Murky Waters


Chicago, the 'Second City', is the greatest city in all of the world, so fuck you NYC. This is where all of the major decisions, from city hall politics, to Greektown college-educated crime, and board-room semantics take place. Downtown certainly has a lot to offer within it's four square miles. With everything from breathtaking skyscrapers, elegant dining, high-end retail, there is a little something for everyone.

Home of places like University Village, Little Italy, and bordering suburbs like Oak Park, Melrose Park, and Forest Park, the West Side is where most of the middle class dwell, with bad neighborhoods like Austin mirroring the city's South Side. This side of town is where you'll find the most mix of criminal, with the Mafia, Latin Gangs, Irish Gangs, and others fighting for territory. With a plethora of residential neighborhoods, some worse off than others, you're bound to find some excitement.
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Murky Waters

Post by Gaetan Zampa » May 18th, 2017, 8:37 pm

Zampa's sitting outside on a bench overlooking a pair of geese floating out on the pond. It's a large pond but no where near the size to be considered a lake he thinks to himself. He smokes his cigarette gently exhaling smoking before he allows himself to take in the fresh air with a deep breath. He tugs on his leather jacket's zipper while he waits patiently for Patrick Sette his new errand boy to arrive. He spots the kid coming from the other side of the pond and decides to finish his cigarette before outing it on the ground in front of his seat.

A black, grayish looking ash scatters across the white sidewalk as he stomps it out again for good measure. He leans back on the bench as Sette comes and sits down next to him. Tany sighs, "Leave earlier next time."

Sette nods, "I will remember that next time."

Gaetano rolls his eyes before kicking the full Coach weekender bag to gesture for Sette to pick it up and take it with him.

"You sure you know how to do this," Tany asks, "Because if you fuck up that's close to a million in profit. That's a death sentence Sette." He grabs Patrick's arm and he finishes, " You understand, right?"

Sette nods his head before locking eyes with his boss, "Gaetan, I won't let you down. This will get done right."

Tany lets go gently like a mother allowing a babysitter to watch her child for the first time. He smiles to himself in a sense of comforting as he pulls out another cigarette with his right hand and lights it with his left. He leans back and inhales as Patrick stands up and slings the weekender bag over his shoulder and begins to walk away. Tany exhales again before he stands up and walks the opposite direction back to his car. Jacky is waiting over by it and hops inside once Tany gets into the passenger seat.

Sette's already on his way through the parking lot before he pulls out onto the main road and continues driving. It’s supposed to be a short drive to the house but with the traffic downtown it takes a lot longer. About forty minutes into their drive Pat gets tempted to peak inside and test out something. It takes all his self-control not to open the bag, he keeps his head focused on the road. When they reach complex, Pat pulls up across the street and parks. He gets out carry the bag to the front door where he waits to get buzzed in before he promptly continues to head inside.

He drops the bag down onto the table where Lucien is sitting watch. He immediately opens the bag and dumps packaged Kilos onto the table. To the right is a workstation set up with mixing bowls and funnels so they can put the powder once they are done with the mixing into the new bags without spillage. They start breaking down a kilo and putting it into the mixing bowl before they measure out the right amount of mixing agents and then using the standing mixer to combine them into the right combination. Once it's down they start using the funnel to package them back into larger bags.

Lucien repeats the process several times while Patrick watches it become demystified. Once they are done Patrick counts out ten kilos and puts them into a bag before he slings it over his shoulder. He looks over at Lucien who gives the thumbs up and heads out flanked by Chris and Jimmy. Their firs stop is a meeting with a Calabrian mob boss from Quebec, Canada.

Zampa's there first with Jacky Marcaggi in tow. The hostess seats them in the back of the restaurant for privacy while they wait for the Calabrians to arrive. She puts down some bottles of sparkling and still water before laying out place settings and glasses. She's about to put down some bottles of red wine when Giovanni Commisso arrives with a crew of five. As they arrive the owner steps out and greets them followed by what seems like the kitchen chef.

Zampa smirks, jealous of the attention given to the Calabrians over him who is more local to Chicago. He tries to not let it bother him as today is important to business. As they walk over he stands to greet them as Jacky follows suit. They kiss on the cheeks before everyone sits down around the square table. The waitress, an older teenager probably well into the throws of high school serves bread as one of the Calabrians speaks in his dialect to another. The girl gets uncomfortable and Gaetan folds his arms.

