National News Station: Trump-Sponsored Piece

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National News Station: Trump-Sponsored Piece

Post by Rogelio Mariendez » November 3rd, 2015, 5:52 pm

((I don't hold any of these views, I just thought it'd be great for the whole racism theme with Trump.))
New York City: City of Blood Traitors?
by Lindsey Anna McGuckett
When one thinks of New York, the image comes to mind of the cultural and political birthplace of America. It wasn't too long ago that New York was our capital in more than just the political way. A grand port-city that rivaled all others, it still maintains it's station as the economic hub for the entire east coast. Yes, nothing is so Red, White, and Blue as New York? SO WHERE HAS IT GONE ALL WRONG! Organized crime never dared to breath it's foul halitosis in American soil before, but ever since the 1860's has it gone array. Like a rabid dog, it's froth has spilled over it's lips and corrupted the whole.

New York may have been founded by those dirty, almost-catholic Dutch with their weed-toking and prostitution but the city only found it's true bearings with the British. Luckily for America, the cruel and amoral Dutch were all valiantly killed in their sleep by the brave British, who promptly colonized the marshy islands that would become the Five Boroughs of New York. The colony was soon to be called... New York! After the great General Percy York of York, who himself was born in Yorkshire, and had defeated several Indian Tribes and had cast them into the Bay where they were feasted upon by the fish.

It wasn't long after that the richest of Britain had laid nothing but greed and sin to their land. The Industrialization and Cruelty of the German False-King George the II, whose father had falsely claimed descent from the English Kings of Yore, had brought nothing but taxes and death to America. So the true Anglo-phones of our young nation - save for those 2/3rd's and the dreaded Quebecois and Acadian exiles - had released themselves from the chains of the new German Puppet-State called Great Britain. See, the flaw of Great Britain was it's lax policies on the Gaulic-born people of their holy isles: Welshmen, Scotsmen, and Irishmen all; were allowed to freely roam and partake in the sin of dance with nubile Anglo-Saxon women. This obvious blood muddling led to their amoral attitudes to sex and violence, where once there was peace between the High King of England and his Karls.

So why is it that even now, there is violence and cruelty! RAPE AND MURDER ON A NEAR INDUSTRIAL SCALE! It is because of the Corruption of the Blood of the Anglo-Phones! In 1800's, our nation foolishly allowed for Germans, Irishmen, and all sorts of Catholics to invade and subjugate us with their exotic food and cheap beer. Then to add with it the ethnic so-called whites from Poland and Italy came in around the 1920's and 30's. Criminal Families like the Rizzio and the Commission and Lombardi are defaming the very name of this country! Anglo-phones unite against the Blood-Traitors that dilute the purity of our Atlantean genes!

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