New Investments 2


Staten Island, the closest thing to suburbia in New York City, is home to the upper class of criminal. Priding itself on sophisticated crime, fancy politicians, billionaires, and the absence of real diversity, Staten Island is one ferry ride from the Statue of Liberty, being mere miles away. Big houses, big dreams, and big bosses.
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New Investments 2

Post by Ivan Tsirkov » December 12th, 2017, 8:35 am

The Bratva's business was working all the time in each of Beirut, Moscow, and Staten Island. Ivan was still spending his "business vacation" in Moscow, he was looking for ways to get external revenue in case shit went down in Staten Island. Newer investments are about to come up, and it was at this time that the real power of the Russian organization will show and rise, Ivan planned to do that by having businesses in different countries. Along with the Utkin brothers, Ivan was having a drink with Mikhail Barsukov, one of Russia's oldest and experienced politicians. He wasn't a big time though, he was pretty useful in some sectors of business such as the fishing business. Mikhail is an old friend of Yuri Evanoff, they worked together when he helped Yuri get an Authorization to start farming. Yuri needed it to make his money source look legal, even though Mikhail knew what Yuri was doing, that's why he asked for a price for that authorization. As a recommendation from Yuri, and as a good use of a politicians' greed and love for money, Ivan thought it would be a good idea to do business with a corrupt politician.

"Yuri told me about you, living the American businessmen's dream. Staten Island isn't it?"

"Yes, been there for months now." said Ivan as he lit up his Cuban Cigar.

Both men were sitting in a booth alone, while the Utkin brothers sat on a separate table keeping an eye on Ivan and the surroundings.

"That's pretty much the reason I'm giving you these few minutes of my time, Yuri said you're a big business man up there. So what do you need?" whispered Mikhail.

"Authorization for my company to start fishing here. My company will export our goods outside the country, pretty much good for the economy."

"Mhm..and what else?"

"I know that the government taxes corporations and companies about ten percent. I want it decreased to seven"

Mikhail laughed sarcastically as he drank his Vodka shot before filling the cup again.

"Do you think I'm the minister of Finance or whatever? I can't do that"

"Okay okay, I want authorization to control Moscow's Docks Union and get fishing license for my company. I also want all the needed authorization for exporting and related licenses needed."

"You're asking for a lot here, but what do I get from all of this?"

"If this whole thing works, You'll be getting quarter a million dollars weekly."

The guy seemed pretty greedy, yet interested. He nodded as he tapped on the table, then looked up at Ivan again.

"I can get you the licenses and the authorization, but about the union thingy I'm not in that department."
Ivan sighed as he smoked his Cigar, puffing the cloud of smoke up.

"Okay, I'll take care of the union thing. I'll be in Moscow for a whole before I leave, might visit North Africa later."

"Sure sure, planning to spend some days in Egypt, huh?"

"Nah, Marrakesh"

"Alright then, I'll give you a call for the next meeting. You gotta pay around three hundred grand for the licenses and fees."

"Sure sure, Yuri told me about that."
Ivan took out a check and handed it over to Mikhail, who took a look at it making sure its valid.

"It's good doing business with you Mr. Tsirkov"

"Samewise Mr. Barsukov"

Both men stood up, Mikhail heading toward his Range Rover, and Ivan followed by his two men to the Volkswagen with the driver inside.

Few minutes later, Ivan arrived in one of the old neighborhoods where he operated before heading to Staten Island, where all his old businesses were and where all his old friends worked. His friends were in the exact same spot, sitting outside the Butchery outside with their tracksuits keeping their bodies warm in the freezing weather. Some new faces, few that are still there.
Ivan and the Utkin brothers walked up to the Butchery, where they instantly got the attention of Artur Zverev, a Natural killer than once shot three Ukrainians in a gun deal, alone.

"Ivan the Soviet?!" said as he jumped up of his chair.

"Artur, you're still here?"

"Hell yeah I'm still here" said Artur as he hugged Ivan, nodding at the Utkin brothers.

