Frank Luzzato

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Frank Luzzato
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Frank Luzzato

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General Information
Name: Frank Luzzato
Alias: Frank the Wrist
Age: 25
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Ethnicity: Italian-American
Religion: Catholic
Sexuality: Straight

Organization: Chicago outfit
Legal Occupation:Owner of Du Wayne Motel
Illegal Occupation: Caporegime of the Chicago Outfit
Languages: English, Italian

TSM safe manipulator- Lock pick set - Pair of gloves - bandana - dufflebag
Pocket knife
2x Glock-19
3x Mossberg Shockwave shotguns
2x AK-47

Jimmy White(Restaurent owner and business client)
Danny Claracuzio(Associate protecting the Du Wayne Motel, armed with a .38)
Brad McGowen (Contact and client in Auto Theft and Illegal car parts business)
Lester Lepore(Contact and employee in Brad's Auto's)
Salvatore Graziano(Drug and Guns middle man)
Vincent Percetti ( Enforcer in Nice Buns Cafe armed with a Glock 19)
Joe Scarfo (Enforcer in Gentlemen's strip club armed with a Glock 19)
Henry Ricci (Thug in Nice Buns armed with a Glock 19)
Johnny Ciello (Thug in Nice Buns armed with a Glock 19)
Anthony Ciporelli(Enforcer armed with a Glock 19)

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