The Tsirkov Bratva

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The Tsirkov Bratva

Post by Ivan Tsirkov » September 26th, 2017, 10:07 am


The Tsirkov Bratva is a Russian crime organization that is based in Staten Island, New York. It is involved in many activities such as Racketeering, drug trafficking, gun trafficking, prostitution, Extorting, Robbery, Corruption, ect...
The Bratva controls few Construction Companies, Labor Unions, and and important Personnel. They also have total control over many businesses as "Partners" or "Co-Owners". The main power of the Bratva is secrecy, high ranked members aren't know but to a few people.

The organization has four Groups, each group is ran by a member and has a specific Task. Elite group takes care of organization management and administration of all the business, and also controls both the Security and Elite group. It is controlled by one person which is the Pakhan. Security Group makes sure the organization runs smoothly without any internal or external implications, it also takes care of external relations with other factions. Support group makes sure the organization makes money, and that's by organizing the money sources and who controls them. The working unit,which is also the lowest group in the organization, is made of members that make the money for the organization from various activities.

Pakhan is the boss of the organization that controls everything. He controls all the groups of the organization.

Spy More like the underboss and consigliere of the organization. They watch over the action of the brigadiers to ensure loyalty and none become too powerful.

Avtoritet is the captain of a crew. He runs a crew along with Bratok and Shestyorka members working under him.

Bratok is the soldier of the organization, they're in charge of running businesses and making money for the organization.

Shestyorka is like an associate, the lowest rank of the organization, they work under a Bratok and have limited knowledge about the organization.

Elite Group:
Pakhan: Ivan Tsirkov

Security Group:
First Spy: Yuri Evanoff
Bratok: Maxim Vlacic
Bratok: Nikolai Ivolgin
Bratok: Vladimir Grekov
Bratok:Albert Abarnikov
Support Group:
Second Spy: Andrei Kovalevsky
Bratok: Timofai Privalov
Bratok: Igor Eristov
Bratok: Roman Usilov
Bratok: Erik Lilov

Working Unit:
Avtoritet: Victor Alexandrov
Bratok: Gregory Shatalov
Bratok: Sergei Strelkov
Shestyorka: Dimitri Aslanov
Shestyorka: Mikhail Golovkin
Shestyorka: Alexander Zaslavsky
Shestyorka: Boris Dorokhin

Avtoritet: Pavel Evanovic
Bratok: Ruslan Akulov
Bratok: Timur Vlavic
Bratok: Eduard Demidov
Bratok: Kirill Klokov
Shestyorka:Nicanor Averyanov
Shestyorka:Oscar Sergeyev
Shestyorka:Basil Bodrov
Shestyorka:Tikhon Belousov
Shestyorka:Savely Bezrukov
Shestyorka:Gordey Kotov
Shestyorka:Maximilian Zaitsev
Shestyorka:Dorofei Vasilyev

Avtoritet: Robert Bolotnikov
Bratok: Oleg Astakhov
Bratok: Leonid Yozhin
Bratok: Peter Malikhin
Bratok: Makar Galkin
Shestyorka: Blasius Shubin
Shestyorka: Vadim Loginov
Shestyorka: Leon Maslov
Shestyorka: Yaroslav Zuyev
Shestyorka: Daniel Lavrentiev
Shestyorka: Dorofei Andreeff
Shestyorka: Anatoly Bocharov
Shestyorka: Zossima Zaitsev


Weapons Suppliers-
The Ziman Crew (Russia)
Drug Smugglers-
Diego Alvarez and his crew (Colombia)
Organization Leaders-
Due Cao, The Vietnamese Connection (Staten Island)
Brian Moloney, The Irish Gang (Staten Island)
Florian Gjikokaj, The Albanian Connection (Staten Island)
Joseph Piccoli, The Piccoli Crime Family (Staten Island)
Tony Morello, The Morello Crime Family (Staten Island)
Organization Members-
Ralph Munccini, Caporegime in The Morello Crime Family (Staten Island)
Police Enforcement-
Brian Waltman, Sergeant (Staten Island)
Tom Philips
Earl Duke, Docks Union (Staten Island)
Brad Moore, Construction Labor Union (Staten Island)

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