"So,where have you been? You just disappeared"

"I moved to America"

"Shit, have a seat. Fucking get a chair for Ivan and do whatever the fuck you're supposed to be doing" said Artur as he looked at the youngsters around the table.

After Ivan sat, a guy from the youngsters got two hot coffee mugs and put them in front of the duo, while the Utkin brothers refused to drink anything.

"So, what brings you back here?"

"Work and friends like you. I started a big thing in America and I'm making a lot of money. But I never forgot about you guys"

"Hell yeah you didn't, making a fortune alone back there."

Ivan took a sip of his mug and looked around while rubbing his hands to warm them up.

"I never forgot about you, but I've been busy. But now I'm back with something for you and your crews."

"And what's that?"

"I'm starting few operations here, a lot of money in that stuff. I want you to run the operations in Moscow with all the men you got. The more money you make us, the more you and your men will make."

"What kind of operations, high jacking trucks and stuff?"

"No, that's amateur now. I'm talking about big stuff, like prostitution, gambling, human trafficking, fraud, I'm talking about hundreds of thousands for you"

Artur was a bit hesitated, it all happened at once. But it also was too attractive for him.
"Alright then, got few men in town that are qualified for the work. When do we start?"

"Give me sometime, I'm having some big agendas now so give me time."

"Well wanna go home? Ma's making some soup"

"No, I got a meeting to attend, maybe another time"

The four men stood up after shaking hands and each left to his business.
Andrei had the biggest responsibility in Staten Island, he was the chairman of the organization while Ivan was away. Business and street smart, confident, and trust worthy, that's why Ivan chose him. As he spent his day in his classy apartment, he was with one of his girls watching TV till someone knocked on the door. Andrei, disturbed and armed, walked toward the door and opened it to the half, it was Andrew Parker, the PI.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" said Andrei as he gave Andrew some space to come inside, then closed the door.
Andrew came inside as he looked at the girl, then at Andrei, he whispered.

"I checked the list you gave me, I found the people, here" said Andrew as he took a USB out of his pocket, and handed it to Andrei, who was just trying to get rid of Andrew.
Few days ago after Andrei got the contacts list of both the Piccolis and Morellos, he gave the list to Andrew to get all the possible informations about them, it was all in the USB. He inserted the USB inside the laptop on the table after he sent the girl to make him a drink, and started browsing its contents. There were two files, each file had contacts of each of the two families, and in each file was another file named by the contact, it contained the informations given from Andrew. In the Piccoli's files were Daniel Goldsmith and Hugo Rousseau, , David Patterson, Andres Bracero and Steve Jackman.

Daniel Goldsmith and Hugo Rousseau both owned a casino with a hotel in Las Vegas, they bought it with about two hundred millions and spent so much money in improving it , which raised its value to five hundred million dollars. The two friends made tons of cash weekly, but they were still paying back the loan they took from the bank since they weren't rich when they got the casino. They also found it difficult to get the casino license and the loan, so they asked the Piccolis for help, and that's how they got a piece of the casino. According to the files Andrew got, The Piccoli's sold the casino back to the two original owners after they got the loan and paid it back, now the two friends had to pay the money back to the Piccoli's, plus the Piccoli's share of profits. With the amount of money they made weekly, they were considered pretty rich men.

David Patterson was the Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission in Las Vegas, he is the one who gave the Casino License to the Piccoli's for half a million and made sure they got no trouble running the casino before giving it back to the original owners. He was pretty corrupt, he even used some of the commissions funds to buy himself a nice home in Vegas, which no one even suspected.

Andres Bracero was a Spanish business man that was also called the "whore dealer", he ran a huge prostitution ring in Spain and had side legal businesses to make it look "legitimate". As he started his small crew in on of the neighborhoods, he had deals with girls to work for him, and they keep half the profit plus the protection they get. The whores made good cash and barely got robbed, which got Andres a good reputation, and that's how every whore worked for him, and every guy fucked his whores. The Piccolis used to buy cheap and bad quality girls from Thailand and send them to Spain for a price, Andres only bought them because they were cheap, but he didn't like the merchandise.