"So, it looks like your familiar here," Tany says as he leans in, arms still folded.

"Si," says Giovanni who laughs, "Another one part of the Mother owns this restaurant. The family is from Reggio Calabria so we are very familiar to them."

Tany reads between the lines, understanding what he means by the Mother (Motherland). He also understands what they mean by owns it, they are using it as a front so it's clear nothing can happen here to arouse suspicion which is why Giovanni chose the location. Not that he feels Gaetano would set him up and kill everyone but it was an insurance policy that should his cousin do this, those involved from the Motherland would send help to take care of the upstart.

Gaetan sighs, "Looks like first course is coming. This means that the dessert should be almost arriving."

Giovanni nods, "I am excited to see how potent the espresso and how sweet the dessert will be. I have had terrible espresso and horrible desserts from similar restaurants."

Tany laughs, "Yes, however now we have a new owner. The Chef has new orders."

Giovanni nods acknowledging the last coded message, "Very good. The stronger the better."

Gaetan starts the eating by digging into Proscuitto and "Melon" which is really cantaloupe. He also takes his time trying the selection of olives and other cured meats and cheeses out on the table. Jacky pours wine and everyone is enjoying themselves. Finally the trio arrive with a coach weekender bag in tow. Patrick walks over saying hello to the table before placing the bag down at Giovanni's feet. He then walks over and wraps his arms around Gaetano's shoulder and he whispers into his ear.

"I will be on to the next stop. Connor Murphy agreed for me to meet up with him and I am bringing Chris and Jimmy."

Gaetano acknowledges with a simple, "MMhmmm."

Patrick understands and leaves again with Chris and Jimmy close behind. The dinner continues through the second course, cooked with a homemade tomato sauce. All organic, nicely salted, and prepared with Rigatoni a commonly cooked pasta in Calabria. Everyone's eating while one of the Calabrians finishes early which prompts Giovanni to look over at him. He simply gestures for the bathroom and the foot soldier understands.

Apparently, he's usually the guy who tries this sort of stuff out. He picks up the bag and heads into the bathroom locking the door before he breaks out a kilo and gently lays out a sparse line which he promptly snorts with a tiny straw he pulled out of his pocket. He reseals the plastic bag and then places it back into the bag before zipping it back up and heading out of the bathroom. He can feel his eyes pulsating as they ping out from the cocaine. He feels edgier and it's present when he places the bag back down by Giovanni's feet and gives his thumbs up.

He sits at the table and tries to contain himself. His wiry form is jittery in his seat. Finally Giovanni not looking to keep a spectacle tells one of the others to take him outside and to the car. Giovanni looks over with a smirk, "Looks like we have a deal. Keep it coming like this and I will make sure you keep getting paid for it. Next week you will get your first payment."

Gaetano nods and Jacky smiles. Giovanni is smiling as well before he looks around the table and in good spirits, "Well Mangia!"

In Chicago Vice Lords reign supreme but as of late many transplants from other groups have been contesting the Vice Lord's vice like grip on the cities. Overnight a clique of bloods had set up and been giving trouble in the neighborhood. Like a tick they dug in causing high murders rates and an influx of drive by shootings. They came in pushing crack they get from the whole sale drug trade. Ciro orchestrated a deal with Connor back in their beginning seeing the ferocity of the gang, knowing full well they would survive the Vice Lord backlash. Three months without supply and here they are, hungry, starving, and desperate for product.

He buzzes the apartment and an unfamiliar voice answers, "What you want?"

“It's Pat, I am looking to offload something for you. Looks like it's been a while so I am willing to help you out. Word from up high is we can front it.”

The Black Mustang’s engine roars even as it slows to a stop outside of the bustling apartment building in Birdgeport Homes section of Chicago. Sette discreetly brass checks the Beretta in his inner waistband hip holster and tosses his long sweatshirt over the piece. He looks over to Jimmy Amato who’s wearing similar attire but he’s got a Tec 9 tucked under his baggy center zipping sweatshirt.

