end of their RP.


To Jackuul for the foreword.
To Godzilla for the most recent compiling of the rules.
To Ozy for his recent 'touch ups' on the rules.
To Magnus for the Cash Mod and Organization Sections.
To everyone who contributed to the rules over the years.

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Mafia RP Rules 2.0

Post by Shorty » May 15th, 2017, 8:37 pm



  • REARRANGED RULES. I felt that the way Godzilla laid out the rules were a little bit counter intutiitve. I was going for a nice layout that a New Player would have an easy time navigating. Its pretty much a top down thing. You have the preword from the Emperor, the Player Agreement, the Forum Rules, the In Game Rules, a section on Playing the Game and then a simple Glossary to clear up commonly used terms.
  • ADDED MESSAGE FROM THE EMPEROR. Because the Rules needed it.
  • DELETED SECTIONS ON INFOMATIC, INVENTORY & AUDIT. Well, not really deleted it, kind of absorbed it into the Character Creation section.
  • COMBINED ARTICLE 1 AND ARTICLE 2 OF THE PLAYER AGREEMENT. Because I mean, why break it up? They pretty much talk about the same thing.
  • ADDED CHARACTER CREATION SECTION. Complete with Biography, Avatar and Signature sections.
  • ADDED PCs, NPCs & CONTACTS SECTION. I always felt that Players didn't really understand the logic behind the whole Contact or NPC thing. Tried to clarify it for them a bit.
  • COMBINED REAL ESTATE WITH BUSINESS SECTIONS. Pretty much the same thing, but more explained I guess.
  • ADDED & RECONFIGURED DRUG RULES. I added the actual 'rules'of the drug trade into this document, and will be posting a separate DRUGS MARKET post, with prices for National and Internation markets. That way, when a change comes up, I can ammend the prices in that thread.
  • ADDED ARTWORK. Because come on, it looks good.
  • ADDED ROLE PLAY CATEGORIES. Wanted to give Players some initial direction when starting out, and a little explanation on the different types of Rps.
  • MOVED ARRESTS, TRIALS & IMPRISONMENT INTO ROLE PLAY CATEGORIES. I felt like these fit here pretty well, it made sense to me to have them here versus down at the end in the LEO section.
  • ADDED SECTION ON INVENTORY & CASH MOD. A little bit of explanation on this stuff can't hurt.
  • ADDED GLOSSARY. Post? Piece? IG? OOG? Just a quick definition section of commonly used terms.
  • EXPANDED ON THE PVP SECTION. Brought together the Stealth Editing, Godmodding and Personal Risk rules to where I believed they belonged.
  • ADDED COUNTERS AND EVENTS UNDER THE JUDGEMENT SYSTEM SECTION. Since Counters and Events are usually the outcome of a Judgement. I felt they fit in there pretty sensibly.
  • KEPT FORUM RULES PRETTY MUCH THE SAME. Didn't really have to touch these, they were pretty much on point.
  • ADDED CHANGE LOG. So you all know what I did.
  • GAVE CREDIT. So you all know what they did.


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