Steve Jackman was the owner of HUT trucking company, which's HQ was based near Carson City, Nevada. His trucking company wasn't big, because it only operated in specific parts in America, such as Nevada, Florida, and California. Steve Jackman had a contract with the Piccoli's for protection, they paid them a large amount of cash. It wasn't easy, he first refused, so the Piccoli's sent some of their thugs to rob one of their trucks and then Steve started to pay. He also did delivery work for them, such as delivery large amount of stolen car parts to other states and so, but he never delivered stuff like drugs and guns.

The Morello's file was also pretty full, a lot of small times that Andrei didn't care about, but also some interesting important people. The file also had other files with the names George Harrison, Eric Hamilton, Peter Reid, and Frank Cafarelli.

George Harrison was a judge in Staten Island's state court, guy in his mid-40s with a wife and two kids. A hard working guy that somehow became a corrupt judge with a lot of skills. He used to get the lowest sentences for the Morello's and in some cases allow bail, he was on the Morello's pay roll. George only worked with high class criminals, like big crime families and big organized crime groups, sometimes with politicians.

Eric Hamilton owned two Hotels in Staten Island, big hotels with professional staff and well equipped. It was pretty known in the classy side of the city, with pretty expensive rooms and luxuries. Morello blew up Eric's car collection when he refused to pay them a weekly tax for operating on Staten Island, and that started before the Bratva moved to Staten Island. Eric Hamilton's hotels didn't have any kind of illegal racket, since it already made good money to the Morello's, they didn't think of earning more from it. His hotels valued about fourteen Millions each and made a fortune weekly, but most of it went to the Morello's.

Peter Reid was living in Miami, owned a mansion by the beach, expensive cars and a cruise. He was an international Cocaine trafficker, one of the best. He was only known by a few because he is pure American, unlike the hispanics who's reputation is more spread. His job wasn't dealing drugs, but it was transporting them, people paid him to deliver drugs outside the country, he was a professional due to his almost life time experience in the business. Even though the Morello's didn't get involved in businesses with outsiders, they knew Peter Reid because he trafficked drugs between states for them.

Frank Cafarelli was the person Andrei got interested into the most. Unlike the Piccoli's, the Morello's had an accountant that had all the important documents and knew about all the money related stuff of the family, it was only him and the boss who had such knowledge. Due to his importance, Joseph Morello made sure Frank got a good home for him and his family, as well as a car full of enforcers keeping an eye on him 24/7. If anyone can get hold of Frank, the Morello's financial and economic power will go to the ground.

After hours of reading, Andrei laid back on the couch, resting his eyes. The girl was sleeping on the couch, probably after finishing the Whiskey bottle due to the boredom she felt of Andrei not asking for a blow job. As far as Andrei knew, Victor was in Beirut, Ivan was in Moscow, and he only had Yuri and Robert and Pavel. Yuri was good with unions and corporate business, so he decided he'd send him to Vegas. Robert was good with social meetings and making people comfortable during business agreements, so he'd be sent to Miami. Pavel stayed in Staten Island to take care of the remaining businesses, which are the judge, the hotels, and the Frank Cafarelli job. After planning the whole thing, Andrei stood up leaving the girl sleeping on the couch, took the USB and turned his PC off. He walked outside the building and lit a cigarette while watch the street, then walked toward the payphone and made a call to each of Yuri, Robert and Pavel and Ivan.
2 days later

In a regular suit in The Mirage, Yuri and Maxim and Albert were all meeting in Yuri's room, all wearing expensive suits and shiny black shoes, along with gold Rolex on their wrist. Their perfume was smelled in the alley, and everyone thought they were pretty important, and they were.

As Yuri was wearing his shoes, he talked to Albert and Maxim who were standing in front of him.

"Make sure you got my back, since this is going to be a peaceful business meeting, stay alert, just in case."

"Sure, we better hurry we're gonna be late" said Maxim as he looked at his Rolex.

