The Fishing Pole


Chicago, the 'Second City', is the greatest city in all of the world, so fuck you NYC. The north side is the city's most densely populated area; comprised of mostly upper-class residents and high rise apartments. It's where most of the city's elite call home. The west side however is where most of the middle class dwell. With a plethora of residential neighborhood, some worse off than others, you're bound to find some excitement. Although the smallest district, Downtown certainly has a lot to offer within it's four square miles. With everything from breathtaking skyscrapers, elegant dining, high-end retail, there is a little something for everyone. Covering 60% of the city, the south side is without a doubt Chicago's largest community. Home to Chinatown, the Museum of Science and Industry, and both US Cellular and Soldier Field, the south side does have it's perks. Tread lightly. The south side has an ugly history of gang and gun violence that claims more and more lives every day.
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Re: The Fishing Pole

Post by DRACULE » March 9th, 2017, 7:16 am


- Your enjoyment / feedback
I enjoyed the way you described how he treated his inner addict. Images like that you tend to describe nicely.
You also portrait the goodness in ”bad people”, explaining Reynas sense of responsibility twards her community. It adds dimension and makes the characters interesting.

- Reyna as a (super duper valuable) contact

- Access to use her crew when needed
Granted. But remember – they're not your NPC's. They follow Reynas orders.

- [x2] Silenced 9mm from Reyna

- Money and Coke from the briefcase - whatever you think this piece is worth
Your cut is $20,000 and three kilos of coke.


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