The strap is over his shoulder but it’s hidden beneath his clothes. His right hand trucked all the way into his sweatshirt around the trigger. If a firefight broke out he could simply unzip his sweatshirt with his left hand and open up on the group. In the back is Irish America Chris Burns, he’s brought for intimidation factor but even he’s packing a Charter Arms Bulldog in his back waistband hidden by his track jacket.

The door buzzes and the group head up into the apartment building and try their best not to look conspicuous. Pat has Chris wear the backpack with the ten kilos inside. Patrick's palms sweaty and his mind racing but keeps his composure and leads the group forward to their destination. Apartment number 12C, he knocks twice before he keeps his right hand close to where his handgun is just in case something happens.

It's just heavy breathing on his end from nervousness and it’s not because this was his first drug deal. He’s always nervous around “Mooleys”, they don’t act like people in his opinion, they act more like undomesticated animals. He’s waiting nearly two minutes before he knocks again four more times and waits to hear if he can make out movement. He hears the television turn off before he can make out the faint sounds of creaking floor boards. They can make out the deadbolt clunk back to ready position as the door opens.

A double barreled shotgun immediately flies up in Pat Sette’s face and he yells out, “Woah, woah, calm the fuck down man.” Patrick takes a gulp and wishes he had smoked a cigarette beforehand.

The Black face barely visible past the business end of the shotgun smirks. A voice behind him says, “Come on Nigga, let them in, we ain’t got all night with dis shit.”

The double barreled short gun lowers but is still cranked and ready for action as Sette walks in with his two other bodyguards. As he walks inside he looks around the room and picks up movement in a back bedroom in the apartment. The gangster holding the shotgun goes to check him and Sette clicks his tongue, “We are all packing but so are you.”

“There are more of you than us,” snickers the black man on the couch in front of the television.

Pat still nervous but pushing past it to show no fear shakes his head, “What, you didn’t think you could try and rip us off? I saw the guy in the back room.”

Connor laughs before he whistles and a kid comes running out. Patrick thinks he’s no older than seven. Sette pats him on the head as he rushes past and sits down next to Murphy.

“It’s my son, Dvon, I am Connor,” he says as he extends his hand to shake Pat’s hand. “I don’t like having him around this shit but his baby mama works at the club and she refused to take him tonight.”

Sette sits down across from him as Chris takes off the backpack and places it down on the table. Connor’s eyes dart over to the bag and then to his son which he brings closer to his body as he whispers something into his ear. The kid rushes off again back to the room all the way in the back and closes the door.

Connor doesn’t waste any time. Shotgun is just stands there holding up the wall while he watches warily. Murphy unzips the backpack and pulls out the kilos stacking them neatly on the table. He puts the last one down on the table and snaps for the shotgun toting man to grab one from the table. Like a good worker just caught watching Netflix on his shift he jerks awkwardly to attention to Connor’s call.

The watch dog listens to his black master and pulls out a small scale from the closest drawer. He places it down and Murphy goes to measuring. Pat knows they are exactly their weight with the plastic but he figures he will let Conroy see on his own. He weighs each one to find they are the right weight. He smiles and then slides the nine other kilograms down the table into two stacks. Connor then turns the television channel and turns down the volume as Pat clears his throat.

The Italian American squints as shotgun man shifts his weight. Chris collects the backpack and puts it back on while Jimmy Amato keeps his eyes on the overall situation. His right-hand keeps twitching as he waits for something simple to set him off. Pat looks over to Chris Burns who gives the approval nod.

Sette smiles, “Well, we will be back, either to come back for more business if everything is there or to come back for the rest of the money if it doesn't come through by next week.”

Connor nods, “I keep my word. I also appreciate you fronting me it instead of making me pay upfront. It shows your here to stay. It's also why I didn't test it out because if it's not good we won't be doing business again, if it is then I look forward to repeat business Mr,” he pauses.

“Sette,” laughs Patrick as he stands up from the space on the couch.

Connor leans back in his chair, “Whose Crew do you belong to?”

“Was the Mari Crew,” says Pat with a sense of pride.

“Oh shit man, that guys fucking crazy. There was a while he popping people left and right.”

Cesinti shakes his head, “Who Ciro? Nah man, he was a cool guy, the guy who took over worries me more. Chris shoots Jimmy a look who doesn't seem to acknowledge the last statement. As long as you were good, I have never seen Ciro whack a guy for no reason. This new guy would kill you for the wind blowing his hair out of place. Be happy your dealing with me instead of him.”