"Is the driver down there?" said Albert as he looked at Maxim.

"Yeah he is, it's the cousin of one of our guys, a good boy." replied Maxim as he crossed his arms.

Yuri wore his shoes and the trio walked to the elevator, and went to the Ground floor. The tinted Range Rover was waiting outside with a Russian young guy wearing a black suit as well, not as expensive as the guys' but good quality.

"Hello Mr. Evanoff" said the driver, Dimitri Grekov.

"Keep your mouth shut kid, drive to the L'Oiseau Casino and Hotel." said Maxim after he got in the passenger's seat in front of Yuri and next to Dimitri.

It wasn't too long before they reached the Casino since it was just few minutes away. It was a huge place, lots of lights on and staff is all around. As they parked in front of the Casino, Dimitri got out of the car running toward Yuri's door and opened it for him, while Albert and Maxim got out of the car by themselves. The Secretary was waiting by the door, wearing her work suit as well as her glass with her blond hair tied to the bank, she was also wearing high heels on.

"Mr. Evanoff, welcome to the L'Oiseau, please follow me."

With no answer, Yuri nodded with a smile on his face and followed her, while he was followed by Maxim and Albert. Dimitri stayed near the car waiting for the trio to finish their meeting. It was a HUGE place, The coins falling off the slots machines, the people jumping after winning a game, people yelling because they lost a game, it was a mad house. Security walking around armed with both a tazer and a 9mm holstered. Cameras were on every corners keeping watch on every point of the place, and everyone is watching everyone, just like the casino movie. After a long walk, the trio and the secretary reached a door that was unlocked by the secretary's work ID card and her eye print, it was in that room that everything was happening. That door led to a lot of places, the Vault, the CEO's office, the meeting room. The security was pretty tight, no one was allowed in there except the secretary, authorized guards, and money movers and counters, like they called them. And in Yuri's case, the two owners were told that Yuri was sent by a big corporation who's interested in investing in their casino, which is not true. Before they got inside, they passed through the metal detector, who didn't beep since the guys left their guns in the car. The alleys were pretty huge, the casino was definitely worth the six hundred millions. The Secretary opened the meeting room that was big, with a huge table in the middle and the two partners with few other men sitting inside. It was Daniel, Hugo, their accountant and two financial advisors and a lawyer. The whole administration was pretty close, all of them knew what was going on and could do nothing about it due to their lack of political and business influence, which is not the case with the Piccoli's.

Yuri got inside the room and sat on the chair opposite to the company's chair man, while Albert and Maxim sat on the chairs on Yuri's sides. It pretty cold in the room since non of the partners stood up and shook Yuri's hand, but Yuri knew how to act with jerk offs.

"So Mr. Evanoff, welcome to L'Oiseau." said Hugo with his thick french accent.

In seconds, a waiter came into the room, with one of the authorized armed security guards with him. He came in with a expensive Champagne and filled the three glasses he put in front of each of Maxim and Albert and Yuri.

"Thank you Mr. Rousseau, I guess you know the reason I'm here" said Yuri as he relaxed looking at Hugo in the eyes as if there was no one in the room but him.

"Yes, I got your messenger and we talked, he told me your corporation is interested into investing in our casino, and we're quite interested." said Hugo while holding his cigarette between his fingers.

"You know, we're quite of a famous corporation that we actually own most of Staten Island back in New York, we own a lot of business and we also have plenty of connections around the world." said Yuri as he took out his cigar, and lit it up.

"Interesting, what does your corporation do exactly?" said Daniel Goldfish.

"That's not the right question, Mr. Goldfish. You should ask, what can our corporation do for you." said Yuri.

In confusion, Hugo and Daniel looked at each other, then looked at Yuri.

"What do you mean by that Mr. Evanoff? We're here because you're corporation is interested into investing in our casino." said Hugo with the confusion in his face as he looked at Yuri.

All eyes were on Yuri, even Albert and Maxim were waiting for what Yuri would reply to that.

