Looking for a tag partner

Here is where you ask others to tag, or join in on roleplays and such. This is the best place to request a partner or start a party of any size to do stuff. Friends don't let friends roleplay alone!
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Looking for a tag partner

Post by Victor Parry » September 13th, 2017, 3:37 am

Hey everybody. I feel a bit self conscious being the only person to post in this sub-forum in like months, but here goes.

Have a few story ideas I was hoping to write out with somebody. If something grabs your interest just shoot me a PM and we'll see how we go, I'm pretty much going first come first serve unless we end up having creative differences or whatever.

Anyways, these are the ideas. The basic conceit behind Victor's character is that he's a hitman who functions in the story like a private detective - so if Philip Marlowe or Spenser were hired to snuff people out instead of just find them, essentially. So think of all these stories as sort of buddy cop movies, except about crooks.

New York: Tasked by his brother to transport a con man who owes the Jersey syndicate money, Victor and his quarry are hijacked en route and the conman - Eddie Gallant, real name Edward Kzovek - is kidnapped by a trio of fast talking Sicilians in track outfits. Enraged, Jimmy "Stacks" Stagliano, the man under whom's branch both Parry brothers fall, gives Victor the contract - save Eddie's life, recover him and the three hundred thousand dollar debt, or die. I'm ideally looking for someone the Jersey or New York mafia would partner up with Victor to search for Eddie, to make sure everything goes according to the mob's plan.

Chicago: Richard 'Spindle' Nance always had more meanness than luck - two stints in prison and a nasty (non-consensual) sadomasochism habit have done little to nurture his gentle side. After a drug deal gone bad, he flees to Chicago, leaving three Langella button men dead - and Victor is hired to even things out. They set him up with a finger man in Chicago to show him the sights and the underground of the city, and the two are drawn into a web of cult sacrifice and occultism. Anybody can fit this, though someone who enjoys horror would be perfect - if you've ever seen the British flick 'Kill List' you'll know what I'm going for here.

I'll add more as I go along if nobody shows any interest in these and I don't end up getting hot and bothered enough to hack away at them myself. Thanks for reading!

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