Connor laughs, “Yeah ok, all you Italians are crazy.”

Sette shakes his head as he walks out, “See you around man.”

Dominico Sarti was a soldier from he could remember. Following orders and doing his best not to get killed in the process. Times change and new leadership respected his contact loyalty and unnerving willpower to get things done others could not. His promotion comes with a perk since the regime change. He gets to push his supply which prompts him to whip his Calabrian crew mates into a system. Lucien's got the experience cutting and packaging while Salvatore has the connections and Dominico has the balls.

After all it takes balls to go to a meeting with a rival crew after tensions were real high. Luckily they know the history and know full well Gaetano Zampas priorities involve making money over war, that is unless it fits his agenda to make money. Right now it doesn't for Paul "Paulie" Franza takes the call and organizes the meeting. It's simple, he takes his most trusted soldier and agrees to meet for coffee.

Dominico gets there first and positions Sal by the door as a Sentry and Lucien at the table to the right to cover his back and also have a clear vantage point of the meeting. He's brought with himself a duffle bag with ten kilos inside. He spots Paulie come through the door, he gestures hello but continues to head to the counter to get a coffee. At first it seems odd but then he realizes Paul was always one for appearances. He recalls a story once where Paul got a big score and sat on it for nearly a decade before he spent any money from it.

He once bought himself a Toyota Camry because his logic was it wasn't flashy at all. He wanted to live comfortably and safely not extravagantly. Franza returns to the table with his bodyguard as the pair shake hands.

"It's under the table" Dominico says bluntly while gently kicking the bag over to his side.

Franza laughs, "You haven't done this before have you?"

Dominico glances over at Sal before he gestures for him to come sit down with them. Sal comes and sits down making sure he can keep a good vantage of anyone coming into the coffee shop.

Franza sighs and then asks, "What kind of purity are we talking?"

"Fifty percent," Dominico says without hesitation. We have ten in their and we expect by next week we will have three hundred grand in return. Franza looks over to the Lombardo soldier with him who nods his head.

Franza smiles, "Sounds like a done deal. We will call you early next week."

"Great," says Dominico trying to not show too much excitement. He downs the rest of his espresso and walks out followed by his two men.


Sette's Crib as a drug stash spot and place to cut cocaine coming in. It's a small 2 bedroom Apartment located on the 4th floor of a building. Basic locks and non descript looking pad.

15 Kilos of 100% Cocaine converted to 30x Kilos of 50% Cocaine

10x Kilos fronted to Paulie Franza of the Lombardi Crime Family in return for $300K
10x Kilos fronted to Connor Murphy of the Hillside Hustler Bloods in return for $300K
10x Kilos fronted to Giovanni Commisso of the Siderno in return for $300K

(Contact) Paulie Franza - Previously a rival since he was from a competing family things have changed since the former Mari Crew clipped their overlord and supervisor. Times have become tough for the Rizzo Family and upstarts like the Zampa crew are left to their own devices. Paulie sees this as a way to continue the rift and bring about the end to a fractured Rizzo Family. He doesn't trust Zampa seeing the rumor that he orchestrated the mass cluster fuck of chaos that brought his rise to power. Hence why Tany let him take the drugs on loan.

(Contact) Connor Murphy - New to the Chicago area, he's a born and bred blood from the streets of Compton. Being the adventerous type he came out to Chicago to set up his own set and has been growing through street sales of narcotics. Right now he's strapped for cash but an influx of product on loan could put him back on the map.

(Contact) Giovanni Commisso - Third Cousin of Gaetano Zampa. Originally his family came from an area of Calabria, Italy called Siderno. He's grown through the ranks of the family to go on and become a Capo working in the Toronto area. He has a strangle hold on drugs coming into Canada from his allies in Chicago. Now his cousin is helping with his recent supply problems by becoming his new supplier.

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Re: Murky Waters

Post by Tuxedo Mask » November 6th, 2017, 6:25 am


Check out the drug rules, you'll see the wholesale prices there. For a kilo of cocaine its 25,000 per kilo. Cut that in half its 12,500 then times ten it's only 125,000.

So expect 125,000 from the three families in a week. Besides that your all good to go!
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