"I'm here to solve your problem with the Piccoli family, I know about the debt and I know about the gambling commissioner's thing."
Hugo stopped a bit, realizing what was going on. He looked at the lawyer and financial advisors saying.

"Alright gentlemen, I'd like to have this meeting with Mr. Evanoff privately."

It was quite an offense to the advisors and the lawyer, but they worked for that guy, so they just left the room, leaving the russians and the partners along with the accountant.

"Alright, what can you do for me about the Piccoli's?" said Daniel, leaning lower to the table as he is too interested in the offer.

Yuri teased the guys and got them more interested when he took time smoking his cigar before replying.

"The Piccoli's are gonna go out of business within few days, which means you won't have to pay the money you owe them, plus you won't have to pay them that fifty percent you pay them weekly, and you won't have to deal with the Gambling commission that disturbs your business when your Piccoli's loans payments are late."

It was too good to believe, it's like a father telling a kid with toothache I'll buy you thousands of candy, the kid wouldn't believe it because it's exaggerated.

"Why do we deserve such generosity Mr. Evanoff? What are you getting out of it?" said the accountant.

"I got resources and connections that will make your casino and hotel tons of cash, more than you ever made. In return, we get quarter of all" replied Yuri, as he played with the Champagne glass with his fingers.

Hugo stopped for a bit, as if he played the tape again in his head, then got closer to Daniel, whispering in his ear. Daniel was nodding as he looked to the table, and then looked at Yuri.

"Mr. Evanoff, I wanna know about your corporations power and influence in the businesses it's involved in." said Daniel.

"We have influence around all the country, we run almost every hotel in Staten Island and I assure you the Piccoli's won't last in the business, their days are pretty limited. We have several construction projects and control the Docks union. The rest of our business, I can say they're classified" said Yuri as he smiled.

The owners and the accountant got closer whisper for about two minutes, sometimes nodding as the Russians sat there silent. Once they're done, they looked at the Russians all at once and Hugo said.

"What if we refuse, I mean it's an appealing deal we agree, but what if we refuse?"

Knowing it's his type of work, Albert smiled at Hugo with cruelty showing on his face.

"Well I heard the Piccoli's burned your expensive car, we'll take the casino and destroy your life."

Now that they knew they're in deeper shit, but in better terms, they were forced to agree. For them, it was better than paying about tens of millions to the Piccoli's plus millions weekly and the disrespect they got from them.

"How do I guarantee you will take care of the Piccoli's?" said Daniel.

"Well as we talk, our people are taking care of them in Staten Island, so I think you should just relax and work with our terms and conditions." replied Yuri after puffing the Cigar's smoke up.

Just like any business meeting, everyone stood up, Hugo and Yuri shook hands, then Yuri crushed his cigar fixing his vest.

"We will become unofficial partners with you, we both make a lot of money and we're all happy"
said Yuri as he faced Hugo.

"Sure thing, what about the gaming commission? They are under the control of the Piccoli's."

"Not anymore, we control them. Some of the men will visit you to take care of the stuff and clean up the mess the Piccoli's been doing. For now I want you to relax and keep going with your business."

While shaking hands, Yuri put his hand Hugo's arm with a smile on his face.

"It's a gonna be a lucrative year for you gentlemen, have a good day" then he walked out of the room followed by Albert and maxim, again led back to the car where Dimitri was waiting by the secretary. Their next destination was the house of the Gambling commission's chief executive, it a little far from the Casino and the hotel, but they reached in about an hour. It was a classy neighborhood, a family one where all the spoiled kids enjoyed their lives. David Patterson's house was a two floor with a garden and swimming pool in the back, his Chevrolet was parked inside the garage. When the crew arrived, everyone looked at the scary men that just came into their peaceful beautiful neighborhood. Dimitri stayed in the car, as always, while Yuri and Maxim and Albert walked toward the front door and knocked it. A pretty young beautiful woman opened the door, with the sound of kids playing and laughing in the back. She was gorgeous, a blonde who's perfume was so strong it would make you fall in fantasies.
"May I help you?' she said as she looked at Yuri who was right in front of her.

"Yes, is Mr. Patterson inside?" said Yuri with a gentle tone, as he smiled at the lady.
She didn't feel safe due to the Russian's look, especially the scar on Maxim's neck.

"And you'd be?" she asked, with a boost of confidence coming out of her eyes, as if she defied Yuri.

"We're business friends of your husband, I guess your Mrs. Patterson, am I right?'

She nodded as turned her face to the other direction, keeping the door open half way, and she yelled.

"Honey! You got guests!"
David walked to the door, he was wearing shorts and a Ralph Lauren shirt, looked like a typical dad. Soon as he reached to the door, he analyzed the trio saying.

"How may I help you?"

"Hey Mr. Patterson, we're few business men from Staten Island. We'd like to talk to you about something regarding our corporation" said Yuri as his tone moved from soft and gentle to rough and serious, with a cold face expression.

"Come in, let's talk in my office" said David as he led the trio inside the house, closing the door. It was a pretty big house, family friendly. It was pretty disgusting that such a beautiful family is living on the expense of the corruption of the father, for the Bratva nothing was disgusting, money isn't disgusting. They entered the small officer that's near the stairs taking to the bed rooms, and closed the door behind them. Maxim and Albert sat on the couch opposite to the desk, while Yuri sat on the chair in front of the desk. David sat down as he lit up his cigarette and poured two glasses of Whiskey to him and Yuri.

"So, what does Piccoli want now?" said as he looked down at his drink, then at Yuri.

"Oh we're not from Joseph Piccoli, we're different people, richer and more powerful. My name is Yuri Evanoff, these are my men Maxim and Albert. I guess you know about the L'Oiseau Casino and hotel thing Mr. Patterson" said Yuri as he took a sip of the Whiskey.

"Yeah, I took care of that business for Joseph personally. Now the owners are finding pretty hard to pay the Piccoli's their cash." He looked away a second as he took a big breath of his cigarette and puffed it out. He again looked at Yuri, and said. "Look, I don't wanna get involved in their business. I get paid for it and try to not stick my beak in their stuff"
Yuri smiled as he looked at his glass, and spoke.

"Well I guess it should interest you that we are the new partners of Hugo Rousseau and Daniel Goldsmith. We are also taking the Piccolis out of business in both New York and Las Vegas for once and all."

"Are they going bankrupt or what?" replied David.

Albert laughed, so did Maxim. It was kinda disrespectful , but Yuri allowed it since it was kinda funny.

"No, they will have few problems *cough* which will prevent them from doing business" he said as he smiled at his men, then looked back at David, who just opened his eyes wide open as he said "Oh, didn't know..."
He got so thirsty he finished his drink real quick, he just realized that these Russians aren't just business men, they're that type of business men. All he had to do is say yes to their conditions or his beautiful life will be ruined, he saw it from that corner being the only corner.

"What do you want from me?" he said as the paranoia came out of his eyes.

"Nothing, we want you to do for us what you did for the Piccolis" said Yuri as he put one leg over another, looking at David's eyes, who were trying to escape the eye contact.

"And why do I get for my services?"

"How much did the Piccolis pay you?" replied Yuri.

"Thirty grands weekly"

"Okay then, we will pay you fifty"

As the usual, the Bratva makes her contacts attractive offers to get rid of the idea of their betrayal.

"Deal, here's my business card" said David as he pushed it toward Yuri, who looked at it smiling then at David saying.

"We don't need it, we got everything we need to reach you" he smiled before getting up, so did Albert and Maxim.

David stood up quick, as he looked at the three men.

"When do I get my payments?"

"When we settle down you'l let them, and let me warn you that if you mess with us...." Yuri looked around in the room, then back at David. "You'll be sorry" smiled Yuri before heading toward the door, followed by his men. The wife was in the bed room so she didn't see them leave, the trip just walked past David's kids who were on their way to the exit, ignoring them as they passed to show how cold blooded they are to David who told his kids to go play in the yard. The walked to the car were Dimitri was waiting, and drove toward HUT trucking company Headquarters near Carson City. Dimitri made a reservation in his name for him and the trio in case they had to spend the night in a motel in Carson city. And after two hours, the Range Rover was like the black sheep in the town who didn't have much luxurious cars, since it's only a small city. Dimitri did a good job finding the company that's half an hour from Carson city somewhere in the desert, it was a big building, with a huge gate where truckers went in and out. There was also a lot of warehouses and a lot of containers in each warehouse. As Dimitri parked in the parking lot, Maxim looked at him saying "Stay here". Dimitri just nodded as the three men got out of the car, walking toward the building. The company from inside didn't look busy, only few people and the design is rubbish. There was a receptionist who was smoking a cigarette as she worked with the computer. The trip walked toward her, where Albert did the talking.
"Hey, is Mr. Jackman available?"

"No, he's busy today, unless you got an appointment" she said, without even exchanging eye contact with Albert.

"We're from a huge corporation from New York, we're here to invest in his company. Give him a call and let him know"

She sighed and reached for the phone making the call, she was kinda rude but what can they do.

"Mr. Jackman, some men here want to see you, they say they're from a big corporation from New York here to invest or whatever....Alright."

She hung up and looked up at Albert, as she sighed again.

"He's expecting you, first floor, last door to the right."

When they reached the first floor, it was empty as if a an apocalypse happened there, they looked for the office and went inside after knocking the door. Yuri was the one in the front, while the duo are on his sides. Steve Jackman's office was pretty country, he had a bear's head stick to the wall, a fake rifle hanged on the wall and country music on.

He stood up shaking the men's hands as he spoke in his thick southern accent.

"Hey gentlemen, have a seat" he said as he pointed at the chairs.

Yuri and Albert sat, while Maxim remained standing besides Yuri.

"So, what brings ye' here gentlemen?"

"Well I can say we are acquaintance of your Italian friends in New York, Staten Island."

"Yeah, Mr. Piccoli. What about him?"

"Fortunately, he's out of business, we took over and we'd like to offer you a better deal than the Piccolis gave you"

"What do you mean took over? Is he bankrupt or something?"

"He's dead unfortunately, his family decided to go out of the business, so we took the chance to take over" smiled Yuri at Steve who seemed a little confused.

"Okay...I mean I didn't hear anything from them, so I can't really confirm what you're saying Mr. Evanoff" said Steve as his leaned back in his seat.

"Well I can tell you I have the ability to take you also out of business if you do not cooperate"

Steve felt a bit threatened, he was scared but also hostile. He stood up slamming the table and started yelling at Yuri at his men with the intimidation showing on his face like a bullied ten years old.

"Who the fuck you think you are to fucking threaten me like this....Get the fuck out of here fucking immigrants".

With a smirk on his face, Yuri stood up looking at his men before leave the office leaving the man angry.

"What's do we do about him?" said Albert as he get in the Range Rover next to Yuri.

"Now we go back to the hotel and wait for instructions" he smiles as he looked at the window.

Mikhail Barsukov as Contact
Steve Jackman as contact
David Patterson as contact
Mikhail Barsukov to start working on getting the documents and the licenses ready
Artur Zverev as Level 2 Enforcer NPC
Daniel Goldsmith and Hugo Rousseau as contacts
The Tsirkov Bratva as unofficial Co-Owners of L'Oiseau Casino
David Patterson under the Bratva's payroll
If I forgot anything, please mention it :)

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Re: New Investments 2

Post by Creepio » December 15th, 2017, 9:58 pm

Mikhail Barsukov as Contact
Steve Jackman as contact
David Patterson as contact
Mikhail Barsukov to start working on getting the documents and the licenses ready
Artur Zverev as Level 2 Enforcer NPC
Daniel Goldsmith and Hugo Rousseau as contacts
The Tsirkov Bratva as unofficial Co-Owners of L'Oiseau Casino
David Patterson under the Bratva's payroll

^ All Approved

If I forgot anything, please mention it :)

^ That's not our job. You only get what you request.

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